Before I Travel

What should I do earlier than my ride? Prepare for glad trips!

  • Please consult with MOH’s Public Health Advisory Additional Precautionary Measures to Prevent Further Importation of COVID-19 Cases. 
  • eRegister with MFA in order that we will better assist you in the course of an emergency or disaster. 
  • Apply for an Exit Permit (for National Service-liable male Singaporean citizens and Permanent Residents).
  • Check the visa requirements of nations you intend to enter or transit in. As visa necessities can trade at quick notice, we advise you to test along with your travel corporations or the applicable overseas embassies to make certain that you have the most updated visa records. Please note that visa requirements may additionally fluctuate for holders of Singapore Temporary Travel Document.

Why do I want a visa?

Every united states has the proper to bar you access if a visa is needed however absent. If you do not possess the suitable visa, you will be denied access to the usa you’re journeying or transiting in, finishing your journey before it has even begun. We are not able to help you in one of these state of affairs as we can’t intervene in another kingdom’s immigration rules, just as how they cannot intervene in Singapore’s. Visas are issued for special purposes inclusive of take a look at, tourism, or business. Please make sure that you bought the right one to your functions, or you will be refused access to the united states

  • Purchase comprehensive journey coverage which includes clinical evacuation in case you encounter any surprising emergencies. Be familiar with the terms and coverage of your coverage.

Why do I need coverage?

Possessing the right tour coverage can prevent a remarkable deal of hassle ought to unfavorable situations occur.

A healthy Singaporean traveling China suffered a unexpected mind haemorrhage and had to be hospitalised. Given his crucial situation, the Singaporean remained hospitalised for two weeks and chalked up a daily bill of S$1,000. When he turned into eventually cleared via the clinic for medical evacuation back to Singapore, the flight evacuation fee almost S$60,000. Unfortunately, the Singaporean had no longer bought any journey coverage and his own family needed to foot the whole clinic bill as well as the fee of clinical evacuation amounting to S$seventy four,000.

If you do no longer have suitable coverage, you or your family and buddies might be required to endure the burden of these costs, which can be extremely luxurious. We therefore strongly endorse you to buy a suitable coverage coverage and realize the terms and conditions of your coverage, before travelling abroad.

  • Check the fitness and vaccination necessities in your destination(s).
  • Bring your doctor’s prescription if you have to carry any remedy, as you may need to expose this on the customs checkpoint(s).
  • Check the customs guidelines concerning import and export of gadgets for the nations you are touring. Some international locations require guests to claim items which can be under their quarantine regulations on the entry checkpoint.

  • Check MFA’s journey information for your destination(s).

  • Read up on your destination’s local news and policies. Get facts from skilled guests, tour agents, visitor facts workplaces and airlines.

  • Ensure that your passport has as a minimum 6 months’ validity.

  • Make or keep copies of your critical files (e.g. identity card, passport data page, credit score cards, and travelers’ cheques) if you lose any of them. Leave copies with your circle of relatives and pals as a contingency.

  • Tell your friends and family where you’re going and the way to touch you.

  • Find out where the nearest Singapore Overseas Mission is to you.
  • Apply for an International Driving Permit in case you plan to pressure remote places.
  • Have valid tickets to go back domestic.
  • Bring good enough funds to your live.

I Am Already Abroad

We desire you’re taking part in your travels abroad, however we inspire you to pay attention to the following factors to make sure your trip stays a glad and productive one.

  • Always cope with your private safety.
  • Obey the legal guidelines and respect the neighborhood customs of the international locations you’re visiting.
  • Keep abreast of the neighborhood news.
  • Keep your passport and identification card separate to minimise the chance of you losing both your ID files.

  • Never bring too much coins and valuables.
  • Never leave your valuables unattended.
  • Never carry packages thru customs on behalf of different people.
  • Check the customs policies concerning import and export of gadgets for the nations you are journeying. Some international locations require travelers to claim objects which are underneath their quarantine restrictions at the access checkpoint.
  • Make certain you recognize the neighborhood rules of the street.
  • Ensure which you, your passengers and the automobile are covered with the aid of insurance.
  • Keep your own family and pals knowledgeable of your whereabouts and activities.
  • Take a couple of minutes to eRegister with MFAif you haven’t completed so.
  • Find out where the closest Singapore Overseas Mission is to you.

To maintain updated on journey advisories while you journey, comply with @MFAsgConsular on Twitter.

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