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We joined Virgin Mobile to place their 4G coverage and speeds thru their paces and to peer what their benefits and customer support are like. SIM Sherpa is your trusty guide. Last updated: nineteenth January 2021.

✔ It’s a 2nd threat to use unused dataHow it really works

from Virgin’s own guide

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We like that every pay month-to-month plan (telephone or SIM simplest) on Virgin Mobile consists of their facts rollover benefit. They’re one of the few networks to offer this. And we find it works well.

Our enjoy with Virgin Mobile’s data rollover…

Our plan become a boosted double records offer, so we could only roll over the non-promotional facts every month. This takes place automatically and you get a text via announcing you’ve got rolled over statistics, although it would not say how a lot:

In the app and on your on line account, you get a breakdown of your records usage and you will see that any promotional data gets used first, then rolled over data after which your ordinary facts:

Everything just works routinely and you don’t really should reflect onconsideration on it.

Every month, Virgin will maintain music of any information you’ve not controlled to get through. They’ll then roll that over into the following month, so that you get any other shot at using it. Ultimately, it is approximately not dropping what you’ve got paid for.

You’ll use any rolled-over facts first, which means that there’s greater hazard you’ll deliver that month’s fundamental facts allowance forward too. Although we might say if this keeps happening, you need to move down plans.

It’s a accessible benefit, although there are other mobile networks doing information rollover higher. Sky Mobile allow you to hold information for three years in preference to a single month. And SMARTY pay you back the cost on a few plans.

Useful link: Virgin Mobile’s records rollover assist manual

✔ Unlimited facts for messaging on pick appsRead complete details


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In our manual to free facts schemes, we observe two methods that cell networks are giving humans free records for certain activities: both for video/music streaming (Three and EE) or social media (Virgin, VOXI and Three).

Join Virgin Mobile on both a pay month-to-month SIM most effective plan or telephone agreement and whenever you operate WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger to send messages or Twitter they gained’t fee you for the records it makes use of.

How we found it…

This is kind of a bad check. We used Twitter and Whatsapp over 4G to ensure that no data usage seemed in our account. We sent a few pretty chunky movies over Whatsapp and no data usage was recorded:

And it is essentially it. Nothing happens. And it truly is the point!

The complete ins and outs may be read right here on the Virgin Mobile website but there a totally few restrictions: you may be charged for the information if you’re abroad and you’ll want a number of ordinary information allowance left for it to paintings.

As free data schemes cross, Virgin’s is on the less-treasured side: messaging doesn’t use as much as video/audio streaming like on Three’s Go Binge. But in case you’re a heavy messaging consumer, Virgin’s scheme can be beneficial.

Useful link: All info on how Virgin’s unfastened messaging works

Virgin Mobile have not modified their roaming scheme after Brexit. You can nevertheless use your monthly UK minutes, texts and records even as overseas within the EU. But they do follow a fair utilization policy for your records whilst you are there.

The precise information are a nightmare to locate on Virgin’s internet site, even though they mention it anywhere. They do have a calculator right here, wherein you plug in your plan to look what you may use without being charged more.

How we discovered Virgin Mobile’s roaming…

We took our Virgin Mobile SIM card abroad in the European Union and feature observed everything to paintings excellent, with not anything manual to do to make something work (even though they say you have to activate roaming in your account).

You get all the standard records texts while you arrive at your vacation spot and Virgin seem to have some respectable 4G arrangements with networks overseas, so don’t ought to receive slower 3G facts while roaming.

If our account had a fair usage restrict, we did not get anywhere close to it. We can not see it being a big hassle for simply the unusual journey.

It all feels a piece like unneccesary trouble and penny pinching from Virgin. While different networks have made roaming and additional prices less difficult, Virgin have made it more complex and strain-inducing.

If you pass similarly afield regularly, Virgin Mobile’s non-EU charges get very high priced, very quickly. You’ll pay in line with minute, text and MB of facts you use (see fees in line with united states of america right here). In the USA for instance, it is £five in step with MB (that’s £5000 in line with GB!!!)

Useful hyperlink: Virgin’s complete guide to roaming on their network

✔ Unlimited records if you have Virgin’s broadband or TVSee one-of-a-kind deal


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In this section, we’re searching out how cellular corporations reward existing clients who are already with them, through loyalty programmes like O2’s Priority or other current customer perks. Virgin do pretty properly here:

If you’ve got broadband or TV via Virgin Media, there’s an exclusive limitless statistics plan on telephone contracts (see right here) and SIM most effective (see it right here) that only you can get entry to.

Otherwise, the advantages for TV or broadband customers are restrained to getting unlimited calls to Virgin Mobile numbers. There are not any discounts like we see on BT Mobile or Sky Mobile for their home customers.

Another quality scheme, is Virgin Mobile’s refer-a-pal scheme, which offers some substantial cash rewards (as much as £100) in case you get considered one of your friends to join the community.

Useful hyperlink: How Virgin’s refer-a-friend scheme works

✔ Avoid spending extra than you’re expectingHow they paintings

from Virgin’s very own manual

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Running up extra bills for additional usage like going over your information limits or phoning the world over may be a worry for some, specifically in case you’re taking away a settlement for a person else like one in every of your kids.

In reality the authorities regulator Ofcom has simply made it compulsory for cellular networks to provide customers the threat to set a cap on how a whole lot extra they could spend if it’s something they want to do.

How we discovered Virgin Mobile spending caps…

Spending caps are one of the few things you could virtually manage immediately in the Virgin Mobile app, where you may find a few unique cap quantities, even though there’s no alternative right here for a cap of £zero (i.e. no overspending in any respect):

You need to pass into your online account and pick “Only use monthly allowances” to set a cap of £0. You can also set a lower £3 cap there too, which is not available inside the app. Bit weird it’s special but there we go.

Another odd factor is that making your spending cap large occurs immediately, but in case you want to lessen it, you have to wait till your subsequent billing duration starts:

So Virgin make it smooth to spend more money with them but more difficult to spend less.

Virgin have been providing this earlier than the cut-off date got here in. Their page right here explains all the ins and outs of the scheme but we rate it as one of the maximum bendy, due to the fact you may set your cap at sincerely 0 or in periods up to £one hundred, or pick out now not to have any cap.

But due to the fact every network now provide them, spending caps need not be the deciding issue among Virgin Mobile and another provider any more.

Useful link: Costs for extra utilization Virgin’s guide to spending caps

✔ Save £2 a month on extra SIMsHow they paintings


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Virgin Mobile now provide Family Plans, which give you a £2 month-to-month cut price on any 12-month SIM best deal you upload on your account alonside your principal pay monthly smartphone or SIM agreement.

You can upload up to 4x extra SIMs to your deal at any point, giving a total possible saving of £ninety six a year (£2 cut price x 4 SIMs x three hundred and sixty five days). And it is Virgin’s normal low priced SIM most effective range you get to choose from.

All the plans get delivered together into one unmarried invoice. And you could manipulate them all out of your on line account or through Virgin’s stepped forward My Virgin Mobile app – we suppose humans are going to love this simplicity and comfort.

The major major drawback is that Family Plans are a advantage reserved entirely for Virgin Media home broadband or TV clients. Even if you’re a devoted Virgin Mobile patron but now not Virgin Media, you do not qualify.

Useful link: Our guide to the fine shared cell plans

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