Motorola telephones have been endorsed endless instances each year given that 2013 while the all-time-traditional finances Moto G got here out.

It’s getting trickier to pick out a Motorola cellphone due to the fact so a lot of them are launched, and so often. Sometimes you desire you may seize the enterprise by means of its figurative shoulders, took it in the eye and inform it to forestall for a month or two.

The Moto G collection is where the movement is for maximum smartphone shoppers. You can get a first-rate, lengthy-lasting, 5G Motorola cellphone for around £220, and it is probably the Motorola smartphone to head to first.

Motorola makes use of a reasonably easy naming convention in its contemporary line-up, in which the range after the “G” tells you ways fancy a smartphone is. The Moto G10 within reason fundamental, even as the Moto G100 isn’t always.

However, browse round on Amazon, and you can stumble upon a few slightly older Motorolas named after a unmarried characteristic, like the Moto One Zoom and the Moto One Action. These have, you guessed it, cameras for zoom and action images/video.

We’re going to persuade clear of maximum of those, as Motorola phones are at their great whilst looking to please a huge, price-aware target audience.

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How to choose a Motorola smartphone

How an awful lot need to you spend on a Motorola cellphone?

The candy spot for Motorola telephones is £200-300, even though the Moto G30 is a strong desire for many at £a hundred and sixty-one hundred eighty.

At a barely higher rate, you get a totally first-class spread of features. You’ll see 5G, at least one pretty top digital camera and a processor that runs the Android software program nicely and handles annoying games just great.

There are some considerably more costly telephones, however those tend to be bought greater usually in the US than in the UK. And, to be sincere, we don’t suppose a lot of you want to discover them. There’s quite a few opposition in your coins when you have big cash to spend.

What are the advantages of Motorola telephones?

Almost all the Motorola phones we’ll cowl under have wonderful battery life and may be considered properly price for cash.

Many of them have the identical 5000mAh battery ability, extra than quite a few £1,000 phones. They will last nearly days among expenses for plenty of people, greater or less solving one of the longest-standing phone complications.

Motorola additionally has a pleasant and simple tackle Android, one with much less of a doubtlessly off-setting stylistic tilt than those of Xiaomi, Realme and even Samsung.

What are the problems with Motorola telephones?

A few years in the past, Motorola made loads of phones with a real experience of favor, particularly considering they didn’t price an excessive amount of. There have been curved glass backs and well styled digicam housings.

This no longer applies. Most Motorola telephones have a more ‘meat and potatoes for dinner’ method.

Sure, you’ll see first-rate colorful finishes, but all its phones have plastic backs, and the appearance is pretty samey across the range – with one splendid exception, the Motorola Edge. This makes the telephones a touch much less exciting to open up and coo over on day one, however it absolutely doesn’t rely much in case you use a case besides.

Best Motorola phones to shop for at a look

  • Best for all-round cost and low-fee 5G: Moto G 5G Plus, £229.99
  • Best buy beneath £2 hundred: Moto G30, £179.99
  • Best for gaming: Moto G100, £449.ninety nine
  • Best choice for tight budgets: Moto G10, £129.99
  • Best for digital note-takers: Moto G Pro, £228.ninety nine
  • Best style pick: Motorola Edge, £344

Best Motorola phones to buy in 2021

Moto G 5G Plus

Best for all-round value and occasional-fee 5G

Price: £229.99


  • Has 5G mobile internet
  • Very suitable processor
  • Plenty of display space


  • A little thick
  • Quite tall

Get this telephone in case your want the closing Motorola all-rounder. It has enough energy to play console-fashion games. The 6.7-inch display screen sounds massive, but it’s a 21:nine show, more tall than wide. And it has 5G, that is outstanding at £220 even in 2021. The battery lasts an age. And even as the cameras aren’t the very nice at this charge, the principle digicam can take fine photos, and we’re comparing the Moto G 5G Plus to 4G telephones here. 5G subjects, proper?

Read our full Moto G 5G Plus evaluate. 

The Moto G 5G Plus is to be had from:

  • Amazon
  • Available from Carphone Warehouse in keeping with month and £29.99 in advance
  • Vodafone prematurely

Moto G30

Best purchase beneath £200

Price: £179.99


  • Good fee
  • Decent battery existence


  • Not the brightest show
  • No 5G
  • Slightly sluggish digital camera

This is one of the higher sub-£200 telephones, no matter emblem. It doesn’t have 5G cellular net or maybe a Full HD display screen, but it does deliver all the things we think you need to make a very good telephone. The screen is sharp sufficient and has a easy 90Hz we rarely see at this fee. The Moto G30 makes Android feel responsive sufficient, too, if no longer wonderful. Its fundamental digital camera can take quite photos in daytime. We don’t count on miracles at £a hundred and sixty, and, certain, the Moto G 5G Plus is better in several ways. But this one is a good deal if the price range is tight.

The Moto G30 is available from:

  • Amazon
  • John Lewis

Moto G100

Best for gaming

Price: £449.99


  • Stacks of gaming strength


  • Costs pretty a chunk
  • Lacks some functions we’d like at ~£500

The Moto G100 is Motorola’s pleasant gaming cellphone. It has extra electricity than maximum pricey Android telephones however costs £449 in place of a grand. Motorola truely needs you to strive plugging this component into a display and keyboard to use it as a makeshift PC. We don’t assume it’s the collection highlight for folks that don’t need lots of strength, although. The layout and display aren’t absolutely a whole lot higher than the tons inexpensive Motos, and the digital camera doesn’t in shape the less expensive Pixel 4a 5G.

The Moto G100 is to be had from:

  • Amazon
  • Very

Moto G10

Best choice for tight budgets

Price: £129.ninety nine


  • Highly low priced
  • Solid display
  • Long battery existence


  • Mediocre digicam
  • Not the fastest, slickest smartphone in use

If the budget is tight, you would possibly need to do not forget a Moto G10. It is a bit cheaper than the Moto G30 at £130. And while we’re tempted to mention it’s best suited to the fundamentals like WhatsApp, Netflix seems extremely good on the display, too, even if it’s miles best 720p: less sharp than the higher-give up Motos. However, it’s now not the fastest telephone round, and we were not too inspired by its cameras, warranting the step-up in spend to the Moto G30 for lots.

The Moto G100 is available from:

  • Amazon
  • John Lewis
  • Currys

Moto G Pro

Best for digital word-takers

Price: £228.99


  • Unusual slot-in stylus


  • Value isn’t pretty as high as its siblings
  • Smaller battery than the alternative G telephones

Here is something a touch distinct. The Moto G Pro is one of just a few phones with a slot-in stylus, a chunk like a Samsung Galaxy Note. It’s a little older than a number of the other suggestions here but sticks in our minds due to the fact Motorola tried something a little uncommon. The pen is not ‘smart’. It can’t tell how difficult you’re pressing, so it is plenty higher for word-taking than virtual drawing. And the smartphone has a smaller battery than its siblings. We’d pick out the Moto G 5G Plus over it, but we more-or-much less gave up handwriting things years in the past, so perhaps you’ll price the stylus extra.

The Moto G Pro is to be had from:

  • Amazon
  • Argos

Motorola Edge

Best style pick

Price: £344


  • Costs drastically less than it as soon as did
  • A slick-searching cellphone


  • Fancy layout is undermined by plastic rear

The Edge is considered one of Motorola’s few ‘statement’ telephones. Nowadays you may locate it for £350-four hundred, in preference to the £550 it in the beginning cost. The screen is the spotlight right here, as it curves across the left and right aspects in a manner you handiest typically see in eye wateringly luxurious telephones. However, the pickiest amongst you will be much less impressed while you genuinely pick out one up, as its again remains plastic, no longer the glass you would possibly have was hoping for. The cameras additionally healthy the new mid-variety pricing. Its primary one is good, but don’t count on a Samsung Galaxy S21 killer.

The Motorola Edge is available from £25.50 a month and £30 prematurely

How we take a look at telephones

Specs and product page function lists don’t inform you the entire story of a smartphone. Every smartphone we evaluate is used as if we own the aspect.

The SIM is going in, WhatsApp messages are despatched, videos streamed, and video games played. This shall we us see how a smartphone definitely plays and how lengthy the battery is in all likelihood to ultimate if you buy one. Just making a smartphone play a video on loop doesn’t provide the same actual-world perception.

Only once we’ve got to comprehend it well will we supply a phone a score out of 5. In our opinions, we also offer comparisons with some options across the same fee and a examine what you get if you spend only a little extra. Sometimes an additional £50 is worth spending. Sometimes it isn’t.

Still unsure about which smartphone to select? Check out our listing of the quality Huawei telephones to buy in 2021, or, examine our Moto G50 overview.

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