Whether you’re searching out a large or small telephone, entry degree or top of the line, Android gives alternatives for anyone. And not like Apple’s rigid launch cycle, Google’s hardware companions unleash a apparently infinite flow of recent gadgets yr-round. But therein lies the hassle: With such a lot of alternatives accessible, how do you compromise at the right one? Lucky for you, we check and assessment nearly every telephone to be had on all the foremost US carriers.

Keep in thoughts that even as the reviews above might not display your service of desire, most of the phones right here are to be had unlocked and may be used with more than one US providers. Read on for what to look for when shopping for, in addition to our pinnacle picks for Android phones.

When to Buy a New Android Phone

The Android launch cycle has emerge as perpetual; there may be a new set of flagship phones coming each month at this factor. However, now could be a good time to buy. The Samsung Galaxy S21 collection hit shelves in early 2021, and Samsung is unlikely to put out outstanding new, higher-end phones till August. Google will possibly replace its Pixel lineup across the same time. The OnePlus 9 series came out a few months in the past, so we agree with it will likely be numerous months before we see the subsequent OnePlus flagship. And LG is out of the cellphone commercial enterprise.

Despite fierce opposition, the Samsung Galaxy S20 FE remains a standout Android cellphone.5G Android Phones

Pretty a great deal any higher-end cellphone you purchase now will have 5G. If you are purchasing a lower-stop tool, do not strain out about it too much; AT&T’s and Verizon’s contemporary national 5G structures don’t provide much of a overall performance increase over 4G, or even lower-end new T-Mobile Android telephones have started out to encompass mid-band 5G.

If you need the fine community speeds within the future, search for a phone with C-band. Coming predominantly to Verizon and AT&T beginning in overdue 2021 or early 2022, C-band networks will probably offer numerous instances the velocity of 4G and coffee-band 5G systems. At this writing, the Google Pixel five, the LG Wing, the Samsung Galaxy A32 5G and A52G, and the Samsung Galaxy S21 and OnePlus nine collection all have C-band (even though observe that the OnePlus 9 and nine Pro are only to be had for T-Mobile and Verizon, in addition to companies that use the ones networks). We assume many different phones launched this year to have it as well.

You can find our favorite 5G handsets in our list of the the best 5G telephones.

Pricing Trends

This list has telephones from under $two hundred to just about $2,000. On the low cease, the OnePlus Nord N100 and the Samsung Galaxy A32 5G are extremely good values for the money. One tip on the very low quit: provider-branded telephones (which don’t mention the call in their manufacturer) regularly are not superb.

Most of the telephones bought within the US cost $600 or extra, due to the fact they’re bought on month-to-month payment plans that disguise the fee over 24 or 30 months. But there is additionally a thriving market, often pay as you go, of telephones costing $300 or much less. Take a take a look at lower-cease OnePlus telephones, telephones by means of Nokia, or the ZTE fashions bought by means of pay as you go vendors for respectable best at a low fee.

The pandemic brought about telephone makers to reevaluate the sky-high flagship phone costs we saw earlier this year. The Galaxy S20 FE, the smaller Galaxy S21, and the OnePlus 9 are all resetting the “flagship” smartphone charge from $1,000 to $600–$700, a clean change in a tough economic system.

Verizon’s millimeter-wave 5G machine maintains to genuine a “millimeter-wave tax” on its devices; Verizon 5G-well matched phones are often $50–$a hundred greater expensive than 5G telephones for the opposite companies. When there is an exception, it is normally due to the fact Verizon or the producer is quietly subsidizing the phone.

For more, see our memories on the exceptional cheap telephones, the first-rate reasonably-priced telephone plans, and nine hints to get the best charge on a mobile telephone.

What Size Phone Is Right for You?

There’s been a dramatic shift in Android cellphone shapes and sizes over the previous couple of years. Many producers have commenced to make their telephones taller and narrower, resulting in a single-hand-pleasant models with improbably big display sizes. We pass into greater element on the brand new shape factors in our piece on how we want to measure phone monitors now.

You can find Android phones with stated display screen sizes from five.6 inches to nearly 7 inches. With the brand new form elements, even though, it is very important to take a look at the width of the cellphone in addition to the width of the screen. A tall, slim phone can be a good deal less complicated to address than something wider.

The 2.7-inch-extensive Google Pixel 4a fits properly within the hand.Which Is the Best Android Version?

Not all Android is created identical. Device manufacturers which include Asus and Samsung were applying their very own visions to Android for a while now. If you want a natural Google revel in, then you definately want to head for a Pixel tool; they’re the developer fashions in which Google makes positive to installation enhancements first. Motorola and OnePlus additionally have very clean person interfaces, although they generally tend to feature more invisible capabilities to Android.

See How We Test PhonesSee How We Test Phones

Android eleven is the most cutting-edge version, although Android 12 must be launched in the coming months. Many telephones nonetheless have Android 10. Don’t purchase a smartphone that incorporates Android nine or below, as the older the Android software program model is, the much more likely it’s miles to have critical protection flaws. Also check what number of rounds of OS updates the manufacturer is promising.

Why No Oppo, Vivo, or Xiaomi?

Three out of the sector’s 5 biggest smartphone makers do not promote phones in the US, and we basically serve US purchasers. In the cases of Oppo and Vivo, it’s due to the fact they have ceded the USA market to their cousin OnePlus. Xiaomi has said numerous times that its enterprise version, which relies heavily on advertising sales and subscription offerings, might not work in the US. Huawei, as soon as close to the pinnacle of the listing, has been battered through sanctions that limit the enterprise from the use of US additives or software program in its smartphones.

We do now not recommend uploading overseas telephones to be used inside the US, because they often perform poorly on US provider networks.

Should You Buy Through a Carrier or Unlocked?

The US market continues to be ruled by provider-sold phones, however shopping for your cellphone direct and unlocked offers you extra freedom to switch providers in case you choose to do so.

Unlocked phones function no service bloatware and no ongoing payment plan, so that you can transfer to any other carrier or promote them on eBay at will. An unlocked cellphone is actually some thing you very own. Every smartphone on this list may be sold direct, with no provider involvement. But most human beings still buy their phones via vendors, which give a single factor for provider and guide, as well as monthly fee plans that dramatically decrease the in advance prices of telephones. Carriers also every now and then restrict Wi-Fi calling functions to phones offered through their personal stores.

With that in thoughts, selecting Android as your cellular operating system is simplest 1/2 the struggle. If you’re nonetheless at the fence, test out our listing of the exceptional telephones, regardless of OS.

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