At the Taj Mahal on my first trip to India in 2006

Is journey in India secure? My top 20 pointers for ladies travellers

IS TRAVEL IN INDIA safe for women? Is the priority over journey protection for girls tourists justified? What are the most important journey protection suggestions for female travelers who go to India? These are some of the pinnacle questions and top worries girls have whilst planning a ride to India.

Travel in India is unique than many other destinations. It’s not for all and sundry. You need to be ready, you need to experience assured, and also you need to exercise caution and not unusual sense. But in case you do sense known as to India, I wouldn’t hesitate. I might, but, prepare, do research and education “safe journey strategies.” That’s why I put together those 20 protection recommendations for women touring in India.

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Why am I certified to jot down about journey protection in India?

I even have travelled across India for greater than 5 years in general, over the past 13 years — maximum of it solo. I now live in Rishikesh, in North India. In all that point, I even have not often felt hazardous, and I personally do now not feel India is specially dangerous for woman visitors.

I do think, however, that India is uncomfortable for ladies. I even have frequently felt uncomfortable by unwanted attention, in particular staring, and I’ve been accompanied in the street some times. The worst issue that’s occurred turned into that I became groped in Old Delhi, even as riding a bicycle rickshaw. I had my telephone stolen from my handbag by a collection of ladies, who surrounded me at a temple in Mumbai. An Uber driving force drove me around in the back of the airport for 30 minutes, to boom the fare – that became nerve-wracking. But I even have in no way felt severely threatened or absolutely unsafe.

When I am asked the query, Is India safe? I answer: that’s not the proper query. Anything can happen everywhere. It’s no longer about WHERE you travel, however HOW you tour.

I’m a massive believer in caution … but worry, now not so much. The media has incited fear amongst many ladies travelers, and I don’t suppose feeling worried is a good way to method tour or existence. Although I do no longer hesitate to pursue my travel goals in India, I am continually cautious approximately my planning – to make certain I don’t arrive on a teach platform on my own inside the nighttime for example. And I am careful approximately my dress and deportment.

So please read on to have all your questions responded approximately tour protection in India. And comply with my top tips for ladies touring in India – and tour with self assurance.

Going to India? Read my Ultimate Guide to Travel in India for a complete evaluate of everything you want to understand – consists of a guide to the resources on this site for visitors to India.

Common questions about tour safety in India

  • Is India safe for women?
  • Is it safe to tour in India? Is India safe to visit?
  • Is India secure for girl vacationers and vacationers?
  • My pinnacle 20 travel safety pointers for ladies traveling in India
  • Is New Delhi secure for woman travellers?
  • Is Mumbai safe for girl travellers?
  • India is an enjoy: it isn’t for all and sundry

At the Taj Mahal with pals on my first journey to India 2006

Is India secure for women?

When I became my making plans my first experience to India returned in 2005, I don’t remember any particular warnings approximately travel protection for girls. Nothing past the same old cautions. Most of my issues have been approximately feeling lonely and beaten, getting unwell or lost.

But all of that changed after the Delhi Gang Rape in 2012. A 23-12 months-antique pupil got on the incorrect bus in Delhi on the night time of December 16, 2012, and became brutally raped and assaulted. After a brave conflict in health center, she died thirteen days later of massive internal accidents.

The horror of this assault, and the younger woman’s brave combat for lifestyles, gripped the nation – and the arena – and dominated the media for many weeks. It become terrible and interesting to be in India in the course of this period. This horrible incident broke open a pandora’s box in India – and unexpectedly each person was FINALLY speakme approximately the difficulty of “eve teasing,” sexual attack, and the protection of girls. There had been huge protests, in particular in Delhi, and the government changed into positioned underneath severe stress to make adjustments. The brutal death of a young woman changed into an lousy fee to pay to get all of those troubles out inside the open.

Since then, there’s been a (a good deal wished) highlight at the popularity and protection of ladies in India. And since then, many humans commenced wondering if India is secure for girl visitors.

Is it safe to travel in India? Is India secure to visit?

While foreign travelers in India are often uncomfortable, and typically be afflicted by Delhi-belly and overpaying for souvenirs and autorickshaw rides, etc., I don’t think they may be extra at risk for theft, violence, and/or rape than many different international locations. I actually have never visible any statistics that exhibit India is greater risky, or less secure, for girls travelers than many other countries.

Having stated that, I additionally strongly inspire the use of caution, common feel, and training “secure tour techniques.” Below is a list of my pinnacle pointers for girls journeying in India, and absolute confidence there are other excellent safety pointers too.

Is India secure for lady travelers and vacationers?

India is regularly singled out for the treatment of girls. While India clearly has its percentage of social problems and gender inequality, I suppose it’s crucial to recognize the difference among developing up in India as a lady, and traveling as a lady visitor.

I agree that India needs to address gender inequality on many fronts, and mainly on the maximum basic, intrinsic stage: The attitudes toward women and rape need entire transformation. Women should be handled with appreciate, and be allowed to live unfastened from worry, damage, or oppression. That’s the correct, and India must try to satisfy it in each manner.

I assume it’s also critical to apprehend that a sure quantity of media bias, stereotyping, and sensationalizing is at play. The negative media attention that India has acquired since 2012 has created a notion that isn’t always totally based on information or truth.

This is a problem for several motives. One, the sensationalizing of those crimes against girls in India is skewing belief – and missing the huge picture. I think it’s miles making India appear more risky for female guests than it virtually is, as compared to different countries. Two, it’s far taking the highlight faraway from the worldwide hassle of violence towards women. There is a global rape disaster, and it isn’t confined to the East, or to growing countries, or to “over there.” Most assaults against women take place inside the domestic sphere, by partners and exes – now not strangers. And that’s what we must be focusing on.

The reality is: The global isn’t safe for girls anywhere. And, you ought to simply NOT pass somewhere that makes you feel uncomfortable. But it is a superb concept to separate media sensationalizing and perception from facts and fact.

India is a hard travel destination, there may be no doubt. I continually inspire first-timers to sign up for a group or go with a informed pal. There is a getting to know curve to being in India, no doubt about it. I am constantly the first to confess, a piece of hand retaining goes a long manner, as do caution and common feel. This is why I commenced the India for Beginners custom tours.

If you’re making plans to journey in India, let us help you! We offer itinerary planning, India for Beginners custom excursions, and much extra to ensure your ride to India is packed with greater magic … and much less insanity. 

At the Kumbh Mela in Haridwar, India, 2010

Top 20 journey protection hints for ladies traveling in India

1. Go to India with an open thoughts and heart

Be careful, however don’t be nervous. Be open, however don’t be naive. Yes, India is overwhelming to the first-time traveller and maximum humans revel in lifestyle shock. (You can spot first-timers by way of the deer-in-the-headlights appearance they have on their faces.) I even have stated in different posts in this blog that India is like the cave Yoda sends Luke into: you’ll handiest locate what you deliver with you. So, don’t bring worry. Most Indians are the nicest, friendliest and most helpful humans you may ever meet. Even whilst they may be seeking to element you out of your rupees, they’re on the whole very high-quality approximately it.

2. Do your studies on India

Travel in India is just now not the same as going to the Caribbean, Greece, or even Thailand. It is big, numerous, conventional, historical … and it can be an amazing travel destination. Knowing as much as you could approximately the subculture can help prepare you. For instance, many vacationers go to Rajasthan, however that doesn’t suggest the desert state is westernized. Far from it – Rajasthan is one of the greater traditional states in India. Wearing a tank pinnacle and shorts is simply no longer appropriate in Rajasthan and may invite undesirable attention. On the opposite hand, in sure elements of Mumbai, like Colaba and Bandra, carrying revealing western clothing is tons more applicable.

Read books about India, and by way of Indian authors, and watch movies about India. India has a wealthy ancient and cultural beyond and it’s far nonetheless in large part a traditional society, in spite of all of the cellular telephones, Bollywood glamour and Levi denims. Find out as lots as you can approximately Indian society, as it will make journey simpler. Many foreigners get pissed off with the aid of the way enterprise is carried out in India — but it’s miles futile and a waste of strength to get warm-and-. It is likewise now not culturally ideal to express anger or to cast blame in public. Much higher to attempt to apprehend, show a few appreciate for an historic lifestyle (that is plenty wiser than the west in many approaches) and go with the waft.

3. Adjust your expectancies about India

If you are from a western united states of america like Canada, the U.S., the U.K., Germany or Australia, you can’t come to India and assume that you may freely be capable of do all the stuff you do at domestic. You should be given reality: India is a traditional society inside the throes of top notch alternate. It may be very smart to play it secure, as I do, and put on unfastened, modest clothes; refrain from overly pleasant behaviour with unknown guys; and be very careful about shifting around at night. Travel in India is different than different locations, and tour safety should continually be a concern.

4. Be assured, not well mannered!

This is a top tip for girls journeying in India and some other place. I’ve had many on-line discussions with ladies who tour regularly in India and different difficult locations about staying safe. Most of them pressure that how you convey your self plays a massive component in your enjoy. If you are confident, you are much less likely to draw undesirable attention they say, and I agree. Apparently, rapists look for girls they understand to be smooth goals; girls who don’t appear like they will put up a fight.

As a Canadian, I come from a way of life of politeness, but now and again in India – frequently, in fact – well mannered doesn’t work. If I experience a person is harassing me for some thing cause, I even have become very adept at either turning into very cold and ignoring them, or becoming quickly indignant and pronouncing “jyao,” loudly, this means that “pass” in Hindi. I wrote a weblog publish approximately the need to sometimes seem rude to live secure. Unfortunately, you do need to keep your shield up in India, it’s not usually clean to understand who to trust. Local friends are available in very on hand, and so does travelling with a depended on journey company.

Read this put up to brush up on simple Hindi for vacationers. 

5. Watch how you relate to men

In India, you have to be cautious approximately the way you relate to a few men – specifically, much less knowledgeable guys operating in service, transportation or hospitality. In different phrases, if you are overly friendly with an autorickshaw motive force, you could inadvertently be giving him the wrong alerts. It’s unlucky that overseas ladies are every now and then visible as more “to be had” than Indian ladies, too – which doesn’t help.

Again, comprehend that tons of India continues to be a conventional society, and in sure components of society the genders do no longer mix. Many of the men in India are just no longer that state-of-the-art with regards to flirting and dating, etc. Obviously, there are plenty of knowledgeable and properly-travelled men inside the current metros, like Delhi and Mumbai, who understand the alerts we take with no consideration inside the west. But lots don’t and could take your friendliness as an open invitation for intercourse. Err at the facet of caution. As a traveller in India, keep safety in mind always.

6. Use transportation strategies

I have travelled all over India, on in a single day trains, in limitless autorickshaws and taxis, and occasionally even at the backs of motorcycles. I actually have by no means felt in hazard and in no way felt risky, however I am cautious and I have come up with multiple strategies, specifically for journey at night. To start, get a person to pick you up at the airport whilst you land. Many excellent hotels and visitor houses will set up this for you.

Also, while leaving a bar or restaurant, get someone to stroll you to an car or taxi. Or call a person, and loudly inform them the number of the taxi, so the motive force can hear. Plan your tour so that you don’t arrive in the middle of the night; and try and have a person meet you at the teach station or airport. Many inns and excursions provide this carrier. Always allow a person understand wherein you’re going, and stay linked to friends and contacts through social media.

Check out my publish approximately traveling on Indian trains, planes, and cars. 

7. Carry a mobile phone

Getting a neighborhood SIM card and wearing a cell smartphone is vital for each safety and convenience, I trust, as India is a cellular smartphone obsessed country. Everything is achieved via text message, inclusive of teach tickets, taxis, and nail trimming appointments, and also you need it to communicate with drivers. You should purchase a reasonably-priced cellphone, or get a SIM card for your regular smartphone, whilst you get to India.

Prepaid prices are very cheap for textual content, data, and talk time. Just ensure you’ve got a copy of your passport and Indian Visa, and a passport sized photo with you whilst you visit the store to get the cellphone or SIM card. There’s loads of unfastened WiFi to be had in India, in places like airports and cafes, but you need a neighborhood wide variety to log in. 

TIP: Always carry more photocopies of your passport and Indian Visa, and extra passport images. You can get passport snap shots in India very cheaply – a sheet of 16 value me about $three. 

8. Wear Indian garments

Indian clothes are mild, comfortable, cheaper and suitable to the climate and the need for modesty. I typically wear the three-piece salwar kameez, or Punjabi healthy; or a kurtah and trousers while in India. But sporting Indian clothes is a chunk arguable amongst my Indiaphile pals. Some say it simply attracts extra undesirable interest; others say it attracts respect and protects you. I am in the second camp. I am a huge believer in the “when in Rome” philosophy of travel.

Not simplest do I wear Indian garments, however I additionally wear Indian jewelry, and every now and then I even tell humans I am married to an Indian guy and that I stay in Delhi. The own family is the most powerful social structure in India. As the spouse of an Indian man, I am perceived as Indian, as part of the society — an insider — and even greater importantly, as a person whose moves are likely closely tracked, and who will be ignored. I sense my gold Indian ring draws a veil of safety around me … it really works for me.

Read What to wear in India and  Guide to shopping in India. 

nine. Change your mind-set

I assume our mind-set and stage of confidence plays a massive component in our enjoy of travel – and research have shown that men assault ladies they perceive to be vulnerable. If you are seriously afraid to visit a rustic, it’s probable now not an amazing idea to head. Pushing your consolation sector is ok, in case you recognise you are up for it. But in case you are truly apprehensive, you may discover your self having scary reviews. That’s how life seems to paintings, from my enjoy. Not constantly, of path, however a large percent of the time.

10. Find other like-minded travelers

It’s smooth to meet other vacationers in India, mainly at hostels, in preferred tourist locations like Rishikesh, Pushkar, Goa, Manali, Dharmasala, Varkala Beach, and so forth. Check out this post about Best locations to visit in Goa for specific ideas. Plus, you could discover vacationers thru on line forums and by using using hashtags on social media. Just be careful not to expose your place in real time – later-gramming is a good idea, even your Instagram tales. Unfortunately, there’s numerous creeps on line (as all of us know). 

TIP: Be cautious how you relate journey studies on line. It’s always an excellent idea to show cultural recognize – I wrote a submit approximately Responsible Travel Writing that is worth analyzing. 

eleven. Don’t take it in my opinion

It’s part of the subculture in India to invite quite a few non-public questions. Don’t take it for my part! It’s up to you what you percentage. They’re not asking due to the fact they’re compiling a file on you. Nothing bad will appear. The handiest thing I’m careful about is where I’m staying. I will no longer tell strangers where I’m staying.

12. Learn a few Hindi

If you are touring in North India, take a look at out my publish on Basic Hindi phrases and terms for guests. Though many people in India talk English, a bit Hindi can pass a protracted way to creating you feel more cushty and on top of things.

Read this put up to brush up on primary Hindi for travelers. 

13. Ignore staring and unwanted attention

Like all ladies, I get undesirable attention everywhere, which includes in Toronto where I live. In India, it is greater culturally suitable to stare, so sure, masses of staring! My quality advice is to ignore it. Most of the time, it’s innocent. However, if you have a intestine intuition that some thing is off, pay attention. Always listen on your instinct. Move faraway from the man or woman or people staring, and if you need to, are seeking for assist.

Always remember that social shaming works REALLY nicely in India, a whole lot higher than within the west. If someone is bothering you, talk up, you may be surrounded via aunties and uncles in a heartbeat. They will beat on whoever’s bothering you until you almost want you hadn’t said some thing, ha.

14. Say no to (some) selfies

A lot of people will ask you for selfies. At locations like the Taj Mahal, it’s part of the enjoy and really endearing. Everyone is dressed up, in an excellent temper, it’s a special occasion. I actually have MANY pix of me with my fingers round groups of younger girls at visitor spots in India. But it could get tiring. I have a organization rule: no selfies with boys or men. I best take selfies with girls, girls, and families.

15. Don’t supply cash to beggars

The exceptional advice is to no longer deliver beggars money. They are usually part of a syndicate and the cash goes to the rich guys on top. Giving them cash only encourages this sort of criminal behaviour. Much higher to provide to credible, authorized charities. The one aspect I do is hand out meals on the street, if I have leftovers; or if I am ingesting peanuts and a toddler asks for them, such things as that.

India is a unique travel vacation spot, it’s not a vacation hotel. It’s for people with an adventurous spirit who want to look the arena. In truth, coming face to face with the poverty in India is an eye-beginning experience for lots human beings. It humanizes it, and also you discover that many of those people are happier and greater content than you ever imagined.

16. Find sanctuaries in India

The crowds (and heat and noise) in India can be overwhelming. My high-quality advice is to take breaks. Find sanctuaries. Get out of the towns, visit ashrams or countryside motels, villages or the seashore. South India, particularly Kerala, is a gentler land. Or, are trying to find nature: visit a country wide park, tiger reserve, chook sanctuary, or trekking in the hills. Splash out on a five-celebrity inn. Do what you need to do to song India out each every now and then.

TIP: Interested in traveling to India for Yoga? Please read my Complete Guide to Yoga in India to have all your questions responded.

17. Don’t fear (too much) being “ripped off.”

There’s a first rate video approximately a rich guy who gets out of his car and bargains difficult with a coconut seller at the side of the road. Then he goes and buys an expensive tender drink from a shop – and of route doesn’t bargain. It became made with the aid of an actor to reveal that these people are very terrible, and we shouldn’t be bargaining them down. I don’t fear about getting “ripped off” by way of bad people on the road. I simply do not forget it tourism tax to assist the needy.

Shopping for high-priced objects like rugs and jewelry is every other remember. You DO need to do your research, and keep round.

18. Pay (a few) attention to journey advisories

The numerous government advisories about journey in India don’t say “don’t visit India.” Most often, they recommend warning. In this map of the world’s most risky countries for vacationers, India is listed as “keep away from a few areas” and I consider this. In multiple cases, the assaults towards girl vacationers passed off in very remote places, in which my Indian pals instructed me even they wouldn’t ego.

I agree which you ought to keep on with the traveller regions in India, and stay on the nicely-travelled course. It’s still going to be one of the biggest tour adventures you’ve ever had. No need to project into the remote, off-the-overwhelmed-music locations at all.

19. Understand the philosophy of Atithi Devo Bhava

The reason I love to journey in India is essentially because of the humans. And the motive I don’t hesitate to travel there may be due to the fact I know how clearly pleasant and beneficial they’re. The identical salesclerk within the marketplace, who’s seeking to get as many rupees from your pockets as feasible, may be the first person to come to your useful resource should something manifest.

There is a philosophy in India known as Atithi Devo Bhava. It approach guest is god. For the most element, I locate many India people stay as much as this motto and deal with foreigners with severe deference, now and again bordering on the embarrassing.

20. Solo female travelers to India have to keep in mind a group excursion

For your first trip to India, I recommend a set tour or going with someone who knows India. There is a huge mastering curve to travel in India. It’s hard to analyze HOW to travel in India on the equal time which you’re managing the subculture surprise, plus the warmth, chaos, crowds, etc. This is the cause I began the India for Beginners custom tours.

Most people do the Golden Triangle – Delhi, Agra, Jaipur – but bear in mind beginning in Kerala. It’s a far softer landing. My advice is to live ON the crushed route in India. Keep to the traveler circuit, specifically if you’re new to the us of a. So, I could advise Rajasthan, Kerala, Rishikesh, a guided excursion, staying in an ashram, things like that.

Many people are involved approximately getting ill in India and looking for methods to live wholesome and save you travelers diarrhea aka Delhi Belly. Check out my pinnacle pointers and comprehensive guide on How to keep away from getting ill in India.Best tour manual books on India

I suggest these books for assisting you tour in India, and there are more to be had … click the books to check them out.

Is Delhi safe for girl visitors?

Delhi has a recognition for being the most hazardous metropolis in India. I’ve lived there on-and-off for thirteen years, and I haven’t had many terrible incidents. But I recognise the city, and experience snug there. Having said that, I don’t undertaking out of my “stomping grounds” – Central and South Delhi – very often. These are the extra upscale areas of the city. Old Delhi is extremely good, and without a doubt worth traveling, But I could no longer pass by myself. The best time I become groped in India became once I went to Old Delhi by myself, lower back once I first got here to India.

My pinnacle tip for staying secure in Delhi is to stay in a residential neighbourhood. I’ve been doing this for the beyond 13 years. Don’t stay in Pahar Ganj (the backpackers ghetto) or Connaught Place, the industrial centre of Delhi. Stay in one of the many very first-class, leafy neighbourhoods of South Delhi. There are plenty of very great and comparatively cheap guest homes, boutique resorts, and homestays in secure, quiet neighbourhoods like Hauz Khas (this publish is set my Delhi homestay), Green Park, Panchsheel Park, Saket, and Greater Kailash.

Transportation is less expensive and without problems to be had in Delhi, and I not often have troubles. I like taking the metro in the course of the day (however now not at rush hour). There’s a Ladies Car on every train and it’s by no means very crowded, plus the atmosphere is very comfortable. I also use the Ola app to ebook taxis, and I take vehicles brief distances. Sometimes, automobiles in the tourist areas of Delhi generally tend to over-price. But not in South Delhi.

I’ve spent a LOT of time scouring Delhi’s many markets, and I’ve by no means had any troubles or troubles – besides not having the ability to buy the whole thing I would really like to! I recommend Khan Market, Hauz Khas Village, Lajpat Nagar, Dastkar Nature Bazaar, Sarojini Market – the list is endless. When I make plans to go for dinner in the night – Delhi is the culinary capital of India – I take Ola taxis each approaches. They use a GPS and it’s perfectly safe. I stay within the better-give up regions of Central and South Delhi (from Connaught Place to South Delhi), and I experience comfortable there.

TIP: Read my Delhi Travel Guide and my Guide to taking trains, planes, and vehicles in India for more designated pointers.

Is Mumbai secure for girl travellers?

Contributed by using Michaela Stone Cross:

“Mumbai is 10 years beforehand of India,” my roommate likes to mention — and for desirable cause. There aren’t many Indian cities wherein you may see two girls kissing in public, or such a lot of girls out at night. Two things make this metropolis mainly ladies-pleasant: the rickshaw drivers and the police, both of whom are honest and handy.

However, I have been groped, stalked, and flashed in Mumbai, so maintain some policies in mind. Beaches and the encompassing regions attract groups of creepy men, mainly at night. Versova Beach by myself I discover dangerous so visit Juhu rather. Riding the local at some point of height hours, stick with the women’s compartment even if you’re with a set. The greater east you pass within the suburbs, the less modern it is, and hip regions like Juhu, Bandra, Versova and Lokhandwala are surely now not harassment-loose. Juhu Beach and the Bandstand once I’m by myself or with another overseas women typically way lots of harassment and image-taking creeps, so I decide upon places like Nariman Point for a view of the sea.

For comfort’s sake I’d emulate the locals: you may put on something in a club or eating place, however to get from point A to point B, throw on a sweater/headscarf to cowl your chest and take a rickshaw. I’ve walked by myself through the suburbs overdue at night time, however things got stalky and “pleasant” guys stored pulling over to invite “can I drop you?” If you stumble upon troubles there’s a special girls’s hotline (103–they actually do select up) and just pulling out your telephone and saying “police” commonly does the trick. Of the hundreds of auto trips I’ve taken best one became a creep–get Ola to be one hundred% stable.

In phrases of satisfied surprises, I discover all-male dive bars are surprisingly harassment-free, and the metropolis may be very LGBT friendly — trans and manifestly homosexual women have advantageous reports.

Michaela Stone Cross is a creator, journalist and India-lover. Her work has regarded in CNN, Vice, Vox and The Juggernaut, where she covers Bollywood.

India is an enjoy: it isn’t for every person

India isn’t for anybody. You don’t visit India, you enjoy it. It really is unique than other visitor destinations, in many ways. The revel in of being in India is as plenty approximately YOU being in India as it is approximately India. And it is able to be absolutely life-converting. 

I strive to stroll a first-rate line between presenting a few encouragement and tips for individuals who need to go … and now not promoting India to people who don’t. It isn’t always Disneyworld, it isn’t a Caribbean all-inclusive excursion. The ease of modern tour means that folks who aren’t always organized for journey tour are accessible anyway. Anyone with the money can hop on a aircraft and be in Borneo, Timbuktu, Africa, the Arctic or India … it doesn’t imply they SHOULD be there.

I turned into delivered up via a female who cherished the idea of exploration and our house become full of National Geographic, atlases, and books on explorers. Perhaps due to this, I travel with the spirit of an explorer. I in no way expected India to be like Canada. But occasionally I assume plenty of the issues travelers face are due to out of place expectancies.

The upshot: your attitude will largely decide whether you have got a terrific enjoy of India or not. That’s my belief. Attitude could be very vital in life and in journey. The mindset you are taking whilst you journey in India may be reflected lower back at you thru your reviews. I actually have regularly stated that India is like the cave that Yoda sends Luke into: “What will I discover there?” Luke asks. “Whatever you convey with you,” Yoda answers.

Travel in India truly is for a sure form of vacationer – those who are willing to forego comfort for revel in; and who are willing to say yes to life, all of existence, along with what is mirrored returned approximately oneself. It takes a positive form of tour adventurer to open his or her heart to India – and find it amply rewarded. In the stop, perhaps it as Rumer Godden said: that once you’ve got felt the Indian dust, you may never be freed from it.

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