From the philosophical to the humorous, the serious to the stupid, we present our list of learnings from traveling the arena.

With over 200 employees from over 35 countries (Thailand to Ireland; The Philippines to France), Skyscanner is a well-travelled organisation. Between us, we’ve visited almost every united states of america inside the international.

So we requested our group of workers, from the CEO to our interns, for his or her nuggets of knowledge they’ve picked up on the street. From the philosophical to the humorous, the extreme to the stupid, Skyscanner presents our listing of learnings from visiting the world.


Practical Travel Tips and Advice

1. Pack less

Travelling with simply hand-baggage must be your aim. Do you really want six pairs of heels, tea bags, and an iron? Take less and also you’ll journey less expensive (no check-in baggage expenses), tour quicker (no looking ahead to your luggage), and travel less complicated (one bag way much less to lug round). More: 7 first-class hand-luggage luggage

Sam Baldwin, Skyscanner Travel Editor

2. Leave the guidebook at domestic

Rather than taking your complete replica of the Rough Guide or Lonely Planet, just photocopy the pages you need, then discard after you have used them. Saves area and weight.

James Teideman, Skyscanner Marketing Communications Executive

3. Never be a part of the security queue with kids in

Go for the one with the ‘suits’. It will circulate an awful lot faster.

Alistair Hann, Skyscanner Chief Technology Officer

4. Never put on turn flops (on a plane)

I used to paintings for an airline and we have been told never to put on sandals on board an aircraft. In the not likely event of an emergency, it’s exceptional to have a terrific set of robust shoes so as to protect your feet from heat or sharp gadgets.

Matthew Smith, Skyscanner Content Partnership Executive

5. Jiggle it (only a little bit)

If you’re terrified of turbulence during flights, try barely jiggling your frame whilst you hit a few hard air. No one will be aware because all and sundry is being moved around due to the plane motion. Sounds a bit crazy however your movement will counteract that of the aircraft and also you gained’t experience the turbulence so much. It really does work!

Jamie Wortley, Skyscanner PR Consultant

6. Choose your seat-mate cautiously

If you get the choice of plane seat, always sit far far from: babies, corporations of buddies who will chat, or girls (men tend to need the toilet less regularly than girls). More: REVEALED: the correct plane seat

Miss Evodie Fleury, Skyscanner Market Development Assistant, France

7. Learn a touch lingo

Memorise a handful of phrases of the local language, and feature the braveness to use them! It’s first rate how only a few words will pass a protracted manner; locals generally tend to warm to those who have made the attempt to talk with them of their personal tongue. More: 7 secrets of learning a language rapid

Rachel Evatt, Skyscanner Product Director

8. Keep your mouth shut

If you are in a country in which it is hazardous to drink the water, preserve your mouth close inside the shower.

Suzanne Morrison, Skyscanner Project Manager

nine. Hotels are not the best fruit

Staying in a lodge whilst you’re on holiday is not the best choice. Or in a hostel for that count number. Apartments or rooms in private homes are where the savvy guests rest their heads nowadays.

Sam Stanley Baldwin, Skyscanner Travel Editor

10. Ditch your pals

Travelling all by way of your lonesome would possibly appear daunting at the beginning, however it gives you a chance to really immerse your self in the tour revel in. I’ve met friends for lifestyles, learnt a new language, and had excellent experiences with the aid of touring solo. More: 10 guidelines for visiting solo

Victoria Bailie, Skyscanner PR Manager

11. Always travel in a hoodie

They may additionally have come to be the uniform of unruly ASBO-young adults, but hooded tops make great journey garments. Just slip up your hood to retreat from the sector of noise and mild whilst you want to sleep on a flight/airport seat/bus.

Sam 1st Earl Baldwin of Bewdley, Skyscanner Travel Editor

12. Choose the Asian-vegetarian alternative at the aircraft

You get fed earlier than all and sundry else, you keep away from some thing too greasy and stodgy (allows the jetlag allegedly) and I’m convinced the more niche meals are tons higher nice as they’re made in smaller batches.

Victoria Baillie, Skyscanner PR Manager

thirteen. Bring ear plugs

If silence is golden, then ear plugs are well worth their weight in platinum. Being capable of sleep in a noisy plane or resort room is a totally precious ability, now not to be underestimated at the same time as journeying.

Laura Wilson, Skyscanner Search Marketing Manager

14. Pre-e book an airport living room

If you’re flying lengthy-haul, pre-ebook your self into an airport lounge. There’s an up-the front fee, however it presents a quiet surroundings with complimentary drinks, food, magazines, newspapers, WiFi and so forth. When you depart the living room, take some big bottles of water. It’s a fee powerful and relaxing manner to start your adventure.

Philippa Waygood, Skyscanner Training Co-ordinator

15. Bring a web prepared device

If traveling for a long time, take your very own tool which can choose up wifi, like a phone or pill. We didn’t do that because we didn’t need to bring an luxurious object backpacking, but it became out to be rather pricey to use the net, or impossible to discover any. Yet there may be loose wifi in places all over the global, and you quickly recognize how regularly you want to tap in to such things as financial institution debts or travel bookings. More: 10 methods to cut your smartphone roaming costs

Eileen Ogg, Skyscanner Artworker

sixteen. Bring a further pinnacle on board

When flying (specially long haul) continually journey with an additional pinnacle as the blankets they offer are skinny and the aircraft can get very cold.

Clare McMonagle, Skyscanner Graphic Designer

17. Always deliver a sarong

They’re mild and multifunctional: something to lie on at the seaside, a cover for while you’re cold, a towel, a curtain, a skirt, a get dressed, even an emergency bandage.

Suzanne Morrison, Skyscanner Project Manager

18. Bring a DVD player for the youngsters

When flying with small kids, convey a computer/DVD player/pill. Cartoons and movies even as away a enormous chunk of the flight and permit dad and mom a few downtime too. More: 10 pointers for flying with children

Mary Porter, Skyscanner PR Manager

19. Invest in noise-cancelling headphones

For an appropriate long-haul ride, put money into some desirable first-rate noise cancelling headphones. The price tags are hefty, however they may be well worth every penny to track out the crying baby, snoring guy, or chattering teenagers.

Rachel Evatt, Skyscanner Product Director

Listen to our ‘How to Make Flying Fun’ podcast:

20. Kindles are made for tour

I in no way tour with out my Kindle. No greater lugging more than one books round at the same time as waiting to exchange them with other visitors. This may additionally were a ‘captivating’ a part of traveling, however no longer when every e book change turns up not anything however books in German! More: Will Kindle kill the paperback? Pros and cons of e-readers

Eileen Ogg, Skyscanner Artworker

21. Look before you go away

Whenever you arise to depart somewhere, be it a chair at the airport, a café, or a bar, constantly flip round and ensure you haven’t left whatever behind.

Suzanne Morrison, Skyscanner Project Manager

22. Roll your garments whilst packing

Once you roll, you’ll marvel why you ever afflicted to fold. More: How to tour with hand-bags only

Louise McCloy, Skyscanner Search Marketing Executive

23. Use frame language

When there’s a language barrier, shouting for your personal language isn’t always going to get you a ways. Instead, use your frame. It’s the most international language inside the entire international. Don’t neglect to translate a complete prevent with a grin.

Tika Larasati, Skyscanner Market Development Manager, Indonesia

Say it with sign language – watch our video under:


24. Bring a money belt AND a pockets

There’s a dual purpose to this: if you get mugged you can calmly give up the wallet and keep on your excursion with minimal trouble. If you meet new pals, use the wallet, as it can be a chunk insulting to go into a money belt to pay to your beers.

David Wilson, Skyscanner Senior Software Engineer

25. Never alternate cash on your hotel

Instead, keep round for pleasant rate. Find a credit/debit card that doesn’t charge for purchases abroad, and don’t trouble with tourist’s cheques anymore. More: 10 secrets of overseas currency trading

Cat McGloin, Skyscanner PR Assistant

26. Don’t convey (too much) cash

I can’t do not forget traveling a rustic inside the final 10 years that doesn’t have ATMs, so there’s truly no want to carry approximately more coins than you need for multiple days.

Charlie Pank, Skyscanner Senior Software Engineer

27. Pack a % of cards

A sport of cards isn’t always only useful to at the same time as away the hours in the course of the inevitable delays, but additionally a exceptional pass- cultural barrier breaker.

Andy Sleigh, Skyscanner General Manager, APAC

28. Get a manual

When touring cultural monuments, continually take the offer of a local guide. It will open your eyes to a lot more than if you try to pass it alone or simply use a manual e book.

Andy Sleigh, Skyscanner General Manager, APAC

29. Be bendy

The extra flexible you can be along with your tour plans, the extra cash you’ll shop (you’ll be capable of tour at inexpensive times and get higher charges). Use Skyscanner’s accessible month charts to find the most inexpensive days to fly in any given month. More: 20 money saving travel guidelines and secrets and techniques

Sam 1st Earl Baldwin of Bewdley, Skyscanner Travel Editor

30. Sync your sleep

To recover from jetlag speedy on arrival, try to sync your sound asleep pattern with the brand new time area straight away. More: How to keep away from jet lag

Kirsty Donnelly, Skyscanner Recruitment Assistant

31. Get journey insurance

Always take out tour insurance (and don’t rely on credit card coverage alone). It sounds apparent but plenty of people don’t trouble, and become losing a variety of money while things move wrong. More: 10 approaches to void your tour insurance

Philippa Waygood, Skyscanner Training Co-ordinator

32. Be dependable

If you’re looking for approaches to get a flight improve, then be part of the airline’s loyalty programme. Even if it’s the lowest level, you continue to get rewarded first. More: 15 approaches to get a flight upgrade

Ewan Gray, Skyscanner Director Sales and Business Development, APAC

33. Tiger Balm is remedy of the gods

This Singaporean-made balm not only soothes sore muscle mass after quite a few traveling however also works as an insect repellent to maintain the little biting beasties away. More: World’s worst biting bugs: how to avoid insect attack

Louise McCloy, Skyscanner Search Marketing Executive

34. Understand you is probably understandable

Just due to the fact he seems Caucasian, doesn’t mean he speaks English. And just due to the fact she seems Asian, doesn’t mean she will be able to’t recognize your French! Be cautious of mouthing off while you assume you’re speaking a language no one around you speaks. You by no means realize who is familiar with what.

Tika Larasati, Skyscanner Market Development Manager, Indonesia

Philosophical Travel Musings

35. Recognise that we’re all the same

It’s best through touring that you recognise every society is as fractious and plural in their perspectives as your very own.

Gareth Williams, Skyscanner CEO

36. Avoid anywhere

If you really, actually need to get off the beaten track, buy the Lonely Planet guide, then keep away from everywhere featured in it.

Sam Baldwin, Skyscanner Travel Editor

37. Don’t plan some thing

It is probably tempting to have each step of your trip planned to the nth diploma, but unplanned days are often those that go away the most lasting, and fondest reminiscences.

Rachel Evatt, Skyscanner Product Director

38. Don’t sweat the small stuff

Have an open mind and don’t sweat the small stuff; tour may be frustrating but you’ll look returned and recall it for all time.

Dave Boyte, Skyscanner Market Development Manager, Australia

39. DIY travel is first-rate

If you want to really enjoy a brand new usa and tradition, rent a automobile and plan it all yourself. It is the freedom to do what you need and when you need, that makes for the nice journeys of all.

Dean Cornish, Skyscanner Software Engineer

40. Slow down

Traveling is like lifestyles, it’s the adventure that’s fun. Don’t simply try and get in your vacation spot as quick as viable. Travel extra slowly and also you’ll discover more.

Ben Hardy, Skyscanner Test Support

41. Take the difficult way

The more hard the journey challenge, the extra profitable it’s far; driving to Kazakhstan become a loopy existence-revel in; flying there might have simply been a ‘journey’.

Charlie Pank, Skyscanner Senior Software Engineer

forty two. Sitting is tiring

Travelling some distance through the air makes you tired, even supposing all you do the whole time is sit down in a comfortable seat.

Crawford Tait, Skyscanner Technical Manager

forty three. Just cross

If you’ve got a strong urge to ‘pass touring’ or even simply to peer one precise vicinity, start saving and go for it! Don’t postpone. Don’t defer. Just do it, or you may regret it while you’re too antique/connected/busy to travel.

Laura Wilson, Skyscanner Search Marketing Manager

forty four. Don’t be paranoid

Be smart and be wary, but attempt not to be paranoid. I as soon as travelled with a man who couldn’t loosen up due to the fact he turned into satisfied all people become out to thieve his cash or diddle him. He misplaced his vehicle keys at one factor and commenced blaming the family who had put us up for the night time in the desert. He subsequently determined the keys at the bottom of his dozing bag. More: 10 Travel Scams that price unwary travellers

Charlie Pank, Skyscanner Senior Software Engineer

Not-so critical Travel Tips and Advice

45. Hide your guidebook

If you’re in London and need to ask directions then to stop humans avoiding you, hide your guide e-book and map. If you’re in Glasgow and also you need to keep away from constantly being offered directions, hide your guidebook and map.

David Hamill, Skyscanner Principal Interaction Designer

46. There will usually be Toblerone

Got to the quit of your holiday but forgotten to get presents? No concerns! It is a mathematical truth that the sector’s favored mountain-formed Swiss chocolate will constantly be available from every duty loose airport shop on the earth.

Sam Poullain, Skyscanner PR Manager, APAC

47. Don’t get angry

Don’t waste energy getting disappointed with unseasoned guests who don’t stand one metre returned (or behind the painted line) from the luggage belt, so that everybody can see luggage arriving. I haven’t managed this yet though, and it continually infuriates me! More: 13 maximum traumatic plane passengers

Annica Jansson, Skyscanner Market Development Manager, Nordics

Listen to the Skyscanner journey podcast 7 Deadly Sins of Air Travel beneath:

48. Steak Tartare is not steak with tartar sauce

I found out that the difficult manner.

Charlie Gildawie

Skyscanner Senior Software Engineer

49. Saw your toothbrush in half

To shop space and decrease weight, saw your toothbrush in 1/2. The extra three cubic centimetres of area may be used to hold an extra sheet of paper (see tip 2).

James Teideman, Skyscanner Marketing Communications Executive

50. Pretend to be asleep

If you fart throughout your flight, simply pretend to be asleep.

Harold Aparte, Skyscanner Market Development Executive, Philippines

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