Extended Charging

Your Tesla is designed to keep its battery through the years, and could now not overcharge when plugged in for an prolonged time frame. For that reason, when you’re faraway from home, we continually advocate leaving your vehicle plugged in.

Maximize Your Range

To hold a groovy cabin temperature and maximize your variety, park in a shaded region and flip your AC on while charging. You can display your charge and temperature out of your Tesla cell app.

Set your Regenerative Braking to “Standard” to preserve range while decelerating.

Before beginning an extended avenue trip, we recommend checking your tire stress (psi) shown at the Tire and Loading Information label positioned at the middle door pillar. You need to also check out your tires for bulges, overseas items, cuts or wear. If you notice some thing regarding, you could self-agenda a carrier appointment to your Tesla app.

Plan Your Trip

Enter your destination at the touchscreen and Navigation will discover the fastest direction, and the most handy places to price along your course.

Use our Go Anywhere tool to devise future avenue journeys on your Tesla. Select your vehicle’s configuration, and upload your begin and cease locations. The Go Anywhere tool will provide you a course through Supercharger places and a recommended fee time at each forestall. We always suggest the usage of your in-automobile ride planner whilst you’re on the road that allows you to come up with the most correct recommended stops and rate instances based in your using.

To discover the closest Supercharger vicinity at whenever, faucet at the lightning bolt icon to your navigation. Tap on any purple Supercharger pin to view the total wide variety of open stalls, repute updates, and maximum price rate to be had.

You also can explore Destination Charging locations conveniently positioned at inns, restaurants, and buying centers across the usa. These may be indicated with a gray pin.

Additional Tips

Review our walkthrough motion pictures to analyze more approximately your vehicle’s functions.

If your vehicle’s indoors reaches over 105 degrees Fahrenheit, the Cabin Overheat Protection feature will automatically turn on to decrease the cabin temperature. Adjust this putting through your touchscreen:

  • Model S and Model X: Controls > Settings > Vehicle
  • Model 3: Controls > Safety and Security > Settings

As a reminder, AC will create some condensation, which may pool beneath your automobile.

You can evaluate your Owner’s Manual to research extra.

  • Model S and Model X: Controls > Settings > Owner’s Manual
  • Model 3: Controls > Service > Owner’s Manual

Model S and Model X only:

Climate Keeper keeps a hard and fast temperature inside the cabin for an prolonged time frame. Perfect for preserving groceries cool or a comfortable cabin temperature for an in a single day camping experience on your Tesla.

  • Shift into Park, and select ‘Auto’ from Climate Controls
  • The Climate Timer will seem underneath your man or woman climate settings
  • Adjust weather settings as wished
  • Tap ‘Keep Climate On’

It will continue to be on until you shift out of Park, manually flip it off, or if your battery’s price drops to 20%.

Frequently Asked Questions – Maps and Navigation

How do I modify the site visitors primarily based routing characteristic?

Your Tesla detects actual-time visitors situations and automatically adjusts the expected using and arrival times. The navigation gadget can reroute you on your destination if traffic situations trade. To flip this feature on or off, touch the map’s settings icon, then touch Online Routing.

How do I trade the orientation of the map?

The touchscreen displays a map always. Hold and drag a finger to transport the map in any direction. Rotate the map in any route by holding and turning two hands. Touch the icon within the pinnacle right corner of the map to set the map’s orientation.

How do I take away Superchargers from my path?

To put off a Supercharger station out of your path, pick “get rid of charging stops” (lightning bolt signal) at the lowest of the directions.

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