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Public Mobile History

Before we begin on our Public Mobile Review, we sense it’s important to provide you some history records – Who are they? Where did they come from?

Public Mobile’s beginning’s sincerely came from the federal governments push to growth opposition between the wireless vendors.

We all recognise that there are a number of dominant gamers, however this didn’t suggest that it wasn’t well worth a shot to begin a new cell carrier.

Public Mobile acquired wi-fi spectrum round 2008 and launched their network in Toronto and Montreal in 2010 together with starting several retail shops.

Consumers have been embracing this new service as they noticed superb increase and momentum as they were given started out.

However, the best times didn’t ultimate very lengthy.

By 2013, they have been no longer seeing eye to eye with the Canadian Wireless Telecommunications Association.

They also agreed to have personal fairness corporations that have been invested in them to take large stakes in the business enterprise with discussions of using the capital to similarly fund growth.

All matters said and executed, Public Mobile ended up being bought to Telus towards the give up of 2013 and inside some brief years, we had been right returned in which we started.

Public Mobile Overview

Public Mobile is essentially a discount logo, competing with the likes of Rogers’ Chatr Mobile and Bell’s Lucky Mobile.

They are prepaid handiest and similar to Koodo Mobile, leverage Telus’ strong 4G LTE network. However, Public Mobile takes the phrase ‘cut price’ and ‘self-serve’ to every other stage:

No Physical Stores

Yup, the day has come wherein we’ve cellular providers with out real bodily stores.

But then again, what’s the need for them? You can move on Public Mobile’s internet site and order a sim card – as soon as it arrives, you could prompt it on line, and also you’re personal your way.

Sounds pretty suitable for those of us who don’t want this to be a complex process!

No Support Number

They do not have a aid telephone range you can call.

Yes, we know you might think that’s crazy, but in this point in time I wager it’s viable.

For account changes, all the self-serve options are to be had whilst you log into your account on line.

For aid, they actually have a extraordinary online community in which possibilities are a person has already had the equal difficulty as you and the answer is sitting there anticipating you.

Interesting idea and manner to deal with support.

If you’re truly caught, you could Submit A Ticket and a moderator will overview it.

So when you have the need to speak to a person to make account adjustments or for guide motives, Public Mobile won’t be proper for you.

Why is that this their method you ask? Well, to keep charges low, you want to cutback on certain matters, and they’ve decided that that is one of these areas.

No Subsidized Phones

They do not sell any telephones.

Yes, again we understand you might assume that is crazy as well, however it’s not.

You should buy an unlocked smartphone from a ton of places these days so do simply that.

You can check out Kijiji and the alternative online marketplaces.

Buy the smartphone you want, inside your finances, you personal it out right and apply it to Public Mobile.

No contracts, no ‘tabs’, it’s all as much as you as to how a good deal you want to spend on a telephone.

Helping You Save Even More

Heard of all their ‘Ways To Save’?

Technically, it’s feasible to get your plan all the way down to $zero in step with month.

Have we heard of all of us like that?

Few and some distance among.

However, we’ve got heard of many human beings reducing their bill down considerably by way of leveraging Public Mobile’s Ways To Save.

More details on that underneath!

Keep in thoughts, with this level of simplicity which means LOWER PRICES!

In addition to that, there are:

  • No credit score tests
  • No contracts
  • No marvel payments since it’s pay as you go
  • No one trying to upsell you on phones or plans

Public Mobile Coverage & Network

Public mobile leverages the Telus community so similar to each Telus and Koodo it operates on the subsequent frequencies:

  • HSPA: 850 MHz and 1900 MHz frequencies
  • LTE: 1700/2100 MHz (AWS)
  • LTE Advanced (LTE-a): 2600 MHz and seven hundred MHz

Since Public Mobile does not sell any telephones, you’ll must ensure you deliver a unlocked telephone that could work at the frequencies noted above.

Public Mobile has made it clean with the aid of adding a Phone Compatibility checker on their internet site, test it out here earlier than you sign on to ensure your device is well matched.

Alternatively, ask us inside the comments under.

Public Mobile Coverage Maps

Since Public Mobile leverages the Telus community, you may anticipate robust 3G and 4G LTE coverage across the u . s .!

Update: There are no longer any 4G speak and textual content plans to be had, just a 4G facts best plan stays.

Their coverage is quite solid and infrequently listen of clients having any troubles.

It’s fine to test their coverage map to get an updated concept of what insurance for your maximum frequented regions looks like.

Public Mobile Plans

Public Mobile offers:

  • Ready-Made Plans
  • Build Your Own Plans
  • We’ll undergo the Ready-Made Plans under, however lets quick talk their Build Your Own Plans.

    Update: Public Mobile now not offers Build Your Own Plans, they now only offer Ready-Made Plans.

    They also no longer have 4G facts alternatives in their talk and text plans.

    This option is certainly pretty unique within the industry and is pretty exact as you could add precisely what you need to your plan in addition to being capable of alternate components of your plan every 30 days or ninety days so that you can regulate it to conform for your lifestyle, reinforcing the truth which you are in control of your plan! A Build Your Own Plan works as follows:

    Please observe the under plan prices can also vary in Quebec, Manitoba and Saskatchewan.






    Voicemail & Call Display

    AutoPay Bonus$15 in keeping with month

    30 Days

    a hundred Minutes Canada Wide & Unlimited Incoming Calls

    Unlimited International Text & Picture



    250 MB at 3G$25 according to month

    30 Days

    Unlimited Canada Wide

    Unlimited International Text & Picture

    500 MB at 3G


    500 MB at 3G$30 in step with month

    30 Days



    1 GB at 4G


    None$35 according to month

    30 Days

    Unlimited Canada Wide

    Unlimited International Text & Picture

    1 GB at 3G


    500 MB at 3G$forty per month

    30 Days

    Unlimited Canada Wide

    Unlimited International Text & Picture

    4.5 GB at 3G


    500 MB at 3G$50 in step with month

    30 Days

    Unlimited Canada & US

    Unlimited International Text & Picture

    8 GB at 3G


    500 MB at 3GPublic Mobile four Ways To Save

    A key characteristic of Public Mobile is the severa Ways To Save they offer which basically assist you carry the price of your monthly carrier down.

    Let’s examine every of them:

    $2 AutoPay – Difficulty: Easy

    This one is an easy win, installation pre-authorized payments out of your credit score card and you may routinely save $2 consistent with month.

    Don’t have a credit card? Get a Visa debit card tied on your bank account and you may do the identical! Beware that a few plan expenses already include this bargain.

    $1 – $20 Community Contribution – Difficulty: High

    This one calls for you to go into the Public Mobile boards and make contributions to the conversations taking place there.

    While this may seem smooth, your reward fluctuates based totally in your contribution relative to average contribution.

    This one isn’t always for everyone so we suggest you spend a while trying it out for a month or to see how you carry out.

    $1 Per Friend + $10 One-Time – Difficulty: Moderate

    This one is clearly viable.

    Refer a pal and get hold of a one-time reward of $10 however obtain $1 off per month for every pal for so long as that friend makes use of Public Mobile.

    So if you are satisfied along with your service with Public Mobile and need to suggest/convince your buddies who are on the fence to join up with them, there’s a pretty suitable reward here.

    Apart from the only-time credit score, if you refer say 3 buddies, own family individuals and/or colleagues, that’s another $three per month reduce off of your invoice!

    $1 Per Month For Your Loyalty – Difficulty: Easy

    This one truly doesn’t require you to do whatever.

    After 1 yr of staying with Public Mobile you’ll acquire $1 off per month.

    And this maintains and will increase – $2 off per month after 2 years, $3/three years, $four/four years and $5/5 years.

    This praise is capped at $5 off according to month.

    We like that Public Mobile is rewarding loyalty, something hardly ever seen in service organizations (not simply cellular carriers).

    Keep in thoughts that your account should continually stay in right status to earn and use rewards and there are manifestly phrases and conditions which can be discovered within the Public Mobile Community.

    Public Mobile Roaming

    Unfortunately, being a discount provider, Public Mobile does now not provide a EasyRoam like choice where you may use your plan pretty tons as is from $7 – $12 consistent with day.

    They do however have talk, textual content and records roaming accessories that may be purchased and used if you’ll be visiting.

    Here are the current accessories for roaming inside the US:

    • US Talk, Text and Data: $20 for 10 days

      Unlimited Talk, International Text and 250MB Data

    • US Talk and Text Bundle: $15 for 10 days

      Unlimited Talk and International Text

    • US Unlimited Talk: $eight for 10 days
    • US Unlimited International Text Only: $eight for 10 days
    • US Data Only for 10 days

      250MB Data for $10

      500MB Data for $15

      1GB Data for $20

    Public Mobile Phones

    As mentioned earlier, Public Mobile does not sell phones.

    You’ll want to deliver your personal unlocked tool and buy a sim card from them for a one time charge of $10.

    There sim card is a triple punch meaning it is able to be used as a preferred sim card, micro sim card or nano sim card – basically masking off every form of smartphone.

    What telephones will work on Public Mobile?

    All iPhones are well matched with Public Mobile so you can use an older one if you have one laying around.

    If you’re seeking to purchase a used smartphone, our pals at Orchard promote used iPhones (and some Samsung models).

    They’re based in Toronto, deliver the identical or next day and offer a 90 day money back guarantee!

    You can also check out Kijiji and the alternative on-line marketplaces.

    While there are a large wide variety of telephones so that it will paintings on Public Mobile’s community, right here’s a listing of a few popular devices which will work:

    iPhone X

    iPhone 8 Plus

    iPhone eight

    iPhone 7 PlusiPhone 7

    iPhone 6S

    iPhone 6

    iPhone SESamsung Galaxy S9+

    Samsung Galaxy S9

    Samsung Galaxy Note 8

    Samsung Galaxy A8Samsung Galaxy S8+

    Samsung Galaxy S8

    Samsung Galaxy A5

    Samsung J3 PrimeGoogle Pixel 2 XL

    Google Pixel 2

    HUAWEI P20 Pro

    HUAWEI P20LG Q Stylo +

    LG Stylo three Plus

    LG G7 ThinQ

    LG G6LG X Power 3

    LG X Power 2

    Samsung Xcover four

    Alcatel GO FLIPBlackberry Motion

    Blackberry KEYOne

    Blackberry KEY2


  • Best for individuals who need to build their personal plan – Public Mobile lets you pick exactly what you need in your plan and pay for that and only that – no frills
  • Those who want fast information will be satisfied with Public Mobile’s 4G LTE abilties – This is a massive distinction as compared to Lucky Mobile and Chatr’s 3G best service – Talk and textual content plans with 4G are no longer avaialble
  • For the ones inspired to reduce off some more greenbacks from their month-to-month invoice, you have 4 ways to do so
  • No contracts, no credit checks
  • Any downsides?

  • If you’re the type of man or woman that desires a human contact to experience comfortable, you gained’t get that with Public Mobile – They don’t have any customer support range nor any physical locations – Everything is achieved on-line, from plan changes to problem decision. Be positive you’re snug with by no means having the ability to talk to a person ‘stay’ to ask questions or specific concerns.
  • They don’t promote any telephones so you’ll should move get one for your personal – make certain it’s unlocked and it works at the bands that Public Mobile operates on
  • Public Mobile FAQs

    • Does Public Mobile have backed phones?

    • No, Public Mobile does no longer sell telephones in any respect.
    • Is Public Mobile’s reception true?

    • Yes, Public Mobile leverages Telus’ strong network with national insurance – You will get exquisite reception almost everywhere.
    • What is Public Mobile’s telephone wide variety?

    • Public Mobile does now not provide cellphone guide. Account modifications and help requests are all completed on line.

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