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Rachel of Hiram, GAVerified Reviewer

Original evaluation: Aug. 24, 2020

I am a brand new Xfinity Mobile client. I known as customer support this morning for the first time because I could not get my range to port to my new telephone efficiently. The customer service rep became beyond incredible. He become pleasant, thorough, and went above my expectations. I did not get pushed round “no longer my department” purgatory. He stayed on the road with me, defined each step of the procedure, and referred to as my preceding provider with me. When my previous carrier could not assist us due to their systems being down, the Xfinity rep saved my contact information and called me back four hours later (while my preceding service instructed us there systems need to be again on-line) to contact my preceding service collectively again and make sure that my needs were taken care of in a timely manner. He didn’t pass the buck or give up on a irritating scenario, he noticed it thru to end and I was simply amazed. So some distance, I’m ecstatic with my new cell carrier’s customer service!

Jeff of Fort Lauderdale, FLVerified Reviewer

Original review: Aug. 15, 2021

This is regarding Xfinity Mobile. My name with customer support on 8/14/2021 at 9:56 am EST lasted 1 hour and 5 mins of pure unacceptable remedy. The 2nd agent I spoke with, a Level II agent turned into with the aid of a long way the worst customer support enjoy I have ever had. She was beyond impolite and insulting. I had known as within the week before asking for help with my upcoming auto-pay as I become involved it would depart me with little or no cash till my subsequent paycheck. I did now not ask for some thing specific other than a possible price extension. I did no longer ask for a credit or to have any charges eliminated. I had just agreed to a price plan for a late balance and did not recognise the month-to-month invoice was tied into the price (could cancel the charge plan if it wasn’t paid on time). The agent on that name granted me a $30 credit score to assist me out.

Now, lower back to the decision I am complaining about. I defined that the week earlier an agent had given me a $30 credit to assist me out, which have been implemented to my past due stability and now not my modern monthly invoice which would be taken from my financial institution account in some days. The aim of the credit score turned into to assist me with the cutting-edge monthly bill and requested if there has been any manner for the credit score to be moved to where it was intended to be. The client agent speedy and rudely then summarized my earlier call as me calling in to manipulate the agent into going outside of Xfinity tactics for my benefit. I turned into completely caught off shield that I was simply called manipulative and trying to have the agent ruin the policies for my gain. I actually have in no way had a customer service agent communicate to me that way!

She then stored reducing me off as I changed into telling her that her preference of phrasing became rather insulting. She said that she changed into not able to get rid of the $30 credit (I didn’t ask for that). I told her that I had certainly called in inquiring for help and I am not chargeable for some thing actions have been taken with the aid of the agent on that call. The Level II agent then went into a totally demeaning tone, saying that I had willingly entered right into a fee settlement for my late balance and changed into completely aware about the terms and situations of that agreement. In addition, I had acquired an e mail detailing the phrases and conditions of said agreement, so consequently, I turned into in truth chargeable for the agent’s moves. I asked her to clarify that, via me calling in and requesting assist with the imminent charge, asking if any alternatives had been to be had, that certified me as attempting to control the agent into going out of doors their regulations. She spoke back “sure”.

She slightly would supply me a risk to speak and after I did, she would reduce me off announcing that I had to provide her a hazard to respond to me or she would end the decision. I do not assume I became allowed to finish a whole sentence at some point of the entire call, but she claimed that I turned into not allowing her to talk, although it truly is all she changed into doing. Again, I by no means asked for a credit. I asked if the quantity ought to probably be granted a quick extension or to break up the payment, however I was honestly asking if there were any options we may want to explore. I became not worrying something and I wasn’t annoying at all. That unique communication have been quite calm. This Level II agent made terrible accusations towards me that have been surprisingly insulting and ultimately, she ended up having the $30 credit score reversed, obviously because I changed into a manipulative, egocentric person without any consideration for others and I had magically conned the agent into doing my evil bidding.

Xfinity customer service has always had a reputation of one of the worst obtainable, but this became my #1 worst customer revel in of any business enterprise ever. Even American Airlines customer service is better than this agent. I known as again twice soliciting for her name, customer support id, a few type of identifier to encompass with my grievance, but was instructed every time that they’re no longer allowed to offer out any data on the other agents. Apparently Xfinity is attempting to make it impossible to make specific lawsuits about their agents. I apprehend now not giving me a name, but I can’t have an operator identity # or some type of some thing that might become aware of who I become complaining about? Wow!

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Joseph of Morrison, COVerified Reviewer

Original evaluation: Aug. 15, 2021

I am going to share data that I want I knew earlier than I switched my circle of relatives from AT&T to Xfinity Mobile. I am a protracted status Comcast/Xfinity consumer. I subscribe to TV cable provider and excessive pace WiFi. I have an awesome credit score score and were in precise standing with them for decades. I have 6 humans in my circle of relatives. Xfinity Mobile will most effective allow me to have five lines. The purpose I was given for this became that Xfinity had to ensure I showed that I paid my invoice on time for six months. My credit score score was inside the low 800s the closing time I checked. I assume this is superb if no longer an extraordinary rating. But that’s quality.

So I advised, and presented to pay for the complete 6th line up the front. Cash. The whole year, phone and all. That way Xfinity might no longer incur any additional risk. Nope. I preserve getting those ridiculous responses from their name middle that clearly don’t make experience to me. I have attempted to expand this with their management, however to no avail. I don’t recognize why a organization looking to benefit marketplace share, could not try to compromise with a loyal and coffee chance consumer. So it’s miles a horrific begin, and I can/will not propose their service to anybody around me.

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deondra of Bremerton, WAVerified Reviewer

Original evaluation: Aug. 15, 2021

Xfinity mobile service is the most unprofessional and rude outsourced customer service. Half the retailers don’t apprehend basic English, they decline to help. I actually had to cut my service off due to the fact I changed into inside the clinic with covid near dying and all they do is argue, cling up to your face. I have had no telephone interaction with any customer support agent that turned into not shorter than three.five hours long. The lack of empathy and looking to help you is just unhappy. I had my cellphone stolen, it took over two months and three replacements to get my carrier restored. They refused to credit score my account returned for the 2 months I had no carrier.

Mac of Erie, COVerified Reviewer

Original assessment: Aug. 11, 2021

You do not get Verizon carrier! You get the secondary service and it sucks. Verizon offers their clients the pinnacle tier 4g and 5g and Xfinity clients get booted if the bandwidth is full. BTW, it’s full almost all of the time or even they overload the towers. Xfinity toward 3G with 4g blips. This became demonstrated by means of three distinctive tier 2 verizon marketers. I specifically asked xfinity if the pleasant changed into similar to verizon with 2 one of a kind reps and became guarantied it was. Then my cellphone locked out, no one could provide an explanation for it on any aspect. So by the point I got a brand new smartphone and discovered how Bad the carrier became they would not do some thing to. It cost me a complete of $598 out of pocket for coverage on one cellphone and value of every other they may not take back because of timeline. Even even though they did not offer a accurate answer from day one.

Efrain of Modesto, CAVerified Reviewer

Original evaluation: July 18, 2021

I started out cellular provider for my own family and I. Xfinity made a mistake with my cell # via on digit and it is taking days to correct this mistake. I don’t have any provider and I may lose my quantity, I desire you may have a better enjoy with Xfinity.

Kay of Duluth, GAVerified Reviewer

Original evaluate: July 18, 2021

Hi I want suggestions! I become working on moving my Xfinity WiFi carrier from my old deal with to my new deal with and turned into counseled with the aid of the agent in rate of my WiFi service switch to port my quantity from my preceding phone service to xfinity cell. The agent cautioned I could keep a lot with the aid of going with the xfinity cell plan of $15/month in preference to the $40 I was paying with my previous service for an Unlimited plan. I notion that became a notable deal and savings for me in view that I already had xfinity home WiFi for different internet services. Only for me to appearance up my cellular account and found out that I had been billed over $four hundred for just my first month usage!

This is only a line and I don’t even proportion hotspots, plus I joined with my very own mobile cellphone (no agreement). I known as xfinity and changed into on phone for nearly 2 hrs to lead them to apprehend that my frustrations as I wasn’t informed of the additional fee because I was made to consider I most effective needed to pay $15/month. None of the retailers I actually have spoken with up to now has been understanding sufficient to clear up this trouble, they claimed it’s a legitimate charge and I should pay the billed amount of $465 irrespective of my unawareness. This could be very unfair and looks as if a rip off because there’s no way I can afford $465 for something I became instructed could be $15/month.

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Jonathan of Chester, VAVerified Reviewer

Original evaluation: July 10, 2021

If you want to get in touch with a stay agent (and accept as true with me YOU WILL) say “cancel my service” and respond no when they ask if it’s related to a circulate. That being stated I have had way too many problems to listing right here, talking in detail about my revel in is no longer well worth my time. It’s bad enough Comcast has a monopoly on the internet for maximum of the United States, why I could even consider giving them more power with my telephone is past me but I did and it was nothing however disappointment and issues.

I am now on the end stage of seeking to port my variety over and requested to be deactivated the day before my new billing cycle. It became as a substitute deactivated immediately and now I don’t have any use of my telephone. This has caused me issues porting over my old range and now I have to do the whole thing through chat, reestablish a line and make contact with AGAIN to disconnect it once I get my new provider setup. All because the person on the opposite line did no longer understand what I became saying. I am happy to peer human beings from different nations be employed by comcast but it is very vital there’s no conversation barrier and that hassle is what brought about this. Always RECORD your conversations! I fairly recommend every body analyzing this go with a special service.

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Randy of Arlington, TNVerified Reviewer

Original evaluate: July 7, 2021

Terrible enjoy. Have been with Xfinity mobile over three years. Last week I get email/billed for including HD Pass on my son’s smartphone. He did no longer upload it, I did not authorize. They cannot answer how it were given on there and won’t provide refund. Unreal the lack of carrier and or worse unauthorized billing for services I did not need or conform to. Trust with Xfinity is broken. Terrible experience.

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Kim of Atlanta, GAVerified ReviewerVerified Buyer

Resolution response: July 15, 2021

They sooner or later despatched my fee the day before today, 3 months later! I will promote my very own smartphone as I usually did!

Original overview: July 6, 2021

On 03/24/21 I went to the Xfinity save in Peachtree Corners, GA. I sold an iPhone 11 and traded my iPhone 6 Plus. They had been to send me 111.00 inside a month and it’s nearly four months later and nonetheless no payment! I’ve referred to as each week and nonetheless no consequences! They stole my phone!!!!

Felicia of Atlanta, GAVerified Reviewer

Original review: July three, 2021

I been calling Xfinity mobile for all varieties of troubles and no manager is ever to be had. Customer carrier is awful. They don’t know nothing. Please recognize that you would should solve your personal trouble. It’s sad due to the fact I simply got with the organization.

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