Restrictions for travelers from ‘very high risk’ countries

Reviewed: 17 August 2021, 15:21 NZST

The Government has created a ‘very excessive threat’ u . s . class with the intention to extensively lessen the number of people with COVID-19 flying to New Zealand. For extra information, see the Unite Against COVID-19 website.

The following international locations presently meet the threshold of being very high hazard:Brazil





Papua New GuineaThe Government introduced Fiji and Indonesia to this listing on 11 August 2021. Travel is limited from Fiji and Indonesia from 11:59pm (NZT) on 15 August…Read More

Pacific Typhoon and Atlantic Hurricane Season

Posted: 3 August 2021, 15:20 NZST

Typhoons and hurricanes are currently affecting areas of Asia and the Americas.

New Zealanders traveling to Asia and the Americas are recommended to check in their info with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade. Travellers who sign up may be warned if a major storm approaches and given recommendation on precautions to take.If you’re in an area tormented by a typhoon or storm, you must follow the recommendation of the nearby authorities at all times (including any evacuation orders) and are seeking for s…Read More

Quarantine-Free Travel

Reviewed: 23 July 2021, 13:fifty five NZST

UPDATE: We now suggest that New Zealanders do no longer tour to Australia. The Government has announced that quarantine-loose travel with Australia has been suspended. Further unique records may be observed on the Unite Against COVID-19 website. Check again often for the latest recommendation and facts.

Detailed statistics about quarantine-unfastened tour is to be had at the Unite Against Covid-19 website right here.

Quarantine-loose tour is now to be had between New Zealand the Cook Islands.

You c…Read More

Myanmar: Security situation

Reviewed: 19 April 2021, 10:25 NZST

New Zealand is tracking current developments in Myanmar carefully.

The Myanmar Military have declared a one-yr country of emergency and martial law is in location in regions of Yangon and Mandalay. Phone and internet connections across Myanmar have skilled disruptions. There also are disruptions to fundamental services, which includes ATMs and public health, and more may additionally comply with.

Unless they have got a need to remain in Myanmar, we suggest New Zealanders to go away thru business method if it is safe to accomplish that. On…Read More

COVID-19: Advice for New Zealanders Overseas

Reviewed: 15 February 2021, 09:36 NZDT

New Zealand has a 4-degree COVID-19 Alert System. Each Alert Level tells us what measures we want to absorb New Zealand. For information about the cutting-edge New Zealand Alert Level(s), please confer with the New Zealand Government’s Unite Against COVID-19 website.

Advice for New Zealanders presently foreign places

We currently advocate that you do no longer tour foreign places at this time. Transport and transit alternatives to return to New Zealand have been significantly disrupted in the course of the pandemic. Even booked flight…Read More

Pre-departure COVID-19 test for all travellers to New Zealand

Updated: 26 January 2021, 10:fifty three NZDT

The Government calls for visitors to New Zealand from all international locations (except Australia, Antarctica and most Pacific Islands) to provide proof of a poor pre-departure COVID-19 check end result earlier than departure. This requirement came into pressure at eleven:59pm (NZT) on Monday 25 January.

Travellers to New Zealand coming from the United Kingdom and United States have already been required to show a terrible pre-departure take a look at result since 11:59pm (NZT) on 15 January 2021.

The check adds to the measures…Read More


Reviewed: thirteen August 2020, 17:20 NZST

We currently suggest that every one New Zealanders do now not journey overseas presently due to the COVID-19 pandemic, related fitness risks and tour restrictions. Due to the problem guests are experiencing returning domestic, some New Zealanders overseas may also want to live safely wherein they’re.

For more records on COVID-19, please confer with the Unite Against COVID-19 internet site and spot our COVID-19 page on SafeTravel.

Up to date recommendation for New Zealanders who are presently overseas can be found …Read More

Hong Kong: Demonstrations and National Security Legislation

Reviewed: thirteen August 2020, 17:12 NZST

Large-scale protests and demonstrations have taken location in Hong Kong seeing that July 2019. Acts of violence have came about among police and demonstrators across Hong Kong, consisting of at the International Airport. As crowd control measures, police have used tear fuel, rubber bullets, and pepper spray. Injuries have passed off. Demonstrations may be ongoing. Locations of gatherings may be unpredictable and change at brief be aware.

National security rules for Hong Kong came into effect on 1 July 2020…Read More

Middle East: Regional Tensions

Reviewed: 17 March 2020, thirteen:fifty six NZDT

On 3 January 2020, an Iranian navy commander and Iraqi paramilitary leaders had been killed in a U.S. airstrike close to Baghdad International Airport.

On eight January, Iran fired missiles towards two navy bases in Iraq containing U.S employees.


On eight January, a Ukrainian International Airlines flight was shot down rapidly after take-off from Tehran. Iranian authorities have recounted duty.


On eleven March, the coalition base at Taji in Iraq become attacked, and there have been subseque…Read More

Brexit: New Zealanders within the United Kingdom

Reviewed: 5 February 2020, 15:15 NZDT

New Zealand citizens who continue to live in the UK now that it has left the EU can:use the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) internet site device to are seeking steerage on visa fame and rights to stay. 

find more statistics in the UK’s Department for Exiting the European Union: you are a New Zealander who holds a European passport, or who has a European partner you need to confer with guidance from the United Kingdom Governm…Read More

Travelling as a Dual Citizen

Reviewed: 21 January 2020, eleven:fifty eight NZDT

What is twin citizenship or twin nationality?If you are a citizen of a couple of united states you are a dual citizen or twin country wide. This means you’re a citizen of each New Zealand and any other united states at the identical time. New Zealand lets in dual citizenship and more than one citizenship however some other nations do no longer.

A united states could nevertheless take into account you to be certainly one of their citizens even in case you don’t be given that nationality if you:have a parent, or in some instances a grandparent, who is a citizen of that …Read More


Reviewed: 23 December 2019, 13:39 NZDT

Measles is a highly infectious virus that spreads without difficulty from character to character through the air, via respiratory, coughing and sneezing. It affects each kids and adults.

The New Zealand Ministry of Health is advising human beings travelling remote places to ensure they are fully immunised against measles earlier than they cross.

Following latest outbreaks of measles in Samoa, Tonga, Fiji and the Philippines the New Zealand Ministry of Health requested primary care companies in New Zealand to make certain vaccinations are…Read More

India: Severe Air Pollution

Reviewed: 17 December 2019, eleven:46 NZDT

Major towns in India have these days been experiencing intense ranges of air pollutants. Some of the maximum common fitness consequences of air pollution include irritation of eyes, throat and lungs. For people with existing breathing conditions which include bronchial asthma or bronchitis, inhaling air pollution could make those conditions worse. 

New Zealanders in areas suffering from the air pollutants are advised to reveal pollution readings, inclusive of those provided via the Air Quality Index internet site. If you have got conc…Read More

Drug Crime Overseas: Don’t Risk It

Reviewed: 17 December 2019, eleven:44 NZDT

Every 12 months New Zealanders put themselves vulnerable to arrest or detention for drug-related offences remote places. Remember that when you are distant places you’re difficulty to that country’s laws and consequences – irrespective of how harsh they may seem with the aid of New Zealand standards.

In many nations, penalties for drug-related offences are extreme. Possession, use or trafficking of even very small quantities of medicine can lead to prolonged imprisonment lots of miles faraway from family and pals. New Zealand does no longer…Read More

Outbreaks of Polio

Reviewed: 23 September 2019, 14:05 NZST

In September 2019, an outbreak of polio became declared inside the Philippines.

In July 2019, the World Health Organisation (WHO) introduced a situational replace on circulating vaccine-derived poliovirus type 2 outbreaks within the WHO African and Eastern Mediterranean areas.

In June 2018 a plague of vaccine-derived poliovirus changed into declared by using the Papua New Guinea Government in Morobe province. In July 2018, preparations for implementation of massive scale immunization sports and intensified surveilla…Read More

Uganda and Democratic Republic of Congo: Ebola Virus

Reviewed: 17 July 2019, 10:00 NZST

On 17 July 2019, the World Health Organization (WHO) determined that the continued Ebola epidemic in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) is a Public Health Emergency of International Concern.

The Ugandan authorities has also showed an epidemic of Ebola in Kasese District in western Uganda, originating inside the neighbouring DRC.

To date, there have been over 2500 showed or in all likelihood cases of Ebola within the DRC, resulting in over 1600 deaths because the outbreak began in August 2018. The outbreak i…Read More

Mosquito-borne Illnesses

Reviewed: 10 September 2018, 09:05 NZST

Outbreaks of mosquito-borne illnesses are not unusual inside the tropical and sub-tropical climates in lots of Pacific Islands, in North Queensland (Australia), Asia (along with India), tropical Africa and Latin/South America. West Nile virus is normally observed in Africa, Europe, the Middle East, North America and West Asia.

Dengue fever, chikungunya virus and Zika virus are unfold through the chew of an infected Aedes mosquito and cannot be spread directly from character to person. Malaria is caused by a parasite s…Read More

Fiji: Meningococcal Outbreak

Posted: 29 March 2018, 17:03 NZDT

The Fijian Ministry of Health and Medical Services has issued a public note advising of an endemic of meningococcal ailment in Fiji. Though the hazard for guests to Fiji is low, human beings staying in local groups or for longer periods of time have to be vigilant and privy to the signs and symptoms of meningitis following a virulent disease of meningococcal ailment.Meningococcal disorder is a bacterial contamination that causes two very critical illnesses: meningitis (an infection of the membranes that cowl the b…Read More

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