Smartphone Editors’ Choice Awards Q2 2021 The Xiaomi Mi eleven Ultra is at the top of our rating of all reviewed smartphones in the 2d area of 2021. There also are exciting gaming phones, a new and plenty improved mainstream phase from Motorola and a fan favored from Samsung. Read on for our recommendations while you need to buy a brand new telephone.

Florian Schmitt, 👁 Florian Schmitt (translated by Andreas Osthoff), 07/03/2021 🇩🇪 🇷🇺

Only three smartphones obtained the best rating “Very Good” on this area: The Xiaomi Mi eleven Ultra is the satisfactory device this month with an common score of 89%. However, the high-quit smartphones from the Chinese producer aren’t any good buy anymore: You will have to pay round almost 1200 Euros for the flagship smartphone.

The small extra display on the rear is a special gimmick, and you could use it as a preview for selfies, as an example. There are some regions where the producer has to enhance for the subsequent technology, just like the support for an e-SIM or a assure for software updates.

The 2d vicinity with a score of 88% is secured by using the Asus ROG Phone five, an thrilling gaming smartphone. There are glaringly many functions ordinarily designed for game enthusiasts, like the Air Trigger, ultrasound sensors at the lengthy part, which may be used like triggers on a controller. Good speakers, notable stereo jack, and the high variety of ports also are interesting for other customers.

Our trio is finished by way of the Oppo Find X3 Neo. It does now not use the most current high-end SoC from Qualcomm, but the Snapdragon 865 remains greater than sufficient for the majority of programs and nevertheless offers a totally high system performance. The digicam is right, you can quick charge the smartphone and the battery lasts a long time. Priced at 800 Euros, it is also a bit more less expensive than different high-end devices.

Based at the ratings completed on this term we ask our editors for his or her favorites and assign editors’ preference awards. As usual we reward smartphones that stick out from the competition via their general bundle, their individual overall performance in specific classes, or their specially noteworthy price-performance ratio, and that our editors considered to symbolize particularly attractive alternatives in their respective categories.

Nokia changes its picture and desires to appeal to clients with a bigger recognition on the environmentally and sustainability with its latest smartphones. The Nokia X20 comes with a three-12 months assurance, updates for three years and there is no charger included. The latter also can be a problem (does the producer just want to store cash, or is it honestly approximately the surroundings?), however Nokia goes one step similarly: All income from additionally offered chargers is donated.

The protected cowl is made from compostable material and the internet site includes a comprehensive environmental file for the tool. The Nokia X20 is obviously a technological product, which was synthetic with a whole lot of effort and it is difficult to name it environmentally pleasant, however the producers does think about it and the stairs up to now appear to be quite regular.

You additionally get a natural model of Android, long battery runtimes, 5G, and a decent digicam, so we deliver it our Editors’ Choice Award for this zone.

Finally a barely extra compact excessive-end cellphone: The Asus ZenFone eight isn’t always tiny, but it’s far still relatively smaller than the Samsung Galaxy S21 or OnePlus 9.

It nevertheless gives a 120 Hz display with appropriate brightness. Fast Wi-Fi is also protected, and you get a whole lot of gadget overall performance and fast garage.

The best obstacle is the battery runtime while you use 120 Hz all of the time. However, you can use dynamic refresh fees to atone for that, so this is only a minor disadvantage.

All in all, we think the Asus ZenFone eight is a great opportunity for all customers searching out a excessive-end telephone is a smaller package, so it gets our Editors’ Choice Award.

You can currently get the ZenFone eight for round $720 on Amazon, which is a great fee for the overall performance you get.

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Overall Rating



Price from

Rating Case



Rating Weight


Rating Display

Display Type


Pixel Density

Aspect Ratio


Screen Brightness

DeltaE Colorchecker


Rating Camera

DeltaE Colorchecker lowlight

DeltaE Colorchecker daytime

Rating Application Performance

PCMark for Android Work 2.0 Score

Rating Gaming Performance

3DMark for A. Sling Shot Ext. (ES three.1) Un.

GFXBench Aztec Ruins H.T. Onscreen

PUBG Mobile HD

Rating Battery Runtime

Battery Runtime Wi-Fi one hundred fifty cd/m²

Rating Temperature

Top Idle

Top Load

Rating Audio

max. Audio Output (dB)

Rating Touchscreen Input

Rating Connectivity

87 %OnePlus nine

SD 888 5G, Adreno 66087 %6.fifty five”8.7 mm89 %192 g92 %AMOLED2400x1080402 PPI20:987.5 %739 cd/m²0.59120 Hz77 %38.898.9583 %1043854 %0416090 %854 min87 %25.3 °C45.6 °C72 %eighty three dB96 %52 %78 %Motorola Moto G30

SD 662, Adreno 610eighty one %6.50″9 mm88 %197 g82 %LCD IPS1600x720270 PPI20:982.2 %263 cd/m²2.92090 Hz58 %47.288.756 %613513 %11769.292 %1069 min90 %27.2 °C40.8 °C71 %eighty two.2 dB90 %forty eight %77 %Motorola Moto G10

SD 460, Adreno 61085 %6.50″9.2 mm88 %200 g83 %IPS1600x720270 PPI20:982 %347 cd/m²4.89060 Hz53 %46.527.3253 %53169 %8496.591 %1038 min91 %27.2 °C38.7 °C70 %81 dB95 %45 %seventy five %Xiaomi Redmi 9AT

Helio G25, PowerVR GE8320seventy nine %6.fifty three”9 mm89 %194 g86 %IPS LCD 1600×720273 PPI20:981 %345 cd/m²3.86060 Hz51 %forty seven.3910.8749 %49746 %4564.692 %1145 min90 %28.5 °C40.3 °C66 %78.1 dB89 %37 %71 %Doogee X95 Pro

Helio A20 MT6761D, PowerVR GE830060 %6.fifty two”eight.four mm90 %177 g83 %IPS1600x720269 PPI19.5:979.three %357 cd/m²4.4060 Hz39 %6.9739 %three %25790 %879 min96 %25.4 °C27.6 °C69 %88.2 dB89 %24 %88 %Asus ROG Phone 5

SD 888 5G, Adreno 66085 %6.78″9.nine mm87 %239 g91 %AMOLED2448x1080395 PPI20.4:982 %795 cd/m²1.4144 Hz70 %forty two.0513.8788 %1502767 %9620416089 %754 min72 %29.8 °C37.three °C81 %92.4 dB99 %seventy three %eighty four %Xiaomi Redmi Note 10 Pro

SD 732G, Adreno 61886 %6.67″eight.1 mm89 %193 g91 %OLED2400x1080395 PPI20:986 %651 cd/m²1.2120 Hz66 %forty five.sixty seven.5469 %868832 %2938113091 %753 min90 %32 °C38.7 °C82 %89.3 dB96 %fifty two %eighty two %realme 8 Pro

SD 720G, Adreno 61885 %6.forty”8 mm90 %176 g83 %AMOLED2400x1080411 PPI20:990.8 %563 cd/m²4.34060 Hz63 %forty five.939.7576 %846333 %27431191 %1006 min85 %33.3 °C45 °C66 %84.7 dB96 %45 %83 %Samsung Galaxy A52 5G

SD 750G 5G, Adreno 61988 %6.50″eight.four mm89 %189 g89 %Super AMOLED2400x1080405 PPI20:985 %749 cd/m²2.2120 Hz66 %41.247.8373 %957330 %2927113090 %710 min92 %31.five °C35 °C72 %89 dB94 %fifty one %87 %Lenovo Legion Phone Duel 2

SD 888 5G, Adreno 66086 %6.92″9.9 mm87 %259 g85 %AMOLED2460x1080388 PPI20.five:982 %466 cd/m²3.24144 Hz77 %24.088.6488 %1358671 %98394091 %907 min84 %29.8 °C49.three °C85 %eighty four.9 dB96 %57 %seventy four %Samsung Galaxy XCover five

Exynos 850, Mali-G52 MP278 %5.30″9.2 mm90 %172 g82 %PLS1480x720311 PPI18:969 %491 cd/m²5.54060 Hz49 %forty six.714.1750 %543310 %8727.427.589 %657 min92 %25.7 °C37.7 °C58 %seventy nine.6 dB85 %44 %88 %Oppo Find X3 Neo

SD 865, Adreno 650
89 %6.55″7.99 mm89 %184 g91 %AMOLED2400x1080402 PPI20:989 %753 cd/m²1.7090 Hz73 %32.316.9584 %1074365 %89474092 %1127 min89 %34.3 °C38.five °C79 %ninety one.1 dB94 %53 %85 %Motorola Moto G100

SD 870, Adreno 650
82 %6.70″nine.7 mm88 %207 g84 %IPS/LTPS2520x1080409 PPI21:984 %535 cd/m²3.99090 Hz68 %46.1914.4484 %1116663 %6960316092 %1049 min85 %37.2 °C42.three °C60 %eighty five.1 dB94 %62 %79 %Xiaomi Redmi 9T

SD 662, Adreno 61083 %6.53″9.6 mm88 %198 g90 %IPS LCD2340x1080395 PPI19.five:983.four %425 cd/m²1.35060 Hz56 %45.596.3662 %604613 %93 %1385 min88 %34 °C42.7 °C76 %eighty four.6 dB89 %forty eight %eighty one %Nokia X20

SD 480, Adreno 61985 %6.sixty seven”nine.1 mm88 %220 g83 %IPS2400x1080395 PPI20:982 %617 cd/m²5.71060 Hz64 %forty six.59.7567 %638030 %25369.92890 %879 min87 %27.3 °C44.1 °C64 %83.4 dB94 %fifty two %80 %realme 8 5G

Dimensity seven-hundred, Mali-G57 MP2eighty %6.50″8.5 mm89 %185 g85 %IPS2400x1080405 PPI20:984 %550 cd/m²3.58090 Hz59 %457.3978 %1098123 %24538.73092 %1104 min88 %28.2 °C42.7 °C70 %81.7 dB93 %47 %eighty one %realme eight

Helio G95, Mali-G76 MP482 %6.40″8 mm90 %177 g87 %Super AMOLED2400x1080411 PPI20:983 %607 cd/m²2.64060 Hz58 %44.338.6681 %995733 %27541292 %1039 min84 %27.four °C48.6 °C68 %eighty.nine dB93 %43 %86 %Xiaomi Mi 11 Lite 5G

SD 780G 5G, Adreno 642
88 %6.fifty five”6.81 mm92 %159 g88 %AMOLED2400x1080402 PPI20:985.3 %860 cd/m²3.2090 Hz62 %forty one.6511.3580 %1068952 %4478266091 %734 min90 %31.7 °C39.1 °C73 %89.2 dB94 %56 %seventy four %Alcatel 1S 2021

Helio P22 MT6762, PowerVR GE8320
75 %6.fifty two”eight.eight mm89 %a hundred ninety g83 %IPS1600x720269 PPI20:982 %321 cd/m²3.4060 Hz50 %forty seven.218.0857 %6 %4944.590 %854 min92 %34.1 °C35.3 °C74 %88.2 dB79 %39 %83 %Samsung Galaxy A52

SD 720G, Adreno 61888 %6.50″8.4 mm89 %189 g90 %Super AMOLED2400x1080405 PPI20:985 %696 cd/m²2090 Hz65 %38.sixty nine.9570 %841129 %2727113090 %836 min92 %31.2 °C36.2 °C73 %88.8 dB94 %51 %eighty two %Samsung Galaxy A72

SD 720G, Adreno 61888 %6.70″eight.4 mm88 %203 g87 %Super AMOLED2400x1080394 PPI20:985 %734 cd/m²3.2090 Hz67 %38.829.1769 %857024 %2253113091 %877 min92 %30.2 °C34.2 °C74 %88.9 dB94 %fifty one %75 %Alcatel 3L 2021

Helio P22 MT6762, PowerVR GE8320
eighty one %6.fifty two”8.74 mm89 %194 g82 %IPS1600x720269 PPI20:982 %291 cd/m²4.1060 Hz58 %45.957.3958 %6 %4964.590 %788 min92 %32.9 °C34.five °C75 %89.3 dB82 %38 %80 %Xiaomi Redmi Note 10

SD 678, Adreno 61289 %6.forty three”8.29 mm90 %178.eight g89 %AMOLED2400x1080409 PPI20:984 %693 cd/m²2.2060 Hz59 %forty six.515.7665 %701117 %14995.63092 %889 min90 %31.8 °C40 °C77 %86.three dB89 %forty eight %86 %Xiaomi Poco F3

SD 870, Adreno 65080 %6.67″7.8 mm88 %196 g92 %AMOLED2400x1080395 PPI20:986 %902 cd/m²0.9120 Hz63 %34.737.1684 %1244061 %7377336090 %805 min92 %30.5 °C36 °C77 %89.4 dB95 %52 %87 %Xiaomi Redmi K40 Pro

SD 888 5G, Adreno 66086 %6.67″7.8 mm88 %196 g92 %Super AMOLED2400x1080395 PPI20:986 %867 cd/m²1120 Hz65 %37.939.5490 %1354665 %4689 %724 min90 %28.1 °C40.2 °C77 %87.four dB95 %53 %seventy six %Nokia G10

Helio G25, PowerVR GE8320eighty two %6.50″nine.2 mm88 %197 g86 %IPS1600x720270 PPI20:982 %458 cd/m²3.61060 Hz55 %forty five.338.6254 %52446 %5284.792 %1068 min91 %28.4 °C38.4 °C56 %78.6 dB94 %36 %73 %Motorola Moto E6i

SC9863A, GE8322 / IMG8322seventy four %6.10″8.five mm91 %one hundred sixty g81 %IPS1560x720282 PPI20:980 %336 cd/m²4.65060 Hz40 %forty six.886.5646 %44165 %3.690 %818 min90 %26.five °C39.nine °C66 %eighty two.6 dB91 %33 %73 %Motorola Moto E7i Power

SC9863A, GE8322 / IMG8322
76 %6.50″nine mm88 %two hundred g82 %IPS1600x720270 PPI20:981 %314 cd/m²4.62060 Hz43 %47.112.1646 %43895 %three.592 %1125 min91 %26.4 °C39.eight °C60 %seventy seven dB91 %34 %85 %Xiaomi Poco X3 Pro

SD 860, Adreno 640eighty four %6.67″nine.4 mm88 %215 g89 %IPS2400x1080395 PPI20:985 %524 cd/m²1120 Hz60 %34.978.2278 %11699, 1169960 %6871293090 %879 min88 %34.nine °C40.five °C77 %88.3 dB92 %fifty three %79 %Oppo A74

SD 662, Adreno 61081 %6.forty three”7.ninety five mm90 %a hundred seventy five g87 %AMOLED2400x1080409 PPI20:990.8 %606 cd/m²3.6060 Hz55 %forty five.058.0761 %718412 %11524.991 %982 min92 %32.five °C34.eight °C83 %89.7 dB89 %forty seven %76 %Samsung Galaxy M12

Exynos 850, Mali-G52 MP2eighty three %6.50″nine.7 mm88 %214 g83 %IPS1600x720270 PPI20:982 %428 cd/m²4.89090 Hz51 %forty two.39.9759 %nine %8667.13391 %926 min91 %28.five °C39.5 °C66 %seventy seven.6 dB90 %39 %86 %Asus ZenFone 8

SD 888 5G, Adreno 66089 %five.92″8.9 mm91 %169 g88 %AMOLED2400x1080445 PPI20:983 %759 cd/m²3.5120 Hz70 %41.219.0484 %sixty six %87794176 %442 min90 %31.2 °C40.2 °C82 %86.7 dB96 %fifty three %86 %ZTE Axon 30 Ultra 5G

SD 888 5G, Adreno 66087 %6.sixty eight”eight mm89 %188 g83 %AMOLED2400x1080394 PPI20:991 %641 cd/m²4144 Hz72 %37.084.990 %sixty four %4188 %615 min85 %34.5 °C44.1 °C73 %89.3 dB94 %fifty five %82 %Oppo A94 5G

Dimensity 800U, Mali-G57 MP3eighty three %6.forty three”7.eight mm90 %173 g88 %AMOLED2400x1080409 PPI20:985 %586 cd/m²2.7060 Hz61 %36.748.5369 %35 %32911292 %1026 min93 %29.eight °C34 °C80 %92.three dB87 %50 %89 %Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra

SD 888 5G, Adreno 660ninety %6.eighty one”8.38 mm87 %234 g91 %AMOLED3200x1440515 PPI20:991 %888 cd/m²1.9120 Hz79 %35.367.6584 %65 %266089 %650 min90 %32.5 °C39.7 °C82 %89.5 dB97 %fifty eight %eighty one %Xiaomi Redmi Note 10S

Helio G95, Mali-G76 MP487 %6.43″eight.29 mm90 %178.eight g89 %AMOLED2400x1080409 PPI20:984 %701 cd/m²2.1060 Hz63 %46.446.8450 %29 %26821292 %1087 min91 %30.2 °C38.6 °C73 %88.9 dB89 %forty eight %eighty %Xiaomi Redmi Note 10 5G

Dimensity 700, Mali-G57 MP283 %6.50″eight.92 mm89 %a hundred ninety g88 %IPS2400x1080405 PPI20:984 %515 cd/m²1.8090 Hz61 %forty two.0.5.1571 %850422 %24978.93091 %1113 min90 %36.3 °C39.5 °C75 %92.3 dB88 %50 %eighty one %Xiaomi Poco M3 Pro 5G

Dimensity seven-hundred, Mali-G57 MP2
eighty three %6.50″eight.ninety two mm89 %a hundred ninety g88 %IPS2400x1080405 PPI20:991 %404 cd/m²1.5090 Hz61 %43.784.8171 %831124 %24498.83091 %1025 min91 %34 °C38.1 °C75 %ninety three.5 dB88 %48 %seventy four %Motorola Moto E7 Power

Helio G25, PowerVR GE8320
seventy six %6.50″nine.2 mm88 %200 g81 %IPS1600x720270 PPI20:981 %320 cd/m²4.43060 Hz43 %47.019.855 %52486 %4654.592 %1105 min91 %29 °C37.four °C62 %82.1 dB92 %35 %

The table above depicts all smartphones reviewed for the duration of the above-referred to period with their total score as well as category rankings as achieved all through our sizable review as well as a choice of important parameters and benchmarks. All rankings and info may be discovered in the respective reviews.

This desk can be taken care of by means of every column by really clicking the column title, e.g. weight.

Some gadgets left a unique impression at some stage in our critiques, like the Xiaomi Mi eleven Lite 5G with its very slender silhouette.

Or the Motorola Moto G100, that is the flagship phone from Motorola’s new and advanced mainstream section. It consists of its own laptop mode inclusive of a docking station.

The Samsung Galaxy M12 became a fave among our readers and became one of the most read critiques for  a couple of weeks. The inexpensive telephone with 90 Hz display and stable chassis manages first rate battery runtimes, however we must deduct factors for the mediocre digicam and the sluggish Wi-Fi connection.

Editor of the authentic article: Florian Schmitt – Managing Editor Mobile- 866 articles posted on Notebookcheck seeing that 2009

I to begin with wrote approximately gaming laptops when I joined Notebookcheck in 2009. I changed into then involved with the setup of the assessment portal Notebookinfo and worked with social media ideas for massive groups like BMW and Adidas, at the same time as also returning to work for Notebookcheck in 2012. Nowadays, I cognizance on smartphones, capsules, and future technology. Since 2018 I were Managing Editor for cell tool reviews, running alongside my colleague Daniel Schmidt.

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Florian Schmitt, 2021-07- three (Update: 2021-07- three)

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