The Great Wall

Traveling in Beijing may be both intriguing and frustrating. Many tourists can be pissed off while attempting to find the first-class sightseeing, ingesting and napping preparations. Read directly to find a few Beijing journey guidelines to help you get the maximum from your Beijing experience.

Beijing has numerous attractions that need to be seen if touring the city. It is possible to peer absolutely the highlights in a day, however permit every week to peer it thoroughly. A one or two day go to calls for very careful choice whilst deciding on which points of interest to look. If you’re in a hurry, we endorse the subsequent points of interest: The Great Wall, the notable function of China’s historic background; The Forbidden City, the exceptional preserved and largest imperial area in the international; and The Hutong, which epitomizes vintage Beijing.

Transport, hotels and attractions are extraordinarily busy at some point of the Chinese New Year (usually in January or February) and the week-lengthy holidays of International Labor Day (May 1) and National Day (Oct 1). If you count on to go to Beijing at some stage in these intervals, it’s miles advised which you location your reserving at the least one month earlier.

Also study travel tips for senior travelers to Beijing.

The Forbidden City

We at China Highlights provide numerous Beijing tours starting from one day to a week or ever longer to cater for our clients personal needs. Most importantly, we’re thrilled to offer tailored services to site visitors who need to make a excursion healthy their very own circumstances and pursuits.

Be warned, although it’s definitely not difficult to book a Beijing excursion,¬†please be cautious while choosing the corporation you use. Some journey groups who provide seductively cheap costs are simplest doing so in an try to rip tourists off, by using taking them to less attractive points of interest, or by using taking them to endless traveller shops or factories. We at China Highlights guarantee the quality of our excursions.

Beijing’s weather differs substantially among seasons and tourists are counseled to test the weather earlier than departure. Autumn is probably the great season to visit Beijing. During national holidays prices are higher and anywhere is extra crowded. The primary countrywide holidays are Spring Festival, which influences transport for two weeks or so each 12 months between overdue January and early March, Labor Day Golden Week (May 1-7) and National Day Golden Week (October 1-7).

Beijing has direct air connections with most of the fundamental cities in the world and serves as one of the important entry towns to China. (See USA to Beijing Flights.) As the kingdom’s capital, Beijing has air and rail hyperlinks with each part of the united states.

Beijing’s city transportation struggles under strain from new automobile proprietors and congestion is a problem. Public delivery along with buses and the metro can be filled with commuters. The maximum time-saving and trouble-unfastened manner of having around is to take a taxi, or to e book a private excursion through a dependable travel organisation that consists of private delivery.

Nighttime enjoyment is considered via many tourists to be one of the highlights in their travels. Beijing might not disappoint on this place. The town has a flourishing amusement industry. As the veil of night descends, bars, karaoke joints and night clubs all open their doors. Some special suggests proposing real nearby tradition, consisting of Beijing Opera and Chinese acrobatics are more and more famous amongst foreigners.

Chinese cuisine, with its complexity and variety in flavor, is genuinely one of the greatest pleasures that a traveller can experience in China. Beijing is a gastronomical paradise, in which hybrid cuisines from for the duration of the u . s . are served. Everybody need to attempt not to miss the danger to devour Peking Duck. Many eating places serve this dish, however the pleasant one is Quanjude Restaurant. You can also opt to try different dishes, which includes imperial era meals, noodles and warm pots. Wangfujing Street is packed with stalls serving a remarkable type of snacks at night time. Wangfujing is the principle pedestrian avenue in Beijing. You cannot omit it.

Beijing has many good inns to cater for those looking for a steeply-priced stay. The budget accommodations cluster at the metropolis outskirts, even as the hotels within the city middle are often exceedingly high priced. Travelers are strongly recommended to book a lodge through a dependable travel employer, whose exact dating with resort owners often ensures a preferential charge.

Most vacationers want to take home a few deals or souvenirs. The best things to buy in Beijing are Cloisonné and sparkling water pearls.

Post Office

There are offices around road corners in Beijing, so it might be pretty convenient for to tourists to submit mails and programs.

  • Beijing Tiananmen Post Office Address: East of Tiananmen Square
  • Beijing Yong’an Lu Post Office Address: 173, Yongan Lu, Xuanwu District
  • Beijing Fangzhuang Post Office Address: 22, Pufang Lu, Fengtai District
  • Beijing Hua Shi Post Office Address: sixty seven, Hua Shi Jie, Chongwen District

Foreign Exchange

In Beijing, Great Britain Pound, Euro, U.S. Dollar, Swiss Franc, Singapore Dollar, Swedish Crown, Danish Crown, Norwegian Crown, Japanese Yen, Canadian Dollar, Australian Dollar, Philippine Peso, Thai Baht are all exchangeable at the bank of China, and other legal banks offer forex service, some inns, eating places and shops will also be given foreign exchange business so one can provide comfort for foreign vacationers.


  • Beijing Xindongan Emporium Branch of Bank of China Address: No.a hundred thirty, Wangfujing Street, Dongcheng District
  • Beijing Wangfujing Branch of Bank of China Address: No.1, Chang’an Street, Dongcheng District
  • Beijing Xidan Branch of Bank of China Address: No.130, Xidan Street (north), Xicheng District
  • Beijing Dongzhimen Branch of Bank of China Address: No.35, Wangfujing Street, Dongcheng District

Credit card

It may be very convenient for travelers to apply credit score playing cards in star motels and the large branch stores of Beijing. Major credit cards consisting of Master Card, Visa, JCB and American Express are commonplace. Credit playing cards typically can not be utilized in small restaurants or small comfort shops.


Surfing the internet is not an journey any greater, for internet cafes’ may be without problems located alongside the streets of Beijing, and plenty of hotels have net get admission to. If you want to do commercial enterprise through the internet, chat with circle of relatives or friends, there are masses of venues so one can pick.


Phone cubicles may be without problems discovered alongside the roads, you simply want to shop for a calling card. Moreover, many hotels are prepared with smartphone, it is also free of rate to make smartphone calls within China, yet the charge can be high priced for making global calls.

Book Stores

  • Xidan Books Building

    Address: No.C17, Chang’an Street (west), Beijing
  • Wangfujing Xinhua Book Store

    Address: NO.235, Wangfujing Street, Dongcheng District, Beijing


In Beijing, there are 29 superior-degree hospitals having unique overseas clinics that have a excessive recognition among local foreigners.

  • China-Japan Friendship Hospital

    Address: No.A2, Cherry Road, Heping Street

    Tel: 010-64221122
  • Beijing Tongren Hospital

    Address: No.2, Chongwenmen Street (internal), Beijing

    Tel: 010-65129911
  • Beijing Chaoyang Hospital

    Address: No.eight, Baijiazhuang Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing.

    Tel: 010-85231000

Drug Store

  • Tongrentang Drug Store

    Address: No.20, Beida Street, Xicheng District

  • Yongantang Drug Store

    Address: No.2, Huangsi Street, Dongcheng District

  • Chaoyang Drug Store

    Address: No.eight, Chaoyang Street, Chaoyang District

How to Plan a Beijing Tour

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