You know that advertising reporting is an critical a part of your advertising efforts: it tells you whether or not your advertising campaigns are acting well or whether your marketing approach must be delicate. But you furthermore mght do not want to spend all your time reading your advertising channels’ overall performance.

That’s wherein a good reporting tool with clean and automatic advertising reviews comes in.

See this file example along with your own facts

Here’s everything you want to know about advertising reports, how to create one, and seven file examples with preset templates you may begin the use of right away. 

What is a marketing record?

Why do you need a advertising record?

How regularly should you create a advertising and marketing document?

How to offer your customers’ marketing facts

What marketing document templates should you use?

1. General advertising and marketing record instance

2. search engine marketing marketing report instance

three. PPC advertising report instance

4. Social media advertising document example

five. Display advertising campaign advertising and marketing record example

6. Ecommerce advertising report instance

7. Email advertising and marketing report instance

What is a advertising file?A advertising and marketing report takes information out of your advertising and marketing channels, visualizes it, and lets you create a custom document that you could send for your team, your clients or your managers.

Importantly, it lets you fast and easily stay on pinnacle of your marketing overall performance throughout all your advertising and marketing channels and tells you in which your virtual advertising and marketing efforts are a fulfillment and in which they may need to be optimized. 

Why do you need a advertising and marketing record?As a marketer, you need clean get entry to to information on your key metrics. A virtual advertising file offers you just that – all your advertising facts, continuously tracked. You can use a Google Analytics record, a social media report, or all of those right away.

You can include KPIs from all the pinnacle advertising channels, from Google Analytics to social media, e-mail marketing to paid seek, and greater! There are so many metrics to choose from, selecting the rights ones can every now and then be tricky.

Luckily, automated marketing performance reports come with preset KPIs to get you started out and if you decide you need to tune extraordinary metrics you could do this: they’re absolutely customizable. 

How frequently need to you create a advertising and marketing record?Usually, we advise creating monthly reviews. While developing daily or weekly advertising reports may be useful for you, the marketer, your customers might also just get beaten via the sheer quantity of stories and begin ignoring them – not what you want. 

Monthly marketing reports let you acquire enough records to peer how changes have affected advertising and marketing outcomes even as making sure that underperforming campaigns don’t run for too lengthy. And the excellent component, is that whether you make a decision to create a each day, weekly, or monthly record, with a reporting device consisting of Dashthis, you only should create your report once, and your information could be routinely be updated daily. 

How to present your customers’ advertising informationGiving your customers a clear and concise advertising and marketing record is crucial: it continues them knowledgeable approximately the advertising and marketing efforts being undertaken and, importantly, tells them whether or not they are getting a good return on funding on their marketing spend. 

Here are a few pointers for growing a great advertising and marketing file:

Use visuals – charts and graphs are lots better than a written paragraph of data. 

Include outcomes prematurely – that is in the long run what clients are interested in and this have to be page one in all your document. Also consist of notes and causes for why matters befell the manner they did so that your clients have a full know-how of the advertising campaigns’ overall performance.

Don’t bury bad outcomes – instead, encompass them prematurely, explain what took place and what you will do approximately it. Clients will admire the honesty.

Keep it concise – if you have a variety of material to cover that is satisfactory however try to maintain it brief and snappy

Use segment headers – this makes it clean what you’re speakme approximately and makes your document easier to observe

What advertising and marketing file templates should you use?Our templates are designed to prevent time when it comes to marketing reporting. They’re preloaded with the most applicable KPIs but they’re also absolutely customizable so you can exchange them consistent with your or your consumer’s requirements.

Here are 7 of our most famous advertising document templates:

1. General advertising file instanceThis is a fantastic all-round template with the intention to give you an overview of all of your advertising and marketing efforts. From content marketing to e-commerce analytics to search engine optimization and extra, your advertising or income team can have the key statistics at their fingertips.

Bear in mind that this file is an overview; if you need to dig down into the stats then take a look at out a number of the alternative templates under.

Some KPIs we endorse such as are:

Bounce charge

Campaign performance

Channel overall performance through traffic source

Conversion rate

Goal completions

Use this file together with your very own facts!

2. search engine marketing marketing document examplesearch engine optimization is a key part of any long time digital advertising strategy. You probable already use Google Analytics dashboards, however, this report will help keep you and your clients in the loop as to how your search engine marketing efforts are appearing. 

Key KPIs you need to reflect onconsideration on consisting of in your search engine marketing marketing report include:

Organic sessions

Organic conversions

Organic landing pages

Organic keywords

Use this document together with your personal records!

3. PPC advertising file instanceThe good factor about PPC is that the go back on investment is simple to track. It’s also a good strategy for driving conversions – but best if effects are monitored and optimized.

Our PPC advertising and marketing file helps Google AdWords, Facebook Ads, Bing Ads, SEMRush, and more!

A precise PPC advertising file will include stats on:


Clicks and charges


Ad overall performance

We additionally recommend organizing your statistics with the aid of channel to get a breakdown of how each one is appearing.

Use this record with your personal facts!

4. Social media advertising record exampleThere are two aspects to social media marketing: paid (like Facebook Ads) and organic (content advertising and marketing, for example). The maximum popular social networks you are probably the use of for campaigns are Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube and LinkedIn and you may want to encompass all of the ones you are currently using on your report. 

Key KPIs that should be to your report are:

Likes and fans

Impressions and reach


Top appearing posts

As with PPC marketing, the records inside the record ought to be organized by channel.

Use this document together with your own statistics!

five. Display advertising marketing campaign advertising and marketing report instanceBring all of your advertising campaigns into one advertising file for a complete view of the way they are all appearing with our show advertising marketing campaign advertising file.

Whether you’re the use of Facebook Ads or Google AdWords, all your display ad channels need to be on this record. 

Your information ought to be prepared with the aid of marketing campaign and you need to tune the subsequent KPIs for each marketing campaign:



Click-through rate



Use this record along with your own data!

6. Ecommerce advertising record exampleAs your products and services evolve and change, so too ought to your ecommerce advertising and marketing approach. Our ecommerce marketing document includes all the principle KPIs you’ll need to song to make certain you’re getting the satisfactory viable results from your ecommerce advertising efforts. 

Ecommerce advertising and marketing entails some of advertising channels, from Google Analytics to social media so there may be no shortage of metrics to tune. Some of the key ones you have to encompass for your document are:


Conversion fee


Bounce price

Pages in line with consultation

Average order fee

Use this record along with your own data!

7. Email marketing record instanceEmail advertising is a terrific manner to get your services and products in front of human beings – they move immediately into humans’s inboxes. But you can not simply fireplace out emails and desire for the first-rate.

You’ve got to track how the campaigns are performing and the way adjustments in content material in the long run have an effect on your bottom line.

That’s where our electronic mail advertising record is available in.

KPIs your document must include are:

Number of emails despatched

Unique open price

Click rate

Overall marketing campaign performance

Fundamentally, you need to track what number of humans opened your electronic mail and transformed as a result.

Use this record along with your very own statistics

Marketing reports constructed for marketersDashThis has a group of different report templates that cowl pretty properly every aspect of virtual advertising. All of them make reporting on advertising campaigns faster and less difficult: DashThis fetches the statistics automatically so you do not ought to manually input statistics into Word or Excel to generate reports to your clients. 

It’s also intuitive to use; reports may be created by way of dragging and dropping the widgets you want to display. Once you are glad with the document, it could be routinely brought to whoever desires to look it. 

How good is that?

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