10 Sustainable travel recommendations in Finland

Are you planning to visit Finland however are involved approximately the environmental impacts of your travel?

Yes, it’s miles real that we’re positioned off the beaten course – Finland is not the very best vicinity to reach via ecological journey alternatives, like train. To get to Finland, air or boat journey is frequently vital with the intention to bump up your carbon footprint. But preserve calm and study onwards: there are different methods to make your tour extra green and sustainable.

Here are 10 effective hints that you could without problems do before and during your ride.

Enjoy your (inexperienced) live in Finland!


About Finland

Full of interesting contrasts, consisting of the 4 seasons, the Midnight Sun and iciness darkness, city and rural, East and West.

About Finland

  • 1. Travel lighter

    Before journeying to Finland, it is right to take a look of the climate forecast. We have four particular seasons and areas, and the temperature can alternate lots even during one week. The weather is also frequently pretty one-of-a-kind between the south of Finland and Lapland. There is over 1100 kilometers among Helsinki and Inari – almost the equal distance as going from Paris to Barcelona or Florence.

    Layers of clothing are the high-quality manner to go. With layers, you could put on many things you already own, like warm sweaters. And if the weather gets hotter, actually take off a layer. This way you may additionally keep away from buying a whole new dresser only for a unmarried trip.

    Before you fly, we endorse taking a observe your suitcase and thinking about approaches to keep away from packing unnecessary things. Lightweight luggage means that the plane consumes much less gasoline – this is enormously important in decreasing carbon dioxide emissions. Many tour operators in Finland offer extraordinary apparel and gadget for rent throughout winter time, which includes skis, snow footwear and skates.

  • 2. Travel out of doors peak seasons and live longer

    Think outside the field – might you be capable of journey out of doors the height season and perhaps live a little longer because you made the experience all of the manner as much as Finland? There’s extra space to yourself, more calm, greater rest. That’s food for notion!

    Lapland is a totally famous traveller vacation spot at some stage in iciness but it certain has lots of magic – and often less site visitors – in the course of the other seasons as nicely. Spring and autumn are some of the pleasant times to look the Northern Lights. Summer is the time of white nights, a phenomena akin to the aurora.

    When it comes to the rest of Finland, nature is normally at its high-quality in the course of summer, even though all seasons have their perks. We endorse taking in the brilliant veggies of spring, admiring the inspiring autumn shades, or attempting a heat sauna during the cold winter. There are matters to enjoy in Finland all 12 months round.

  • 3. use public transportation

    Alright, you have arrived – remarkable! In Finland, it’s far handy and affordable to apply our public transport structures. Most cities in Finland are nicely-related via bus and train routes. Trains in Finland are operated through country-owned VR, well-known for the long-lasting rock statues in the front of the Helsinki Central Train Station.

    If you are in our capital, try the beautiful unmarried-coated metro – you could’t wander off. In the older metro stations, the wood benches have been designed with the aid of famed Finnish clothier Yrjö Kukkapuro already in 1979. Talk approximately sustainable layout! There is likewise a full-size tram system in Helsinki, awesome for sightseeing. The town of Tampere may also have its own trams soon.

    The trains in Finland and the Helsinki metro use renewable energy, so that you can be certainly inexperienced while travelling with them.

    Walking is a additionally top notch way to get to realize a new metropolis and in Finland the sidewalks move everywhere. Consider also renting a bicycle or even an electric powered scooter at some point of the summer time – and permit the gentle summer time breeze waft via your hair. After all, Finland has some of the purest air in the world.

  • four. admire locals

    It is continually considerate to appreciate the nearby citizens and their customs while visiting. The easiest way to expose your appreciate in Finland is to grin. We Finns are now and again taken into consideration a bit reserved but we’d smile again. And if we don’t, don’t worry – your gesture warms our hearts regardless.

    Using the word “kiitos”, which means thank you, and “moi” this means that hello, will also go an extended manner.

    If you need to take snap shots folks Finns, both old and young, please recollect to invite for a permission first.

  • five. get to realize neighborhood food, layout and handicrafts

    Nowadays we live in a world that is full of cloth matters, overflowing in abundance. When there too much of some thing, it regularly loses that means.

    We advise falling in love with phrases starting with L: “much less is more” and “nearby”! Think food, design and handmade merchandise. They’re more green and there’s generally a coronary heart-warming story behind the goods.

    There are lots of skilled craftspeople in Finland who’re eager to acquaint you with real recollections from our united states, such as home made jewellery and timber gadgets. You also can discover many places across the country, in particular inside the Helsinki area, that promote clothes designed or made in Finland.

    If you’re looking for nearby treats to take home, take a trip to a small Finnish vineyard making candy wine of berries or apples, or go to a ironwork village or a timber metropolis, wherein neighborhood treats are considerable.

  • 6. right (and responsibility) to roam as everyman and lady

    In Finland, we’ve got a totally unique factor called Everyman’s Rights (“jokamiehen oikeudet” in Finnish). They are called rights however in truth in addition they encompass duties.

    You can, as an instance, pick berries and mushrooms from forests without cost. You don’t have to ask for a permission from all of us. Also you are allowed to spend a night time in nature in a tent, ski and walk in forests as well as swim in lakes and the sea. But do bear in thoughts – no pun meant! – that nature ought to always be left as you found it. Clean, pristine and respected. National parks might also have a few restrictions, so please study the signs inside the parks to make certain.

    Remember no longer to installation your tent too close to a person’s garden, or stroll in personal gardens and fields. Don’t depart any rubbish to nature, constantly bring them again with you to the closest rubbish pins. Disturbing animals or birds is certainly a no-no. Also, you ought to leave bushes, moss and lichen undamaged.

    In this way, we depart our lovely nature for all to revel in.

  • 7. recycle

    We Finns have a healthy obsession with nature and green life – and recycling! We want to be the nice round-economic system usa within the global and lots of cities are making ready for a carbon-impartial lifestyles at some point of the subsequent twenty years.

    What’s the best manner to recycle when you are touring Finland? If an pressing want to shop for a plastic bottle arises, don’t forget to take it lower back to the shop to a recycling machine after it’s empty. You gets money returned within the shape of a bottle deposit.

    Most inns have an green coverage for using towels – re-the usage of your towel will store strength as it doesn’t should be washed as often. You also can venture your hotel and ask whether or not they may be recycling your waste. Some of them may already, a few are nonetheless inside the midst of wondering. Encourage them to get to work!

  • 8. drink tap water

    During your trip in Finland, you’ll likely hear at least once that we have the great faucet water in the world. We without a doubt do and it’s more pure than bottled water! So, we suggest forgetting approximately the unmarried-use plastic bottles and filling your personal bottle with easy water straight from the faucet. It’s smooth, refreshing – and via using your personal bottle, it’ll assist maintain your carbon footprint down. Restaurants also serve faucet water so make sure to reserve “nonetheless”.

  • nine. try vegetarian food

    The Finnish vegetarian meals enterprise is booming! There are many alternatives to update your animal proteins with vegetarian ones. If you’ve got the possibility to prepare dinner at your accommodation, visit almost any grocery save and ask for “Härkis” (a shredded protein made from broad bean) or “Nyhtökaura” (pulled oats). Fun phrases and incredible products to replacement meat, as an example, in a sauce. For a brand new way of adding milk to your morning espresso, try Kaslink’s oat milk.

    Almost every eating place in Finland has a vegetarian, or even vegan, options so while eating out you could also pass for the greener alternative.

  • 1o. recollect to revel in existence, just like the finns do!

    As you may have guessed already, nature is very important to us Finns. Most people spend time in nature typically a week. Water and inexperienced regions are constantly surrounding us, even in towns. That’s one of the things that makes us the happiest nation inside the world.

    While you’re here, try the Finnish way of lifestyles and connect with nature. Mute your telephone. Take a walk. Visit a park. Go to a woodland. Hug a tree. Swim in a lake. Take a deep breath of clean air and stroll slowly. Listen to what nature is telling you. Forget approximately the whole thing else for a second attempt what it feels to be like a Finn. Trust us, it’s properly for the thoughts and the body.

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