My cellular smartphone invoice were given lots less expensive after I made the transfer to Comcast’s Xfinity Mobile, a low-fee wi-fi provider that makes use of Verizon’s LTE network and now 5G.

A few months after Xfinity Mobile quietly launched in 2017, I signed up for the less expensive wireless plan and normally spent $15 a month.

Xfinity Mobile Review: Cheap Cell Phone Plans on Verizon’s 5G Network

Over my first three hundred and sixty five days with them, I only paid $one hundred eighty.11 for cell telephone service, together with taxes and expenses.

My $15 cell cellphone bill

In this submit, I’ll review the whole thing you want to realize approximately Xfinity Mobile if you’re thinking about making the transfer.

I’ll start by means of answering a number of the most regularly asked questions that I’ve received due to the fact I first published my Xfinity Mobile assessment and a related YouTube video.


  • What is Xfinity Mobile?: A no-agreement, postpaid cellphone service that’s available to Comcast internet clients.
  • What network does Xfinity Mobile use?: Verizon’s 5G and 4G LTE network, plus get right of entry to to more than 20 million Xfinity Wi-Fi hotspots.
  • How lots does Xfinity Mobile value?: Shared facts plans start at $15/month and as low as $30/month per line for unlimited.
  • Does Xfinity Mobile have the new iPhone 12?: Xfinity Mobile is selling the 5G-well suited Apple iPhone 12 as well as numerous 5G Android phones.
  • Does Xfinity Mobile permit Android telephones?: BYOD has accelerated to encompass Apple iPhone, Samsung Galaxy and Google Pixel devices.
  • How true is Xfinity Mobile?: No essential proceedings as an Xfinity Mobile consumer — read on for the professionals and cons!

My evaluation is different from a number of the alternative Xfinity Mobile evaluations you could discover on line because I’m now not only a author — I subscribed to the service for 2 years.

Read on to analyze what you should recognize approximately Xfinity Mobile before you join up!

Table of Contents

  • Eligibility Requirement
  • Plans and Pricing
  • Flexible Data Plans
  • 5G Speed Test Results
  • Mobile Hotspot 
  • Video Streaming
  • Call and Text Performance
  • Phone Selection and Deals
  • Customer Service
  • 1. Eligibility Requirement

    Xfinity Mobile is in contrast to other cellular virtual network operators (MVNOs) due to the fact you have to be an Xfinity internet patron to join the service.

    If you’ve had quite a few problems with Comcast cable or net inside the past, I can apprehend why you could not want to keep in mind this service. I became inclined to take the threat.

    No Comcast for your vicinity? Unfortunately, you’re not eligible for the cellular offer. Consider a carrier like Visible instead.

    If you sign up for Xfinity Mobile and later cancel Xfinity net due to the fact you move or for every other purpose, you can maintain to apply Xfinity Mobile. However, there may be a $25/month in line with line rate brought on your invoice. Learn greater here.

    To be clean, that charge is not charged in case you keep Xfinity net provider. It’s handiest assessed if you later discontinue that provider and want to maintain Xfinity Mobile.

    2. Plans and Pricing 

    Verizon’s postpaid limitless data plans price among $70 and $90 for a unmarried line of carrier. Xfinity Mobile uses Verizon’s towers and charges approximately 1/2 the charge, but you won’t get unique perks like unfastened Disney+.

    Xfinity Mobile functions unlimited national speak and textual content, no activation or line get entry to fees on up to five strains and get entry to to extra than 20 million Wi-Fi hotspots.

    Xfinity Mobile updated its plans in April 2021 and now gives a multi-line cut price with the Unlimited plan:

    • Unlimited: $45/month for one line, $eighty/month for 2 lines, $one hundred/month for 3 strains and $a hundred and twenty/month for four traces (decreased speeds after 20GB)
    • By the Gig: 1GB =$15/mo, 3GB = $30/month and 10GB = $60/month; pay $15 according to GB in case you exceed your selected amount; no rollover data

    Unlimited By the Gig (Shared Data)$45 for 1 line$15 for 1GB$80 for two lines$30 for 3GB$100 for 3 strains$60 for 10GB$120 for 4 traces$15 in keeping with extra GB

    The Unlimited plan is in keeping with line, but the By the Gig plan is to be had for unmarried lines or the facts may be shared across all of the strains for your account. Taxes and costs are greater with all plans.

    Xfinity Mobile is a postpaid service, no longer pay as you go. That way you pay at the cease of your billing cycle. I even have a separate article with extra facts on how Xfinity Mobile’s billing works.

    three. Flexible Data Plans: Unlimited vs. By the Gig

    Here’s what I actually like about Xfinity Mobile’s provider: Many other cellular cellphone plans will offer 2GB or 5GB of information for a set charge per month, use it or lose it. However, Xfinity Mobile offers you the option to pay to your statistics one gigabyte at a time.

    For example, you can choose the 1GB plan and pay $15 in step with month. If you want a second GB of information, simply pay any other $15.

    But if you want greater information and the $30 for 3GB or $60 for 10GB plan becomes a better value, just switch. You could make adjustments on your plan for the duration of the center of your billing cycle.

    Of route, many humans don’t need to worry about checking their facts utilization during the month. They may prefer the $forty five a month unlimited plan.

    My proposal: Start with the By the Gig plan and see how it goes. You can continually transfer to the Unlimited plan in case you turn out to be the usage of an excessive amount of data. There aren’t any consequences to interchange from side to side among plans.

    4. Xfinity Mobile vs. Verizon Data Speeds

    Xfinity Mobile delivered 5G coverage in May 2020, in order that’s a plus if it’s to be had where you stay. 5G best works in pick out cities for the time being.Check Verizon’s coverage map for the contemporary 5G availability.

    In December 2020, I tested Verizon’s 5G Ultra Wideband network with Xfinity Mobile from Miami Beach, Florida.

    Using the Speedtest app, I recorded download speeds of extra than 3,000 Mbps (megabits in keeping with 2d), that’s equal to three Gbps (gigabits in step with 2d).

    But in areas of Miami Beach in which 5G Ultra Wideband weren’t available, 5G speeds had been slower — like 80 Mbps.

    Overall, the 5G velocity take a look at results from Xfinity Mobile were faster than the speeds I recorded from 2017 to 2019 with Xfinity Mobile at the 4G LTE network.

    When connected to 4G LTE, download speeds from 40 to 70 Mbps were ordinary.

    five. Mobile Hotspot 

    Mobile hotspot is protected with Xfinity Mobile at no additional charge. This lets in you to get on line by the usage of your mobile data to create an internet connection.

    For example, I examined this option once I needed to use my pc whilst travelling in an area without Wi-Fi.

    Xfinity Mobile’s website says you need to be on the By the Gig plan to get 4G LTE for hotspot-powered gadgets. Speeds are constrained to six hundred Kbps for the ones on the Unlimited plan.

    • By the Gig plan: 4G LTE mobile hotspot speeds
    • Unlimited plan: 600 Kbps cell hotspot speeds

    Translation: With the Unlimited option, you could still study emails and skim the web, however there may be buffering when streaming video or music. There aren’t any pace regulations for the By the Gig plan.

    I briefly switched to the Unlimited plan to play around with the cell hotspot characteristic and offer a better overview of my Xfinity Mobile provider.

    Despite what Xfinity Mobile warns on its internet site, I was able to move video without buffering and watched an entire show on my computer that became powered by the cellular hotspot.

    Although there are no extra prices for the cell hotspot characteristic, the facts which you use will count number closer to your statistics prices for the month if you’re on the By the Gig plan.

    6. Video Streaming

    Some of Verizon’s postpaid unlimited plans allow for HD-first-rate streaming, but that’s no longer a guarantee with Xfinity Mobile.

    As of August 2019, By the Gig defaults to HD decision (720p for phones, 1080p for capsules) and Unlimited defaults to traditional resolution (480p).

    By the Gig customers can activate Data Saver to look at movies in standard definition, which calls for much less data. That’s what I would endorse.

    Meanwhile, Unlimited plan users can upload HD Pass to get 720p on phones and 1080p on pills for $20 according to month.

    I streamed lots of video on my telephone while with Xfinity Mobile — such things as Netflix, Hulu and YouTube — and I in no way had any issues with the video excellent.

    Tip: To keep cash and nonetheless watch video in HD, you can continually connect to Wi-Fi at home, paintings and on every occasion feasible. Remember, the statistics you use over Wi-Fi doesn’t matter against your plan’s statistics allowance.

    7. Call and Text Performance

    I had a splendid experience with Verizon’s community inside the past, so I wasn’t truly involved approximately Xfinity Mobile’s call and textual content performance in which I stay.

    Since Xfinity Mobile runs on Verizon’s network, the insurance map seems lots like the one for Verizon’s postpaid carrier. The difference is that Xfinity Mobile additionally has thousands and thousands of Wi-Fi hotspots.

    Take a observe the coverage maps below:

    Xfinity Mobile insurance mapVerizon coverage map

    A top notch characteristic is that Xfinity Mobile helps Voice over LTE (VoLTE), which allow me talk and use facts at the identical time. Wi-Fi calling has also been multiplied to all however a few devices.

    8. Phone Selection 

    The state-of-the-art iPhones and Samsung devices make up maximum of the 20 or so telephones that Xfinity Mobile sells online and in its stores, but there are multiple options for underneath $200.

    Xfinity Mobile now permits you to bring pick Androids to its network. They include most Samsung Galaxy and Google Pixel gadgets. Unlocked iPhones are also well matched.

    In addition to BYOD, you should buy phones, capsules and smartwatches from Xfinity Mobile. Here’s a partial listing of telephones to be had on the market as of December 2020, including some 5G-capable devices:

    • Apple iPhone 12
    • Apple iPhone SE
    • Apple iPhone eleven
    • Apple iPhone eleven Pro
    • Apple iPhone eleven Pro Max
    • Samsung Galaxy S21+5G
    • Google Pixel 4
    • LG Stylo 5
    • Moto G7 Power

    When I signed up for Xfinity Mobile in September 2017, I offered a Samsung Galaxy S8 on line and it arrived days later. Xfinity Mobile become offering $2 hundred off new telephones at the time.

    If you don’t need to pay in full as I did, certified clients can spread tool bills over 24 months at 0% APR.

    Speaking of cellphone deals, there’s normally a few form of phone sale happening for excessive-cease devices just like the Samsung Galaxy S20 or the Apple iPhone 12.

    However, I’ve noticed that best one logo or the opposite (Samsung or Apple) is normally on sale right away. For example, there has been $250 off the purchase of an iPhone 12 the remaining time I checked, however no Samsung discounts were available.

    If there’s not a deal for the type of telephone which you want, simply wait a few weeks. The sales trade regularly.

    9. Customer Service

    I set up my Xfinity Mobile service without ever journeying a store and didn’t have any troubles getting began.

    There are a number of FAQ pages that you could find within the app to answer questions on putting in place service, switching facts plans, billing and extra.

    You can also contact customer service through text, Facebook Messenger and make contact with — with an predicted wait time given. Xfinity Mobile’s customer service number is (888) 936-4968.

    Xfinity Mobile customer service wait time listed in the app

    The first time I needed to touch Xfinity Mobile customer support turned into when my Samsung Galaxy S8 all at once malfunctioned. I went to an Xfinity Store and couldn’t get a direct substitute, but I became mailed a new cellphone tomorrow.

    Since my cellphone become less than a yr antique and still beneath assurance, no extra cash came out of my pocket.

    The second time I referred to as Xfinity Mobile changed into to ask whether or not my Samsung Galaxy S8 become locked or unlocked. Apparently, it turned into locked. Xfinity Mobile unlocked the tool without a hassle because it became paid off.

    Final Thoughts

    I stored plenty of money throughout my two years with Xfinity Mobile! Although Visible and Total Wireless provide mobile telephone service plans that run on Verizon’s network, Xfinity Mobile may be much less highly-priced for light facts customers.

    With a less expensive mobile telephone plan, you can expect to make compromises — now not with Xfinity Mobile.

    Pros ConsGreat value for By the Gig and Unlimited plansMust be an Xfinity internet customerVerizon’s pinnacle-rated wireless network and 5G accessAdded rate if you ever cancel net serviceFast information speedsNot all Androids compatible for BYOD (Bring Your Own Device)Flexibility to interchange statistics options$20/month HD Pass for limitless planPhone customer support

    My biggest worry approximately switching to Xfinity Mobile turned into that Comcast would take gain of my loyalty and discover a manner to boom my net invoice — however that didn’t manifest.

    When my net promo rate expired, I called Comcast’s customer retention department and they labored with me at the charge. I ended up getting an extension of my $fifty two a month internet bundle for every other 12 months.

    I’ve carried out my great to offer you with an in depth evaluate of my revel in with Xfinity Mobile and what you can assume. If you’re also a patron, upload your review in the feedback under!

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