Xfinity Mobile is a part of Comcast and the pitch behind the service community is simple: in case you’re already a Comcast client, why now not circulate your smartphone over to Xfinity Mobile?

It’s a great pitch too. In a world where you have nearly as much choice with carriers as you do with phones, the clear winners on this extremely competitive marketplace is us, the consumers.

More competition inside the provider space means less expensive information plans and higher BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) offers. You have Total Wireless. You have Mint Mobile. And you also have Xfinity Mobile that’s Comcast’s Verizon-powered MVNO.

If you need to reduce the value of your cellphone plan, get more records for much less, and/or consolidate ALL your wireless payments in a single vicinity, is Xfinity Mobile an excellent choice? In this assessment, we’ll cover everything you want to realize approximately Xfinity Mobile.

And by way of the quit, you’ll be in a higher function to come to a decision…

What is Xfinity Mobile?

Like Mint Mobile or Total Wireless, Xfinity Mobile is an MVNO. An MVNO is basically a virtual carrier community, one which piggy-backs off a bigger community and makes use of its infrastructure.

In this content material, Xfinity Mobile makes use of Verizon’s community. And Verizon’s network – both LTE and 5G – is excellent, so we’re already off to a terrific begin. But with an MVNO, you’ll pay less money to get right of entry to this community. And this is why MVNO networks like Total Wireless and Mint have become so popular.

It is likewise why Verizon just acquired TracFone for $6 billion – it desires a piece of the movement.

Launched in 2017, Xfinity Mobile is part of Comcast and the general idea with the provider is simple: in case you already use Comcast services, why now not switch your phone plans over to Xfinity Mobile?

The pitch appears to be operating too; in view that 2017, Xfinity Mobile has obtained over 3 million clients. Bizarrely, you could ONLY get Xfinity Mobile if you’re an existing Comcast purchaser.

In this recognize, Xfinity Mobile is VERY one-of-a-kind to other MVNO networks like Mint and Total Wireless – it’s far greater exclusive. But in case you care with Comcast, it might be properly really worth switching to Xfinity Mobile; you could get limitless records, calls and texts for $45 a month that is a killer deal whichever manner you slice it.

How To Get Xfinity Mobile?

Expanding on the above factor, with the intention to be eligible for Xfinity Mobile, you need to already be doing business with Comcast. Any commercial enterprise will do. But you need to have an account with Comcast with a purpose to join Xfinity Mobile.

This particular method to strolling an MVNO carrier, as cited earlier, is absolutely exceptional within the carrier marketplace. Most MVNO companies, and companies in general, simply need as many customers as viable. Xfinity Mobile does now not. Instead, it wants to make its provider an distinct greater for its present customers.

And whilst you see some of its deals for information and telephones, you would possibly discover yourself considering switching some of your wi-fi services to Comcast.

If you’re eligible for Xfinity Mobile, you not best get get admission to to Verizon’s 5G community, in addition to its exquisite-speedy 4G LTE one, however you’ll additionally get some of the cheapest records plans around. You also pay NO access costs with Xfinity Mobile, even as some vendors rate as a good deal as $20 consistent with line.

Pretty cool, proper? Well, there’s extra – masses extra. But first, permit’s check some of the phones that are to be had thru Xfinity Mobile.

Xfinity Mobile Phones

Unlike maximum budget-focussed MVNO vendors, Xfinity Mobile contains all of the cutting-edge and greatest cell phones – from Apple’s iPhone 12 range to Samsung’s Galaxy S21 line-up. And they’re priced terrific too.

You can pick out up the iPhone SE 2020 through Xfinity Mobile without cost, as an example, of the Samsung Galaxy S21 5G from simply $33.33 in step with month. With Apple’s iPhone 12, fees begin at $24.25 according to month with the Pro Max topping out at $37.95 consistent with month.

But Xfinity Mobile doesn’t simply bring pricey flagship phones. You also have lots of finances alternatives too, just like the Moto E and Moto G Power which could each be picked up for less than $10 a month. And then there’s Xfinity Mobile’s Pixel 4a 5G deal – it’s to be had from $10.forty one in keeping with month.

Basically, with regards to phones – and usual choice – Xfinity Mobile is very, very competitive. And its charges are very mind-blowing too, some of the first-class we’ve seen from an MVNO.

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Xfinity Mobile Plans & Data

Like any properly MVNO network, Xfinity Mobile keeps things incredibly simple with its plans. You have numerous options, such as one of the cheapest unlimited information plans on the market. Here’s a breakdown of its middle plans:

  • 1GB – $15
  • 3GB – $30
  • 10GB – $60
  • Unlimited – $45

Xfinity Mobile prices by way of the GB, when you go over. And it always rounds-up data, so 2.1GB could be 2GB and three.9GB might be 4GB. However, its plans are fairly directly-forward and cater to all kinds of consumer.

If you’re the usage of your cellphone A LOT and you watch plenty of video, just go together with the Unlimited Plan – it’s $forty five and with it you’re blanketed for all eventualities.

If you’re a light consumer, 3GB might be enough. But for the reason that it’s miles most effective $15 more for limitless information get right of entry to, you might as well simply pay the extra. If you cross over your data allowance, you’ll quickly emerge as paying manner greater than $forty five a month.

Is Xfinity Mobile’s Unlimited Data genuinely limitless? Yes and no. In order to keep matters snappy, from a performance angle, Xfinity Mobile restricts mobile statistics-loaded video content to 480p, although you could pay a further $20 a month for complete HD get entry to always.

Xfinity Mobile’s pricing is OK however it isn’t as cheap (in line with GB) as a few MVNO networks, as you can see in the comparison table beneath.

CarrierCost Per GB of DataVerizon$15Google Fi$10Mint Mobile$three.75Xfinity Mobile$15T-Mobile$10Cost Per GB By Carriers

In addition to this, Xfinity Mobile’s unlimited plan isn’t the cheapest on the market. If you need to cheapest unlimited records plan in the US proper now, that’d be Mint Mobile – it prices just $30 a month for its unlimited facts plan.

Xfinity Mobile Family Plans

Xfinity Mobile does do Family Plans, wherein you may get all participants of your household connected however from a price-angle it’s far no manner close to as aggressive as offers from T-Mobile, Total Wireless, and Mint Mobile.

If you need to get your complete circle of relatives linked, again, I’d be searching at Mint Mobile – it has the high-quality variety of alternatives and the cheapest usual plans. But, unlike some MVNO providers, it does now not scrimp on insurance, thanks to the reality that it runs on T-Mobile’s network.

Xfinity Mobile vs Verizon – Which is Better?

Xfinity Mobile runs on Verizon’s community but it isn’t precisely the identical. With Xfinity Mobile, the MVNO focuses on powering your data through hotspots if it could which allows no longer best hold your facts fees down but can, in a few cases, improve your internet speeds.

And those high-pace hotspots are everywhere, so that you don’t want to worry too much approximately not locating them. I had no idea that there have been so many. In my nearby region on my own, there had been over 800! And I don’t even stay in a town. You also have get entry to to 5G data too, just as you do with Verizon.

But the large distinction among Verizon and Xfinity Mobile is that so as to get on Xfinity Mobile you want to be an current Comcast patron. If you’re no longer with Comcast already, you can not get an account with Xfinity Mobile. And for the reason that Verizon’s pricing is almost identical to Xfinity Mobile, it probable isn’t really worth switching over if you’re now not already a Comcast client.

Xfinity Mobile’s limitless plan ($45) is less expensive than Verizon’s ($70) however Verizon is lots inexpensive on the subject of including extra strains. Again, each lose to Mint Mobile in this appreciate, so if you’re after natural value for money, Mint is presently leading the p.c. in the intervening time.

5G Coverage

Verizon become one of the first US vendors to embrace and rollout 5G offerings and due to the fact Xfinity Mobile is powered via Verizon’s network, users get get entry to to one of the excellent 5G networks within the USA.

5G is still in its infancy, so isn’t available everywhere however Verizon’s coverage is pretty appropriate – as you may see right here.

In order to get entry to 5G statistics through Xfinity Mobile you will, of route, need a 5G smartphone and, in case you want to on its Ultra Wideband 5G community, you’ll want to go with its bespoke 5G plan for that unique shape of 5G facts.

Xfinity Mobile Reviews / How’s Its Customer Service?

When it comes to client evaluations, Xfinity Mobile does no longer do too well internal Trust Pilot with a mean rating of two.2 out of 5. There are only 11 critiques, but, so this perhaps isn’t the best indication of its customer service.

However, of the Xfinity Mobile critiques that there are, none of them are precise – and most cite terrible customer enjoy. I’ve covered one specially scathing evaluation underneath:

After weeks of spending hours and hours at the cellphone with 22 different Xfinity reps in technical help and customer support on the supervisor stage, I ultimately decided that not anything will be carried out to enhance my sign. In truth, the new Xfinity Samsung A70 smartphone I needed to buy to cut the ties from Xfinity became not fully compatible with my new 2020 Subaru Outback or the Verizon network extender this is important to robust signal. So I am caught with a $412. phone that I can not use.

Cheryl G – Trustpilot review

Conversely, Mint Mobile has remarkable customer service evaluations with an overall rating of 4.6 our of five and, unlike Xfinity Mobile, Mint’s rating is based on nearly 5000 consumer reviews.

BYOD Options?

Xfinity Mobile has some pretty accurate BYOD deals. The basic alternative will get you $50 (via a pre-paid card) if making a decision to replace over to Xfinity Mobile. That method, if you have an unlocked cellphone, and you’re an present Comcast customer, Xfinity Mobile can pay you $50 to exchange to its community.

And if you do determine to exchange, you’ll have the same alternative with appreciate to statistics plans as everyday Xfinity Mobile clients, where you may both pay through the GB or pick a plan with both 1GB, 3GB, 10GB or Unlimited information in line with month.

Wrapping Up – Is Xfinity Mobile Worth It?

If you’re a modern-day Comcast consumer, and you want to consolidate your payments internal one plan, then, sure, Xfinity Mobile is nearly really well worth a glance – specially if you’re after single, limitless information plans.

If you’re trying to get your complete circle of relatives on a plan, then it might be well worth searching someplace else: each Verizon, Total Wireless, and Mint Mobile provide better circle of relatives packages than Xfinity Mobile.

Or, in case you’re studying this basically from a view factor of fee for cash, my advice would be to go with Mint Mobile. As a carrier, it has exceptional purchaser evaluations – a number of the fine in the enterprise – and its expenses are super.

I mean, 30 dollars for an infinite records plan with limitless calls and texts is first-rate cost for money whichever manner you slice it.

Richard Goodwin has been working as a tech journalist for over 10 years. He is the editor and proprietor of KnowYourMobile.

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