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Read this topic to learn the way you could run interactive advertising and marketing features for Dynamics 365 Marketing through the use of an incorporated Dynamics 365 Portal, Power Apps portals, or with the aid of the usage of your very own internet site or CMS device.


Dynamics 365 Portals and Power Apps portals aren’t available in all international locations/regions. If this is applicable to you, then the Use Dynamics 365 Portals or a Power Apps portal alternative won’t be available while you run the Marketing setup wizard. Instead, use your CMS gadget to host interactive advertising capabilities as defined in this subject matter. If portals later turn out to be available for your united states of america/vicinity, you’ll be capable switch to them at that point, additionally as described in this topic.

What is the difference among Power Apps portals and Dynamics 365 Portals?

Power Apps portals is a alternative product for Dynamics 365 Portals. Both products will stay supported, however soon (or in all likelihood already) best Power Apps portals can be to be had for brand spanking new customers. Both merchandise work on the identical primary technical basis and work within the identical way from the angle of Dynamics 365 Marketing. However, Power Apps portals provide extra features for customers (which do not affect Dynamics 365 Marketing) and are certified consistent with consumption (logins and page hundreds) in place of according to instance.

For information about portal licensing, see the Power Apps and Flow licensing FAQ.

Beyond these few differences, Dynamics 365 Portals and Power Apps portals paintings precisely the identical from the perspective of Dynamics 365 Marketing, so that you can take into account theseterms to be interchangeable for the remainder of this subject matter and somewhere else inside the Dynamics 365 Marketing documentation.

How portal integration influences Marketing capabilities

Dynamics 365 Marketing presents numerous functions that allow contacts to interact immediately with the gadget. These are:

Landing pages, which provide paperwork that contacts can use to sign up for mailing lists, unfastened downloads, webinars, or other perks

Subscription facilities, which enable contacts to manipulate their mailing listing subscriptions and private data

Forwarding pages, which allow contacts to ahead advertising emails they have got obtained from you (while maintaining accurate monitoring information)

The event website, which enables contacts to study about and sign up to your occasions

Each of these features requires one or greater webpages which might be to be had publicly on the internet. Each page have to furthermore be capable of fetch data from Dynamics 365 Marketing and also be able to publish facts lower back to it. There areways to accomplish this:

Use Dynamics 365 Portals or a Power Apps portal: This alternative is based totally on a Dynamics 365 add-on product that runs without delay at the identical tenant as your Dynamics 365 Marketing example. It enablesyou to move stay with Marketing while not having to manipulate or alter your own internet site.

Use your own internet site or CMS machine: This alternative requires that you have your very own website wherein you can host pages, add scripts, and embed bureaucracy from Dynamics 365 Marketing. You can use this feature in parallel with a Dynamics 365 Portal or Power Apps portal if you want.

The following table compares how each of the general public-dealing with interactive features works whilst you put into effect it the use of a Power Apps portal or your very own internet site.


With Power Apps portals

Without Power Apps portalsLanding pages

Design and publish touchdown pages using the graphical page dressmaker in Dynamics 365 Marketing. The pages run immediately on the portal.

Design and post touchdown pages for your very own internet site or CMS device.

Enable bureaucracy through adding a Dynamics 365 Marketing form-seize script or through embedding a marketing form created using the graphical shape designer in Dynamics 365 Marketing.

Include a website-monitoring script generated by way of Dynamics 365 Marketing on all landing pages to enable web page visits and submissions to be tracked, and to allow customer-adventure triggers to react to landing-page interactions.

Subscription centers

Design and submit subscription facilities the usage of the graphical web page dressmaker in Dynamics 365 Marketing. The pages run without delay on the portal.

Design and submit subscription centers in your personal website or CMS machine using strategies similar to those for growing landing pages. Prefilling should be enabled for subscription center forms.

To fulfill the legal requirement, a default subscription middle is published on the provider cloth utilized by your Dynamics 365 Marketing example. This lets in you to run e-mail marketing campaigns even with out a portal or outside website. You can customise this web page the use of the graphical page fashion designer in Dynamics 365 Marketing.

Include a internet site-tracking script generated via Dynamics 365 Marketing on all subscription-middle pages to allow page visits and submissions to be tracked, and to allow patron-journey triggers to react to touchdown-web page interactions.

Forward-to-a-friend pages

Design and submit forwarding pages the usage of the graphical page dressmaker in Dynamics 365 Marketing.The pages run immediately at the portal.

Not supported.Event internet site

The then-current version of the occasion website is posted robotically at the portal when you install Dynamics 365 Marketing.

To update or customize the website online, down load the trendy version as an Angular undertaking, customize it as wished using your chosen improvement gear, after which submit the end result on the portal.

Download the contemporary version of the event internet site as an Angular project, personalize it the usage of your chosen development tools, after which put up the result for your personal website.Choose whether to use a portal whilst putting in a brand new Marketing instance

Each time you install Dynamics 365 Marketing, you need to choose whether to integrate it with a portal.

If you pick out to enable portals integration whilst putting in Dynamics 365 Marketing, the setup wizard will automatically check whether or not you’ve got an unconfigured Power Apps portals license to be had. If you do, then the setup wizard will declare that license and combine with it. If you have no Power Apps portals licenses to be had, then the setup wizard will create a tribulation Power Apps Portals instance for you and combine with that. The trial is loose, but expires in 30 days, after that you should either start buying it or stop the usage of it. For details about portal licensing, see the Power Apps and Flow licensing FAQ.

If you select the non-portals alternative, then the setup wizard won’t try to claim a Dynamics 365 Portal or set up a demo Power Apps portal.

You can use portal features in parallel with website/CMS features furnished you’ve got a portal. You ought to, as an example, start via the use of a portal for all interactive capabilities after which slowly transition to an outside internet site until you’re equipped to put off the portal completely.


If have included Power Apps portals together with your Dynamics 365 Marketing instance and the portal all at once stops operating or disappear, the portal trial license may have expired. To determine whether or not this is the case:

Navigate to the Power Apps portals admin center.

Go to the Portal Details phase and take a look at if the portals license is in an expired nation.

If the portals integration is expired, you’ll want to buy a paid license. You will then want to reset the portals integration at the Marketing instance and re-provision.

Remove portal integration from an present Marketing example

You can choose to eliminate portal integration from a Dynamics 365 Marketing example at any time. If you pick to do so, the subsequent will occur:

Your portal license may be launched and can then be reused with some other Marketing example, or some other Dynamics 365 app.

The portal can be reset at some point of the removal manner.

All present advertising and marketing pages in Dynamics 365 Marketing will still be configured to be posted at the now removed portal, so they’ll end to feature. However, their design and content will nevertheless be stored in Dynamics 365 Marketing. If you re-upload a portal, the pages will be reconfigured to use the new portal and you may be capable of put up them there.

The event website might be removed. All events will nevertheless offer a link to the vintage internet site, in order that hyperlink will now not characteristic. If you put in the occasion website to your very own server, it’ll work successfully right away (you might not have to update your occasion records), but if you want the hyperlinks for your event facts to open the brand new web site, you should edit each record manually.

Before doing away with the portal, you need to recreate your touchdown pages and subscription facilities in your external website as wanted, and layout your patron journeys, content material settings, and e-mail messages to link to them there. If you are the usage of occasion control, you then ought to additionally install the event control website to your outside server. When you have confirmed that the entirety is operating as anticipated in your outside site, you could get rid of the portal from your Marketing installation.

To put off portal integration from an current Marketing example:

Launch the Marketing setup wizard for the instance you need to modify. You must be able to see that the Use Dynamics 365 Portals or a Power Apps portal alternative is currently decided on.

From the Other actions panel, pick Configure your portal.

The portal admin website online opens. Select Portal actions from the aspect navigator.

Select Reset portal and comply with the instructions to your display screen to reset the portal. More data: Reset a portal.


When you reset the portal, all of the prevailing portal content material and settings will be permanently deleted.


If you first of all set up Marketing with portal integration enabled, then you definately did not obtain a default subscription middle (which otherwise could be going for walks on the carrier material of your Marketing example). You nevertheless won’t have one when you eliminate the portal integration, and you can not manually create pages that run at the provider fabric. You should consequently create at least one subscription center on your outside website and configure your content settings to link to it before your eliminate the portal.

Add portal integration to an present Marketing example

You can pick out to add (or re-upload) a portal to a Marketing example at any time. When you do that, the following will arise:

All of your outside advertising pages and outside occasion website will continue to feature.

If you first of all established Marketing with portal integration disabled, you then must have a default default subscription middle (which runs on the provider cloth of your Marketing example). It will remain available even after you upload the portal.

If you’ve got any portal-primarily based advertising web page designs left over on your device from a preceding portals integration, these will be reconfigured to use the new portal mechanically.

As whilst setting up a new example, the setup wizard will either declare an present Dynamics 365 Portal license to work with Dynamics 365 Marketing (if a loose license is available for your tenant), or create a demo Power Apps Portal for you (that allows you to expire in 30 days, after that you ought to start purchasing it).

To upload a portal to an current Marketing set up that doesn’t have one:

Launch the Marketing setup wizard for the instanceyou want to regulate. You have to be able to see that the Use your own webserver alternative is currently selected.

Select Use Dynamics 365 Portals or a Power Apps portal. The Portal setup conversation opens and indicates a few information about what to expect.

Select OK to keep. You go again to the setup wizard, which now suggests the Use Dynamics 365 Portals or a Power Apps portal choice selected.

In the sphere now furnished underneath the Use Dynamics 365 Portals or a Power Apps portal option, input a prefix in your portal URL in the subject provided. Your contacts and clients can see the URL once they open a portal, so that you ought to pick out a subdomain name that they’ll understand, which include your enterprise’s name.

Select Set up portal to begin putting in your portal. The technique may additionally take some time. You can track its progress through leaving the page open in your browser, however installation will continue uninterrupted if you choose to close your browser.

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