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Freedom Mobile for those who don’t recognise is the brand new carrier launched through Shaw Communications after buying Wind Mobile.

So one can essentially say it’s Wind Mobile but preserve in mind that Shaw is heavily investing into this new wireless carrier to sincerely deliver cost to subscribers.

Freedom Mobile has over 1 million subscribers and springs in because the 4th largest provider in Canada after the big boys.

Time will best inform if it has what it takes to compete with the massive three.

Shaw formally took over Wind Mobile on March 1, 2016 and they renamed it to Freedom Mobile in November 2016.

The release of Freedom’s 4G LTE service, of which coverage has been a hot subject matter, become additionally released in November 2016.

A lot has modified when you consider that they originally launched.

They now provide ‘limitless’ plans just like the different vendors, but reception and coverage nevertheless seems to be a warm topic.

Freedom is likewise launching 5G provider.

Freedom Mobile Coverage

When it involves coverage with Freedom Mobile, they initially used to interrupt out their alternatives as both at the Home network, Variable network or Away community.

They now get away their network as Freedom and Freedom Nationwide.


Usually when you’re in major cities and the provinces which they have got insurance wherein is Ontario, British Columbia and Alberta – get entry to all the functions to be had in your plan.

Freedom Nationwide:

Usually in which Freedom does now not have insurance which is outdoor essential cities and also you flip to a partner community – get admission to almost all the functions of your plan, the predominant restrict being facts.

So Is Freedom Mobile Reception Any Good?


Works pretty exact in case you’re in city centres.

4G LTE seems to be operating properly in metropolis centres.

Price for the insurance is first rate in case you hardly ever pass outside of metropolis centres.


If you journey among city centres i.e. Toronto to Ottawa there might be useless zones and roaming costs in among the 2 towns.

Go to the cottage often? Or Blue Mountain? Reception might be tough.

4G LTE network still wishes work outdoor of the city centres

According to the Freedom Mobile website, hundreds of thousands of Canadians now have get admission to to rapid LTE records.

In addition, they’ve also commenced to push their roll out of Extended LTE which is their Band 13 LTE (700MHZ low-band spectrum).

What Extended LTE method is you should get stronger coverage in areas wherein you presently get just good enough coverage as this spectrum has a higher capacity to penetrate partitions.

This have to also assist Freedom make bigger their network similarly. Extended LTE is to be had within the GTA and we’ve been seeing lots of fine comments with regard to insurance.

So how is Freedom Mobile LTE?

Freedom Mobile’s LTE coverage has sincerely already come a protracted way in comparison to once they first released.

LTE coverage is now preferred everywhere they offer carrier on their network so that’s a very good step.

Freedom Mobile Plans

Before you evaluation their plans, the Digital Discount is $5 off per month of eligible in-marketplace plans.

  • Activate a Pay After or Pay Before carrier
  • Set up pre-authorized bills
  • Use the Digital Discount code
  • Voila!


Freedom Mobile offers various ‘Big Gig Unlimited Data’ plans.

The plans encompass a version of speak, text and a large amount of information.

In terms of pricing, again this is the most inexpensive out of all carriers for this aggregate of statistics and speak!

We’ll highlight the Big Gig Unlimited 10 GB.

Freedom Network

  • Unlimited Talk
  • Unlimited Data
  • 10 GB + 10 GB Bonus
  • (Reduced speeds after 20 GB)
  • Freedom Nationwide

  • $0.05 in line with minute for talk in Canada
  • Unlimited incoming calls
  • 500 MB of statistics
  • Full information on all plan services can be seen at the Freedom Mobile website.

    Freedom Mobile also offers what they name Freedom Plans.

    These plans begin at best $15.

    The Freedom 250 MB as an instance offers:

  • 250 MB of records
  • one hundred mins of national calls
  • Unlimited incoming calls
  • Unlimited international textual content, image and video messaging
  • Freedom Mobile to start with supplied discounts for multiple traces at the identical account however these reductions have been eliminated in 2020.


    All plans offer superb cost for the monthly rate.

    Unlimited facts however they will cap the statistics to 256 kbps down load and 128 kbps add once you use the allocated amount.


    Once you’re out of doors of the Freedom place you’ve got plenty less data to use.

    No roaming option to extend your plan for $7 – $12 in line with day the way Rogers and Telus provide – ‘Roam Like Home’.

    Freedom Mobile Phones

    Freedom Mobile runs Bring Your Own Phone gives wherein you may save a further $5 or $10 consistent with month off your month-to-month plan, so look out for those discounts.

    Currently, in case you prompt on-line, you can get a $10 per month credit for twelve months if you Bring Your Own Phone.

    Freedom Mobile gives the modern day telephones now from the main brands together with Apple, Samsung, LG, Google and more.

    What is MyTab?

    Simply positioned, you pay a portion of your smartphone buy prematurely and put the relaxation of the cellphone value on your ‘Tab’.

    With MyTab you pay the closing balance proudly owning on the phone via adding a month-to-month fee for 24 months.

    What is Absolute Zero?

    Freedom to begin with did now not have 2 yr contracts which turned into a bonus, but with the advent of their Absolute Zero imparting, 2 12 months phrases are lower back.

    With Absolute Zero, you could pick out from a exact list of telephones and pay:

  • $zero upfront for the smartphone
  • $zero greater month-to-month for the smartphone
  • $0 extra payments for the cellphone after the two 12 months time period is whole

    A few of the telephone alternatives currently include:

  • iPhone 11
  • iPhone SE
  • Samsung Galaxy S20 FE 5G
  • Most different vendors have now gone to the same version as Freedom wherein you essentially pay off the smartphone over 24 months.

    BYOP: Keep in mind that you may also Bring Your Own Phone!

    You will save $a hundred and twenty ($10 in step with month for one year) while you prompt your personal cellphone on a brand new line on a Big Gig plan.

    You can use any like minded phone you may already have or you can purchase a used smartphone as well to be used at the Freedom network.


    You get 24 months to repay your phone of preference.

    They have the ultra-modern Apple and Samsung devices which are simply beautiful.


    None certainly as long as you understand that paying $zero nowadays doesn’t suggest a free cellphone.

    So is Freedom Mobile well worth it?

    In our opinion, having a fourth primary service in Canada is superb for opposition.

    The plans Freedom Mobile offers, specifically the Big Gig plans offer the maximum terrific value for cash available in the market.

    The fact that they now offer iPhones is amazing.

    The reception might not had been the best once they released however we’re hearing it’s getting better and higher, specifically if you’re primarily based in the town.

    Overall, we think Freedom Mobile is an superb desire!


  • Great for those who need huge quantities of facts
  • Good for folks that are usually in the town/close to the core
  • Cheaper than the big 3 (on a instantly up plan for plan foundation)
  • Any downsides? Who is Freedom Not For?

  • If you spend quite a few time at the cottage or in rural areas
  • if you’re on the street lots journeying among large cities and smaller cities
  • If reception is imperative on your task function, which include for salespeople wherein a overlooked name may be damaging
  • Frequently Asked Questions About Freedom Mobile

    • Does Freedom Mobile have desirable coverage?

    • Freedom Mobile insurance is extraordinary in urban metropolis centres in Southern Ontario, Alberta and BC. They’re very focused on continuing to boom and decorate coverage.
    • Is Freedom Mobile unlimited information?

    • Yes, Freedom Mobile’s Big Gig Unlimited Plans provide unlimited records.
    • Is Public Mobile higher than Freedom Mobile?

    • Each service has their benefits. A large difference although is that at the same time as Public Mobile operates at the strong Telus network, they now best offer 3G data speeds.
    • Does Freedom Mobile offer prepaid carrier?

    • Yes, Freedom Mobile does offer pay as you go carrier.

      Go to the Freedom Mobile website and input your IMEI range of their Bring Your Own Phone compatibility checker.

      If you’re telephone will paintings on their network, the following step will let you order a sim card free of charge.

      The sim card need to arrive in 4 – 5 business days, and then you could set off it on Freedom Mobile prepaid service.

    • Why is Freedom Mobile so cheap?

    • Since Freedom Mobile is a brand new entrant into the distance and competing with the Big three Carriers isn’t any easy mission, it seems like they’re the usage of decrease price factors as a tactic to assist boom the quantity of subscribers.

      The lower price does now not relate to the great of the network by way of any manner, Freedom Mobile is heavily investing in making improvements to their network.

      One massive distinction but is their coverage place and what’s considered included on your plan or your private home vicinity vs what’s thinking about roaming or your away area.

    • Does Freedom Mobile sell the iPhone?

    • Yes, Freedom Mobile now sells the iPhone and contains numerous models (Initially when they launched they did no longer).
    • Do the iPhone 8 and iPhone X paintings on Freedom Mobile?

    • Yes, all iPhones now work on Freedom Mobile
    • Does Freedom Mobile have 5G?

    • Freedom Mobile is currently rolling out 5G coverage. It looks as if it’s going to take the extra a part of 2021 till 5G is broadly to be had.
    • What’s the Freedom Mobile Customer Service number?

    • You can touch Freedom Mobile at 1-877-946-3184 from 8 AM to 1 AM ET 7 days a week.

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