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Travel Documents

Tibet Entry Permit (click on to amplify)

Considering the unique ethnic traditions, the cultural relics, the environmental safety and the transportation potential of Tibet, Chinese Government regulates that non-Chinese citizens, inclusive of foreign site visitors, Taiwan site visitors and distant places Chinese have to have a Tibet Travel Permit as well as a legitimate passport and a visa (Visitors from nations having visa exemption agreement with Hong Kong do not want a visa) to visit Tibet. A visa may be acquired from the neighborhood Chinese consulate for your us of a. However, the overseas journalists and diplomats aren’t allowed to go to the region as a traveller.

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Who has to carry a Tibet Travel Permit?

1. The Taiwan traffic, who do now not have the legitimate identity card of China

2. Non-Chinese passport holders

three. The distant places Chinese, who do not have Chinese passport

Note: The Hong Kong and Macau citizens who preserve SAR passport, Home-Visiting Certificate or Permit to Traveling to and from Hong Kong and Macau do now not want a Tibet Travel Permit.

Since the authorities encourages organization excursions to Tibet, the allow is issued best to tour corporations journeying with a Chinese tour operator. The allow is issued free of charge through Tibet Tourism Bureau. Your journey corporation will constitute you to facilitate the utility method.

For the ones distant places site visitors want to go to the region as an character, the executive workplaces of Tibet Tourism Bureau in Beijing, Shanghai, Chengdu (in Sichuan) and Golmud (in Qinghai) will answer for the associated affairs.

Tibet Tourism Bureau

Tel: 0086-891-6835472/ 6834315

E-mail: [email protected]

Address: No.3 Norbulingka Road, Lhasa

Information at the administrative workplaces of Tibet Tourism Bureau:

1. Chengdu Office

Tel: 028-8555171

Address: No.three Wuhou Hengjie, Chengdu

2. Xi’an Office

Address: Qomolangma Hotel, No.333 Youyi Dong Lu, Xi’an

3. Shanghai Office

Tel: 021-62578447; 021-62572413

Address: 1/F, No.350 Wuning Lu, Putuo District, Shanghai

4. Golmud Office Tel: 0979-8483286; 0979-8483532

Address: No.11 Yanqiao Zhong Lu, Golmud

five. Zhongdian Office

Tel: 0887-8229028; 0887-8227892

Address: Room 2206, Xiangbala Hotel, Shangri-La, Yunnan

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Etiquette & Taboo

Proper Etiquette

Presenting a Hada to a Statue

Presenting Hada (or Khatag) is traditional practice of recognize and hospitality in Tibet, and will be preferred by means of your host. If you are imparting a Hada to a statue or a excessive lama, increase the Hada above your shoulder and bow. When you acquire a Hada, it’s far right to just accept with each your palms.

Always upload a “La” after one’s call to show your recognize, as an example Tashi La. Address a excessive lama with “Rinpoche” and a not unusual lama with Geshe La, despite the fact that he may not be a Geshe.

There are a few common policies to don’t forget if you plan to go to a monastery. Always stroll clockwise across the spiritual shrines, stupas, Mani stones and prayer wheels. However, in case you visit a Bon monastery, then walk counterclockwise! Although the clergymen put off their shoes upon getting into a chamber, it is ideal to enter a chamber without doing away with your shoes. Coming inside in the course of the chanting consultation is permissible. Sit or stand in the rear, with out a loud and irreverent communique! Also, it’s far taken into consideration proper etiquette to offer some money or butter gasoline even as traveling a monastery.

The following are considered taboo:

Smoking, eating alcohol or making unnecessary noise in a monastery.

Touching, taking walks over or sitting on any spiritual texts, objects or prayer flags in a monastery.

Causing some thing to be killed in a monastery.


Walk Clockwise around the Prayer Wheels

Intrusive pictures of a monastery specially when people are appearing non secular ceremonies. Always ask for permission.

Harming vultures, or yaks and sheep carrying red, yellow or inexperienced material.

Stepping on the brink while entering a Tibetan house.

Spitting before any person.

Placing trash in the hearth.

Public displays of love.

Wearing shorts.

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Questions & Answers on Tibet Travel Tips

Asked via Jan. 08, 2018 04:33Reply

Changing a scholar X2 – to a traveller visa

Hi, I am a Belgian scholar in Shanghai. My time in China is comming to an quit and to complete my studies in splendor my girlfriend and I would love to visit Tibet. My girlfriend may be in China the 30th of January and we would love to travel till February 14.

However, my pupil x2 visa will expire the 31 of january. Can I make bigger my Visa or is it viable for me to get a visitor visa right here in Shanghai ?

Kind regards, Jan

Answers (four)

Answered by Jan. 08, 2018 23:forty four


Hi, it is feasible in an effort to convert the scholar X kind to the traveller L kind on the exit and access management of the local PSB within China. You want to do it 7 days prior to the pupil X2’s expiry date. Just supply it a try.

Answered with the aid of Jan. 10, 2018 10:41


Thanks four youre reply. Actually, it become an extended x2 visa. I had to cross again domestic and my x2 did not permit that. So they gave my any other entry and that asserts legitimate till jan 31 and 90 days untill the following access. I entered the u . s . a . once more on November 16. The college students workplace stated eleven/16 + 90 days makes 02/14 so I ought to be able to live untill February 14. Is this authentic ?

Kind regards,


Answered by way of Jan. 10, 2018 19:29


Jan, in case your cutting-edge visa allowes you to live in mianland China for as much as 90 days after the entry date on eleven/16, and you have been instructed so through the office, you may live untill February 14 then. Don’t fear.

Answered through Jan. eleven, 2018 01:51


Ok thanks a lot for the data. Have a pleasant day

Asked with the aid of Sharon Daly from SCOTLAND could be touring to Mongolia for a month then had was hoping to move onto TB location direct flight if possible, but my studies on visas/flights ect leads me here and other websites which certainly rule out such an option ?Any advice ? Should i fly Mongolia to China, are seeking for Chinese visa (I am a UK citizen ) and then tourist allow and be part of group tour because the best manner ? and in that case which airport could i be fine to fly direct to on your united states to make this simplest ? Many thanks for any recommend , Sharon D.

Answers (2)

Answered by using Stilwell from CANADA zerozeroReply

Hi, Sharon. You need to get both the visa and allow before you leave for CN. As you said, foreign site visitors going TB on my own is not working, you have to be a part of a collection excursion of certified tour companies and they will help you get the permit in addition to ship you an invitation letter for visa software.There is not any direct flight from Mongolia to TB. You can transfer at Beijing airport in between.

Speaking of travel business enterprise, I advocate you to touch with TravelChinaGuide. I actually have dreamt of travelling TB for a long time and this dream became performed remaining yr. I joined a group excursion organized by using TCG and they helped me significantly. I nevertheless have their email cope with. You can contact to recognise more.

May help!

Answered via Mar. 07, 2016 14:29


Thank you so much,I will take your endorse,thank you 😁

Asked by way of Feb. 08, 2016 15:11Reply

journeying by myself to Lhasa by way of train ?

We (4 humans) are considering a tour to Tibet.

As some distance as I recognize foreigners are not allowed to transport within the vicinity with out manual, except the town Lhasa.

My query is, if it is allowed for foreigners to journey alone (with out guide) from Golmud to Lhasa by train and spend a few days there ? (For the following part of the ride we might ebook an prepared journey to Shigatse, Mount Everest base camp, Gyantseand returned to Lhasa)


Tibor from Hungary

Answers (2)

Answered with the aid of Feb. 14, 2016 02:59


Hi, Tibor! I’m afraid it isn’t always allowed. Foreign traffic need to get the Tibet Travel Permit authorised with the aid of local visitor bureau two weeks earlier. Usually they ought to join a excursion for travelling round that region.

Answered by Feb. 17, 2016 09:41


Depending when you are going, That region is closed to foreigners for the duration of the month of March and a part of April

Asked by way of Oct. 10, 2015 01:04Reply

Is it tour to Mount Kailash and manas Sarovar travel viable via Tibet?

I even have Chinese visa.

Answers (1)

Answered via Oct. 10, 2015 21:10


Chinese visa isn’t enough. You need to get a special travel permit. Meanwhile, foreigners are not allowed to tour there personally. So you should be part of a collection excursion organized with the aid of certified tour agency and ask the organization to address the journey allow.

Asked with the aid of Aug. 25, 2015 08:fifty sevenReply

Need for a Tibet Travel Permit

I am thinking about a visit to Tibit as an upload directly to visiting China. As I am a UK citizen am I correct in believing I do not need a visa for Hong Kong and so do not require one for Tibet ?

From preceding q/a’sis get admission to now available and in that case is becoming a member of an organised journey nevertheless essential

REgards Robert

Answers (1)

Answered by Dick from INDONESIA forty two


Robert, you want to use a visa for Chinese mainland and the Tibet Travel Permit. However, it’s too hard in order to practice the tour allow. And foreigners are not allowed to go there on my own. You want to sign up for a group tour arranged by using journey agencies. They assist you with he tour permit problem.

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