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Last Updated June 14, 2018

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Whether you’re a YouTube vlogger or Netflix-fanatic extraordinarie, having a telephone tripod at-the-geared up can make or ruin your viewing or filming revel in. As ordinary, we’ve covered up the cream of the crop, providing you with a flavor of the exceptional products observed anywhere online. We’ll break down the pinnacle ten smartphone tripods, making your mobile smartphone use for video capture, digital camera photographs, and media viewing that rather more exciting.

The Best Smartphone Tripod


Revelli Lightweight Aluminum Phone Tripod

The most ambitious crossover in tripods (because there isn’t many). Seriously, Ravelli placed out one of the first-rate tripods on the market, coming with a smartphone attachment to tow the line. This exceptional durable aluminum construction keeps strong in bad situations, while the tilt and pan movement lets in you to seamlessly capture the fine pix and video in your newbie filmmaking profession. You can increase Lightweight Aluminum Phone Tripod up to 61” tall, which is chest-level with the average gent, providing you with a huge range of angles to test out. Last but not least,  you get a carrying case to preserve your device secure, which decreases right down to 19” tall for garage.

Key Features:

Pant and tilt movement feature

Maximum height of 61”

Includes carry bag and smartphone mount attachment


  • BrandRavelli
  • ModelAPLT4
  • Weight2.1 pounds


Digiant’s 50” Aluminum Smartphone Tripod

Digiant gives you a fun way to get particular angles, all benching on the stableness of the aluminum creation, and equalizers connecting to the middle stand. Digiant’s 50” Aluminum Smartphone Tripod hit the height of our listing for a few reasons, however most of all, we like the truth that it may climb 50” tall, providing you with epic pictures at just about everywhere you may think about. Padded grips help hug onto concrete and asphalt, while the compact packed-up size offers you plenty of room to keep in your pocket or a backpack. Out of the shortlist we compiled, Digiant’s without difficulty took the cake. Exceptional width, pinnacle-grade stabilizers, and an aluminum alloy body: what greater could you want?

Key Features:

Stabilizer among all 3 legs and middle stand

Easy crank maneuver for modifications

Firm grip maintains your telephone absolutely secure


  • BrandDIGIANT
  • ModelFBA_phone tripod-01
  • Weight12 oz


UBeesize Portable and Adjustable Smartphone Tripod

Coming in next on our list, UBeesize brings us a flexible skeleton, with a few added capabilities you won’t be expecting. Firstly, you get a wireless far off with more than a few as much as thirty ft away, permitting you to line up that ideal shot, and placed on your maximum picturesque smile. With a sturdy adjustment device (which comes with built-in grips to maintain your cellphone steady) and a weighted metal construction, you’ll be capable of position this Portable and Adjustable Smartphone Tripod just about everywhere; your imagination is the restrict.

Key Features:

Includes wi-fi far flung w/ 30 foot variety

Adjustable skeleton

Weighted metal production


  • BrandUBeesize
  • Weight6.4 oz.


Fotopro Waterproof Phone Tripod

You can positioned Fotopro Waterproof Phone Tripod via hell, and it’ll nevertheless be rocking right subsequent to you while all is stated and accomplished. Fotopro brings us a weighted, long lasting mobile phone tripod for images and video that’s completely water resistant. You’re capable of work the changes in a wide variety, giving lots of space for diverse telephone case sizes. Thanks to the flexible skeleton, you can angle this just about anywhere earlier than the use of your angling remote control, providing you with all the smooth shots of a large finances movie with whole ease. This also fits GoPros and small virtual cameras, so permit the amateur filmmaker out; it’s time to get recording.

Key Features:

Waterproofing method no rust, no fuss

360 swivel for optimum angles and shots

High-density rubber grips


  • BrandFotopro
  • ModelUFO2 set
  • Weight8 oz


Square Jellyfish Smartphone Tripod

As we dip all the way down to the second-tier tripods in this list, we’ve nonetheless were given some aces in the hole. This on offers you a total particular appearance, rather than the usual stick-like stand, however nevertheless offers all of the aid and mobility you want. Square Jellyfish Smartphone Tripod is ultra lightweight, coming in below 3 ounces, featuring a ball joint locking mechanism to capture and preserve the proper angle for every video shot you need. All you want to do, should anything show up to this, is snap a photograph and send it to the manufacturer, and also you’ll get a new one at no rate to you. Their lifetime assurance is wonderful, while the sizing to in shape most smartphones makes this an indispensible tripod.

Key Features:

Super light-weight at 2.6oz

Lifetime warranty backed by the producer

Ball joint keep positioning


  • BrandSquare Jellyfish
  • ModelTripod Mount + Long Legs
  • Weight4 ounces


ChargerCity 360 Adjust Smartphone Tripod

Our editor’s preference comes with a flexible skeleton, carrying a cushy exterior bead-laiden texture to face up to shock and drops. Mount your phone, and make use of the Bluetooth controller to take photographs from afar (up to 25 feet away). You’ll be able to use the 360 swivel characteristic to capture extraordinary pictures with out moving the tripod an inch. Thanks to the superior tripod telephone holder, whole with extremely durable grips, you’ll be able to leave your phone within the succesful hands of ChargerCity 360 Adjust Smartphone Tripod, and look lower back at the sweet shots and extremely good angles you got in all your snap shots and films.

Key Features:

Flexible skeleton

360 swivel for a couple of pictures

Includes Bluetooth far flung manipulate for photo capture


  • BrandChargerCity
  • ModelTRPD-2+SW12+KLPM6CC+RT1
  • Weight5.four oz


Acuvar 50” Universal Tripod w/ Smartphone Attachment

We’re winding down, but haven’t lost the wind in our sails yet. Acuvar comes out swinging with a seriously high pleasant (and lower priced) tripod. While it’s designed for digital camera use, it consists of the mount on your smartphone, supplying you with all the abilities that expert photographers have at their disposal. The Bluetooth far off lets in you to seize photographs from as much as thirty toes away, and syncs easily together with your phone. Throw the whole thing into the wearing case, and be in your merry manner; you’re prepared to deal with every pictures and video seize need with Acuvar 50” Universal Tripod for your aspect.

Key Features:

Extends up to 50” tall

Includes wearing case

Bluetooth remote for image capture


  • BrandAcuvar
  • Weight15 ounces


JOBY GorillaPod Ballhead Stand

If you’re equipped to movie, and don’t need anything to get in the manner, the GorillaPod with the aid of JOBY is your goto for epic results. The ballhead layout of the tripod legs permits you to mount this pretty much everywhere, keeping constant and equipped to enhance your picture and video balance. Small sufficient to healthy into your pocket or backpack slot, and packing enough energy to make or destroy your subsequent institution picture, Wrap the flexible legs round poles or roof racks to keep your GoPro steady for using photographs, or connect it to your ATV for off-road angles; the sky’s the restriction.

Key Features:

Fits as much as a 2.2lb digicam or smartphone

Ballhead layout consists of rubber grips alongside every side

Compact and portable for most backpacks/pockets


  • BrandJoby
  • ModelJB01503
  • Weight6.four oz


CamKix Bluetooth Smartphone Stand

Last but not least, we have Amazon’s top choice for a phone tripod, consisting of a Bluetooth faraway feature for distance pictures. Thank to the huge holster size, you’re capable of in shape large smartphones and even a few smaller drugs, allowing you to make use of the front-dealing with digital camera for vlogging and Skype video calls. CamKix Bluetooth Smartphone Stand is designed to be used for the interior, lacking grips, however making up for it with a strong shot on pretty much any floor. If you’re nonetheless not positive what you’re looking for in a cellphone tripod, continue reading via our buying manual, in which we’ll flesh out the information of what you should be looking for, and solution some questions.

Key Features:

Compatible with smartphones and capsules

Sturdy ball joint for even and stable photographs

Solid creation


  • BrandCamKix
  • ModelD0035-TSK-BLA
  • Weight9.nine ounces


Fugetek Selfie Stick & Tripod

The Fugetek Selfie Stick & Tripod is a multifunctional product designed to be used at domestic. It’s now not amazing sufficient for expert filmmaking – the legs are too thin and it’s liable to shake slightly, that could get picked up in great excessive definition. However, if you want to enhance the first-rate of your photos and videos at domestic, it’s a first rate product. It has 3 legs, allowing you to help the cellphone without any help and it doubles up as an extendable selfie stick. If you enlarge it absolutely, it measures a whopping fifty one-inches, which means you may get the whole family in for a selfie. Plus, it comes with a Bluetooth far flung that lets in you to take the shot and zoom from a distance.

Key Features:

Tripod and selfie stick

Ultra extendable – 51-inches 

Non-slip rubber deal with 

Bluetooth faraway 

Carrying bag protected 


  • BrandFugetek
  • ModelFT-569
  • Weight15.2 ounces

Smartphone Tripod Buying Guide and FAQ

There’s not a lot to those easy little wonders, however what knowledge we do have about them will assist you’re making an informed and conscious buy. If you recognize you need a cellphone tripod, but you’re no longer certain which one is proper in your cellular cellphone, keep on analyzing.

What to Consider When Buying a Smartphone Tripod

Compatibility – There’s usually a newer, large cellphone size popping out. Pay attention to the maximum expandable size, and understand that your telephone isn’t the marketed length. When they say it’s X inches in diameter, they’re speaking approximately the screen, minus the bezel. You’ll want all the measurement information to get the proper match.

Weight – If you’re at home and you need to film yourself or use your phone, you’ll likely just both maintain it, or use your pc/PC setup alternatively. The weight matters, because you’ll be sporting this around whilst you plan to apply it.

Portability – Touching on the weight of the tripod, you don’t want it to be ridiculous to hold on your pocket/backpack, both. Folding up quality and small and compact is what you ought to be aiming for.

Strength – This comes right down to the substances used, how thick the casings on the hollow fold-up tripod legs are, and how much resistance you’ll have when looking to pry this open to fit your telephone.

Adjustments – You’re putting your smartphone into an bizarre sitting function; modifications are the whole thing. Ensure that you have some flexibility to transport round and reposition your smartphone, or you’ll have wasted cash. Look back at the size as a primary line of defense, and changes to counteract the unexpected inconveniences.

Smartphone Tripod FAQ Q: Why and When do You Need a Smartphone Tripod?

A: There are a few instances why guys want this specifically, as well as a few makes use of you can now not have idea of. We’ll flesh-out a few ideas, and talk our personal favorite uses for mobile smartphone tripods.

For one, if you’re a vlogger, then that’s in all likelihood the cause you stumbled upon our manual in the first area. While people assume you’re simply speakme to yourself in public at the same time as looking at your smartphone, you’re actually building a emblem and getting humans worried to your existence. However, on occasion you’re going to want angles that require a 2d person, and they’re nowhere to be observed. Hello tripod, good-bye awful angles.

Not everybody has a tablet, or wants to deliver their laptop into the kitchen. If you’re trying to find recipes, you could use your tripod like a lectern to your telephone, retaining it away from the messes of the counter, and at the virtual web page in which you need it to land on the appropriate recipe.

Another outstanding use is circle of relatives photos, especially when you need every person in the shot, and no person wants to be the cameraman. Most folks don’t very own a virtual camera anymore, not because their phones do all of the work, after which some. Put on the timer characteristic, faucet, and get into role for an all-inclusive family photograph.

Last however not least, certain indoor models, like our #10 choice, are best for video calls for work while your pc digital camera doesn’t cut it. Angle your smartphone on your stand to continue charging, while supplying you with full get entry to to your employees or co-workers at some point of everyday hours.

Q: What Different Kinds of Tripods Are There?

A: You’ll run right into a limited range of options along with your phone instead of professional camera tripods, however you’ll nevertheless get a little room to play around with. There are flexible skeleton tripods, that are best to wrap across the railing above the coastline, or affix to a street pole if you’re looking to get an epic view for a trick or stunt.

Then, you have got gimbal heads. These are designed to keep the whole lot looking sharp as hell, focusing on stability and stability, so you don’t land up with a wonky shot. These can cost you quite a chunk extra cash, however in case you’re trying to ramp-up video manufacturing, they’re extraordinarily useful.

Last but no longer least, you’ve got your fluid head tripod fashion. You might also have seen sorts of these all through in the back of-the-scenes footage on movies or TV indicates, where there’s a gent keeping a bent pole popping out of the camera’s tripod, and that they’re shifting together with the cast and scene. These help you preserve a fluid movement (as a result the call) whilst following, tracing, or truly shifting beside something.

Q: Will My Phone Break if I Use a Smartphone Tripod?

A: Most of these are constructed from high grade aluminum, including enough weight to prevent your cellphone from falling over, and breaking. We’ve indexed some matters to be wary of, so that you don’t turn out to be having to pick out up the portions.

  • Avoid windy days whilst filming outdoors. It doesn’t count number if you’re filming parkour or skate hints, the wind goes to come and knock your tripod down, and depending on where you’ve got it stashed, wreck your cellphone.
  • Don’t positioned XL telephones, just like the Galaxy Note right into a phone tripod if it’s now not specifically supposed for it. These are intended to help and handle the load of a wellknown telephone, plus a few extra pounds of strain for much less than ideal situations.
  • Don’t depart it unattended if you’re filming interior, and you’ve cats. Sounds silly, however cats will paw at them and knock them to the ground. When’s your next smartphone upgrade once more?
  • Be sure to test that the stand is degree, and the grips (if the tripod legs got here with them) are completely on the legs. From moving round, they come a touch bit loose and move out of area. You’ll have air ultimately of the rubber piece, and it’s going to offer fake stability whilst you try to put your phone inside the holder.

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