Brent Peterson

1. If you don’t understand what your RV weighs, it’s probably overloaded.

2. Two carpet samples, one located at the base and any other on the pinnacle of the entry steps, will help maintain dirt and moisture out of the indoors.

three. Write down your car’s precise outdoors top (remember to feature the A/C) and GVWR and preserve it interior your cockpit so that you in no way exceed your weight or hazard an unpleasant incident going beneath an overpass.

4. Never drive greater than 500 miles according to day. Actually, four hundred is pushing it.

5. Backup monitors are first-rate, however high priced. If you’re inside the market for one, ensure the camera works within the dark, on the grounds that a majority of your returned-ins will probable arise after the sun goes down.

6. When tackling hard ascents, cross down the hill within the same equipment you went up in.

7. We don’t genuinely should remind you to often test your LP fuel, smoke, and carbon monoxide detectors, will we?

eight. Ah, duct tape.

nine. Teach your co-pilot to pressure and allow him or her take the wheel frequently. Sharing the driving obligations cuts down on motive force fatigue even as reinforcing the belief that RVing is for both of you. Another perk? If the main motive force must ever come to be ill or harm, you gained’t be stranded.

10. Surge protectors provide reasonably-priced insurance towards power spikes for all of your pricey, onboard system.

eleven. Don’t chance traveling in an overloaded automobile. Not simplest does greater weight accelerate put on and tear in your RV, however in case you’re involved in an coincidence, assume a weigh-in to be finished. An obese vehicle may additionally void any insurance claims and can locate you responsible. Don’t take chances with this.

12. Visit each national park.

13. During an argument, take away the phrases “in no way” and “continually” out of your vocabulary. A happy co-pilot is the key to a pleasing journey.

14. If you sense cramped in a forty-foot Prevost bus, RVing isn’t for you

15. Put a roll of quarters for your bathe kit if you’re faced with a rest room that insists on pay showers. Believe me, it’s tough to get alternate for a twenty-greenback invoice wearing only a gown and slippers.

sixteen. On your way out, make certain to inform the campground proprietor how much you disliked paying for showers.

17. Conserving assets is a superb addiction. Don’t permit the water simply run whilst washing palms, dishes, or brushing your teeth.

18. If you don’t like where you are, move elsewhere.

19. Compile and laminate two fundamental lists: one for setting up your campsite, the alternative for breaking camp. That manner, you’ll in no way pressure off along with your antennae up once more.

20. Carry a box of disposable rubber gloves for use at some point of sewer hookups and the dump station.

21. Before leaving the dealership with your new RV, set up for a walk-via along with your shop clerk to make certain each equipment, application, and feature onboard is in top running circumstance.

22. Your cockpit can’t be too cushty.

23. A right set of mud flaps should help maintain particles off your dinghy automobile. There also are a number of protecting covers and shields to be had to protect the towed automobile as nicely.

24. Your children and grandkids fear approximately you. Leave them the names and numbers of the locations you’ll be staying for the duration of your travels.

25. A partly folded paper plate makes for a usable funnel in a pinch.

26. If an extension cord is wanted in your electric powered hookups (clearly any kind of hookup for that rely), use the shortest duration available. The longer the gap, the more the voltage drop may be.

27. Visit Maine.

28. Trash onboard your rig is continually a major problem. Eliminate pointless garbage by using taking food together with cereals, meat, and espresso out in their overblown applications and into smaller ones. Contribute antique studying materials to the campground’s rec. room and re-use or recycle vintage buying bags.

29. I see no reason to stand on pinnacle of your RV until there’s a bucket of soapy water and a brush with you.

30. Furnace a hundred and one. Check the out of doors vent periodically for soot, a positive sign of defective operation. Clean and vacuum the unit as essential. Check hoses for kinks; update as wanted. Have the system inspected once a yr via a expert.

31. Wash your automobile inside the colour. The sun speeds up drying time of cleaning dealers and makes waxing more hard.

32. Ah, sway bars.

33. Use an onboard timer for lighting fixtures to thwart might-be thieves, simply as you might for your home even as you’re away.

34. Avoid nasty spills by means of equipping the entryway with handrails.

35. Carrying two 25-foot hoses is better than one 50-foot hose.

36. When making campground reservations, take a few extra minutes to describe exactly the type of web site you need. If you prefer to be close to the rest room or swimming pool, want fewer timber due an extra huge automobile, or virtually need the prettiest website online inside the place, make sure to inform them.

37. A GPS is high-quality, however not anything beats a compass to maintain me from driving round in circles.

38. Change your windshield wipers yearly.

39. CB chatter may be crude and distracting. However, it may also be a valuable resource for upcoming visitors, weather, and vicinity pointers. It’s also a pleasing associate on a protracted force.

40. Fruit and greens from a roadside stand usually flavor higher.

41. Believe me; nobody over the age of 13 desires to sleep in the cab-over vicinity.

42. Make positive your RV insurance covers you throughout any journeys overseas.

43. Good drivers need to carry a higher deductible on their insurance.

forty four. Bring the grandkids.

45. Want higher-tasting hamburgers, steaks, and chicken? Let cooked meats sit for numerous mins before serving. Cooking at excessive warmness forces juices inward, leaving your food less juicy. Waiting a couple of minutes previous to eating makes a big distinction.

46. It’s no longer camping unless there’s S’mores.

47. Of direction you know that your RV should be level for the fridge to paintings well.

forty eight. Create an emergency package and positioned it in an outside garage compartment. It must consist of first resource supplies, a pencil and paper, flashlight, and disposable digital camera for taking pictures the scene of an twist of fate. Compile a listing of names (doctor, insurance agent, lawyer) and any medicinal drugs you’re presently taking. Then desire there’s by no means a want to open it.

forty nine. Once you use an electronically-deployed awning, you’ll never go returned.

50. Don’t play around with your tires. Inspect them frequently and replace at the first signs of cracking or worn tread. It’s also higher to shop for them in pairs. Check tire pressure earlier than any huge ride.

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