I’ll admit that my relationship with Android got off to a rocky begin. My first cellphone turned into a Samsung Galaxy S Continuum, and it was so terrible that I bought an iPhone the immediately my contract was up. Though my preliminary enjoy with Android become terrible, there’s no doubt that it’s advanced with the aid of leaps and limits over time. I’ve skilled the wonderful side of Google’s cell OS firsthand in the form of the 2012 Nexus 7 tablet, which I received as a gift soon after its launch. Since then, I’ve used it as an e-reader, gaming device, web browser, and greater. In the method I’ve found some useful Android related hints and tricks, a number of which I’ve indexed beneath!

1. Maintain it like a PC to improve performance.

While Android can do a whole lot greater than iOS, it calls for greater horsepower and consumer finagling to run smoothly. You can’t do much approximately upgrading your cellphone or pill’s processor (barring a brand new buy), however you can make an effort to optimize what you’ve got. Much like a PC, Android gadgets want to be tuned up now and again. There are numerous apps which can help you in this, like All-In-One Toolbox. Even without that app though, you can do stuff like deleting vintage, unused apps, casting off widgets you don’t use, and finishing useless methods for your personal. To do that closing one (the idea of that is similar to ending approaches via manipulate + alt + delete on a PC), visit settings, apps, jogging, and manually quit anything taking up an excessive amount of RAM reminiscence.

2. Take gain Android’s customization potential.

I can’t tell you how generally I’ve used a person’s Android cellphone, most effective to peer that they’ve configured it so that their homescreen is complete of app icons, similar to an iPhone. That’s first rate and all, but in case you want streamlined and simple, Apple’s merchandise do it better. You might as nicely move crazy if you have an Android device! This manner using your homescreen for cool widgets, search bars, and so forth. To discover all of the widgets you have got, go to your apps web page, then select widgets at the pinnacle. You might be surprised by using what number of exciting options are available to you…

3. Ensure your device receives again to you in case you lose it.

There’s no surefire manner to guarantee you’ll ever see your phone or tablet again if you depart it out in public by means of accident. That being stated, you could enhance the chances of it being again to you by using modifying your safety settings. Go to settings, then safety, then proprietor info. There you’ll see a touch container wherein you could type in touch facts to be able to show up on your lockscreen. This will make it less complicated for a great Samaritan to return a misplaced tool to its rightful proprietor.

4. Carry round more than one batteries.

OK, so this tip isn’t pretty as established as it used to be considering many Android producers like HTC are taking a page out of Apple’s e-book and disallowing you from swapping batteries. Still, this may paintings in case you very own a Samsung tool, which maximum Android users have. It’s pretty easy: if you buy more than one batteries, charge them up, and save them on your backpack or briefcase, you could make sure that your telephone will never run out of electricity. All you’ll need to do is take out your battery when it’s lifeless and switch in a brand new one. This manner, you gained’t have to depend on wall sockets, that is beneficial in case you travel lots.

five. Make your telephone more difficult to break into than Fort Knox.

Reader caution: don’t try this one unless you’re actually afraid of your smartphone’s information being stolen. To permanently encrypt your Android tool, go to settings, security, encryption, and tap “Encrypt telephone.” You’ll then be required to create a pin, which you’ll enter every time you switch your phone on (which will decrypt it). This is just like the liberate code on an iPhone, except manner more drastic. Usually it will take about an hour on your device to encrypt itself, and it can best be undone through a manufacturing unit reset. Only do this when you have touchy facts, or want your cellphone to be as stable as humanly possible. Be aware that encrypting your information will slow down how speedy you could get entry to it.

6. Test out specific launchers.

If you’ve got an Android cellphone, you may use this stuff known as “launchers,” which might be essentially apps that will let you make drastic edits in your device’s homescreen. The maximum popular one might be Nova Launcher, in order to will let you exchange just about the whole thing you can think of. There are several different launchers obtainable too, and you can play around with them until you find one you want. Often, they are able to make your telephone carry out quicker than they could with the clunky interfaces that businesses like Samsung and HTC deliver them.

7. Say “Ok, Google” to start a search from any screen.

It’s the twenty first century and we’re all busy 24/7. Cut down on the time it takes to manually look for things by using doing it with your voice. To set off vocal manage over Google searches, go to your apps web page and discover the Google app. Tap it (it should take you to Google Now), and scroll down till you notice the settings icon on the bottom right. Hit that and pick “Voice.” Then, faucet on “Ok Google Detection” and prompt the “From any screen” placing. Now you’ll be able to begin a Google search from any display for your cellphone genuinely via talking the phrase, “Ok, Google.”

eight. Access the hidden developer alternatives.

To really get a feel of how customizable Android is, prompt the “mystery” developer mode. Go to settings, approximately cellphone, and click on on “construct range” seven times. Your tool should let you know some thing like “you’re now a developer!” It’s all very Easter Egg-esque. Once that’s done, return to device settings, and with good fortune you’ll now see some thing entitled “developer options.” One of the cool matters you may do here is reduce the time it takes for animations to execute, thereby making your cellphone experience snappier. Do this with the aid of going to the “animation scale” alternatives and turning them off (you can cause them to take longer too, but I don’t see why you will need that). There are plenty of different candy customizations you could do in this web page, but don’t pass too loopy except you already know what you’re doing.

nine. See beneficial information on your lock display screen.

You in all likelihood know by means of now that you could put widgets to your homescreen, but did you realize you could do the identical on your lockscreen? This means which you received’t ought to free up your cellphone anymore if all you want is to see some simple records. To try this, go to settings, safety, and tap “allow widgets.” Then, visit the lockscreen and swipe left. You should see a massive “+” sign. Hit that and also you’ll be taken to a display screen wherein you could select widgets to area in your lockscreen. Put some thing out of your email to Google Now there if you want to see stuff like climate, new messages, etc.

10. You aren’t tied to the Google Play save.

OK, well, you form of are, but you could down load different app stores like Amazon’s if you need to. Indeed, I notably propose you achieve this due to the fact they’re continually offering insane deals to attempt to rip you away from Google’s heat include. One of these is their “App of the Day,” in which Amazon gives up a unfastened app to lure you to spend more time of their keep. If you’re lucky, you’ll be capable of save plenty of money the use of these promotions, as at instances they’ll placed up apps without spending a dime that value several bucks on Google Play.

Do you understand any Android recommendations and tricks? Of course you do! Comment beneath with some of the cooler ones !

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